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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem comes downstairs. He recalls Anjali trying to hang herself. Everyone is in the hall. Prem falls on the sofa. Piyush holds him. Simar says Prem ji please control yourself. Piyush call the doctor. Prem stops Piyush. He says I am okay. I don’t know my anju.. She is in this condition in front of me. He hits his head. Simar stops him. Simar says what are you doing? Its not your fault. Please don’t do this. What you did was for her better. She can’t understand because she is mad right now. Sending Vikram to jail was for her better as well. Mataji says Anjali is immature. She has no control over her emotions. But I am sure she will realize what we did was for her. Khushi says wow you want so much better for her. Did you all see her condition? She is shattered. That

is why she tried killing herself. My doll.. first time she was this happy in her life and you took him from her. If he is jailed for a long I don’t know what will Anjali do. Mataji says enough Khushi. We all know what to do. Mataji says Piyush take Prem to his room. Piyush says lets go. Prem stops him. He walks to his room himself.

Tao ji talks to lawyer. He says we can’t bail him out today. The court is closed. Its weekend. The crimes against women have strict rules these days. Saroj gives him a blank check. She says fill whatever amount you want and get my son out of there. What happened with Manhoj brother was unfair too. I don’t want police to ruin his life. Please save him. The lawyer says I would do anything if I could. We have to wait till monday. He will be bailed out on monday. He leaves. Saroj says how will we live without him for two days. There must be a way. Agarwal says there is no way. We can’t bring him out on weekend. Saroj sobs.

Simar comes to room and sees Prem upset. Simar gives him water. He takes it. Simar says please rest a little. Prem says forgive me if you can. I ruined everything with own hands. I ruined anjali’s life. simar says its not your fault. Your intentions were just to make her life better. Fate had other plans. But don’t worry. I still have hope that nothing wrong would happen to her now. Prem says how can you think everything will be okay? Prem says if you had not left this house this wouldn’t have happened. Even when I asked you today I asked you where you were going you didn’t tell me. But no you had to go alone and become good in front of everyone alone. Simar says I tried telling you every time you never listened. Prem says go sleep. Vadadhi overhears. Vadadhi says in heart because of Vikram this family is disturbed. I didn’t know for my justice Prem uncle and Simar aunty had to go through this. I never wanted this. This is wrong.

Scene 2
Next morning, Anjali is asleep on the floor. someone knocks at her door. SHe says don’t disturb me I don’t wanna come out. I don’t wanna eat. The door keeps on knocking. She opens the door. Its Vikram. He says when you promised to live together how can I let you live alone? ANajli says vikram.. She hugs him.
Whole family come there. Anjali sees them. Anjali but how.. all this? Vikram says come I will tell you. Vikram says this all happened because of Vadahi. She withdrew her case. And even your family has pardoned me. Vadahi says we should hate the crime not criminal. I got justice when vikram had tears of remorse in his eyes. I also saw true love for you in his eyes so I thought we better not drag it. Prem says thanks Vadahi. Vadhai says I felt like because of me all the lives in this house were disturbed. KB says in heart she is an idiot. Vikram says anjali we will start a new beginning today. You me and our family. Simar says no you two won’t go like this. Anjali says whats the problem now? Simar says come with me Vikram. He says okay. They come downstairs. VIkram’s family is there. He meets them. Tao ji hugs him. Saroj says are you okay? He says I am fine. Tao ji says thank you for calling us here simar ji. Simar says I just want that the rituals that were left incomplete that day should be completed today. And when kids have sorted everything we should forget and move on as well. Prem says whatever happened we should forget it and start a new beginning. Tao ji says after all this your forgave our son. Nothing is more than that for us. He hugs Prem. Simar says Saroj ji why are you quite? Forgive us if there is anything. Saroj says no no I am not mad with you. I am mad at myself. When I had a chance I couldn’t tell you people truth but trust me like every step you wanted better for you daughter I just wanted better for Vikram. Forgive me if you can. Simar hugs him. She hugs mataji.
KB says to Anjali she is so clever. First she created all this drama and now apologizing everyone. She is just like your mom.
Sanjev says Vadhai we want to thank you for everything. Mataji says when everything is good we should start with a pooja. After that Anjali can go back to her home. Simar says Anjali I will get you ready for pooja. Anjai says KB you come with me.

KB says anju you look so good. You know what? I am so happy today. Anjali says me too. KB says there is just one thing I am worried about. Vikram is so much in hands of his family. He risked his life to avenge his father’s injustice. his dad and tai ji is his own life. Anjali says that is so. On our wedding night he left me and went to his dad. Kb says what? This is not right. This is not a good thing. The guy who is too much in hands of his parents he is never his wife’s. The beginning is the time when you can control your husband because the iron is melted. If you don’t control him now you will regret all your life. Don’t let Vikram slip from your hands. If you ever feel like he is falling out your hands tell him you can’t live with his family. Then see how he will run around you. Are you getting it?

Precap-Saroj sees Anjali in a short dress. She is shocked. Saroj says anjali wear whatever you want to wear with Vikram but not in front of the elders.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello.. It’s too much now anjali needs to accept Simar as mother and piyush brother.. Stop pulling longer becomes boring serial instead popular oops.. Even prem needs to accepted them. Plus kb truths needs to come in front of anjali by listening herself rather than any member tell her.. Also prem always blame Simar fault and he needs to be understood she do not have any option, he’s the one who force her in this outcome.. He do stop on this now its indeed rubbish and prem needs to sorry to her and back for good relationship.. Plz gets them together and will their Angel and let kb stay their for jealous.. Pls do something instantly.. Thanks

    1. I also agree with your comment…..

      Prem and Anjali must be understands and accept Simar and Piyush.

      They need to keep the good relationship with them…….. n KB truth will come in front of all………….then only Anjali will understand her fake love to her………

      Please don’t ruin the story………… We all upset to see this crap……………
      Please bring Sanju and Sid back as soon as possible………………
      We are waiting very eagerly to see them ..

      Anjali is not a very bad girl……… just you show her like that is too much…..
      please make her understand her mother and brother and prem also not an immatured guy……… he used to make understands Anjali…….

      Again i request you if you continue the story like this, it will harm the true fans like me………. Don’t let continue the cheep crap like this…………

  2. I have been watching SSK off an on for a long time, since they had unbelievable fake snakes slithering around Simar, Rolly and gang, have posted a comment or two but now I just need to say a few words. According to the serial, I hope no one ever have to be blessed with a daughter like Anjali, are there daughters like that in real life? She is insolent, foul-mouthed, ungrateful, b*t*hy,temperamental,conniving, fickle, impetuous and gullible….i can go on with more adjectives…. Anyway, my BP goes up when Anjali goes on a tirade, she insults her mother so much, I feel like literally slapping her, but that’s not possible right? How can she see no reason when elders talk to her? Is she gone to that great point of no return? Simar comes across too soft and not convincing enough, her relationship with her son is awesome, good communication and loving atmosphere between the two. Anyone will want a son like that, I have a son like that and a daughter who is the epitome of goodness, I thank God for that every day. Parenting skills from Prem is the reason why Anjali is like this,she is too pampered and exposure close to KB has been the single most toxic element that has morphed this young woman into the person she has become, she has been molded into this vile creature because of KB…. BTW, how can someone be as evil as KB and survive among a clan and live there so comfortably? In soapland anything is possible, I believe! Writers, please introduce some positivity in this serial, it’s too torturous or simply end the thing with Anjali going to the great beyond along with KB but Simar, Prem and son should live happily ever after!!! The end…….

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