Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2013 Written Update

Today’s ssk episode opens with chadda asking khushi to dance in his bar. He gives her two three days for thinking and till then she can be there as a guest. Khushi decides to bring roli’s truth to veeru. Scene 2 naina talking with sme1 on phone. She says tat she loves sid , she cnt take of her eyes frm sid during conference. Sid comes there. He asks y didnt u tell me be4 , naina gets tensed. He asks who is the guy? She thinks that he didnt listen to her fully. He asks her whether the guy is frm d office. She says yes. Then he starts advicing her to be faithful in her love. He asks her to say i love you to tat guy immediately. He gets fb of roli saying i luv u to him at park. She says that guy has some problem and sid asks her to support him. He says when the relationship with heart breaks , the heart alone doesnt break, even the people breaksdown. He asks to be careful. Be4 confessing he asks to think. Saying so he leaves .

Then naina says that she already thought abt it. Scene 3. Roli, mano and simar thinking how to get property frm veeru within a week. Then , roli suggests that she ‘l ask veeru to make her as d business partner, then after sometym she gets sign smehw. Next scene, roli and veeru talking. Roli says she is feeling bored at hme. Veeru asks her to do shopping. She says hw wil she go 4 shopping, she gets bored. And if she do shopping everyday then the whole property , might vanish within days. She says she want to be his business partner so tat she cn spend tym wit him. Then veeru cmes close to her. Roli immediately gets up and says veeru to stay away til there marriage happens. Veeru comes near her, holding her hand , says tat their marriage takes place after a day. Roli, who is shocked, takes her hand frm veeru shouting tat this marriage wont happen . He asks d reason. She feels tensed and says tat her and sid’s divorce is nt legally approved by court and asks him to wait.

But veeru refuses, and says tat ur talking abt papers. A indian woman, thinks tat her mangalasutra and sindoor is important. When removed it, then y do u talk of papers. Roli says tat bharadwaj parivaar might cl police and try to stop d marriage, bcoz its illegal. Bt veeru screams tat i hv fulfilled all ur conditions and if they cme in btwn us i’l go to any extent to get u. Next scene, in the hall, roli, mano and simar talking. Roli informs them abt veeru’s convo. In the store room, prem ,without sleeping, thinks abt sid and feels bad. He gets fb of roli removing the mangalasutra and sid crying b4 premar. He feels lyk crying and comes out. Here in the hall , roli feels tensed, simar and mano consoling her saying they would see to tat nothing happens to roli. Prem sees them and the screen freezes.

Precap: naina arranging sid’s bed. She finds roli pics beneath his pillow. She says tat ur d one, whom sid sir loves so much and u dont deserve his luv.

Update Credit to: sinam1kana

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