Sasural Simar Ka 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says papa please open the door. Pari says to KB what if Anjali had take your name. Khushi says she won’t. I have complete faith in my motherhood. She laughs.
Mataji says don’t be so strict to her. Prem says she doesn’t listen to anyone. Sujata says we can control her. Prem says only simar can. We have to find her. Anjali is out of hands now. Khushi says in heart you have locked her here but I have to take to her shoot. Whatever happens, KB can’t bear her loss.
Prem calls his detective. Prem says where are you? do you have any news. He has Piyush’s profile in front of him. Detective says the clue we had was wrong. Prem says you have been trying for so many days. You are useless.
Prem says where are you simar? Sujata says to Prem

calm down. Rajhinder says we should check Anjali in the room. She can do anything. Sujata says let me go. Mataji says I am going. Prem says I am bringing her here. You all sit here and talk to her.
Prem comes to Anjali’s room but the door is locked from inside. Prem keeps knocking. He breaks the door and finds out she is not there. Prem says Anjali where are you? Prem sees the window open and a rope made of scarfs there.
Prem looks everywhere for Anjali. MAtaji says none of her friends know where she is? Mataji says her phone is off as well. Sujata says Mataji please don’t worry so much. Amar says she must be with some friend.
Pari says to Uma Anjali is with Khushi. We have to warn Khushi. Uma says does Khushi gives you any commission? Why should we bother?

Pari comes with Anjali to the shoot. Anjali says what is this ad of? Khushi says go sit in the room I will ask and let you know.
Everyone in the house is worried for Anjali. Prem says wait a minute. Prem comes to Anjali’s room and sees the photos. He says I hope Anjali is okay.
Anjalo says I can’t wear this. This is too short. Khushi says Anjali what is wrong with these clothes? Not everyone gets to wear them. You are so pretty that is why they gave them to you. If you wanna live your life like you want to.. you have to wear these. All actors have to do this. If you don’t wanna wear them you should have told me before.
Anjali says I will wear them. Khushi says thats my girl. Go change.
Khsuhi says I don’t know if Anjali will become a model or not but there will be a blast in Bharadwaj house.

Prem comes to the photographer and beats him, Prem says tell me where is my daughter? He says she was talking about some ad shoot. He tells Prem the address.

Scene 2
Piyush Rohan Roshni and Sumit are playing carrom. Sumit says Piyush get this queen we have to win. Roshni says to Rohan we have to win. Rohan and Roshni win. Sumit says who wants ice creams? He asks them flavors. Piyush says any flavor. Simar says in heart I know you miss your dad. I can’t fill his place. Simar gives them juice. Piyush says mama we lost three games. Please teach me shots. simar teaches him.
Rita looks at them and says she has taken over my whole family.
Sunmit is going to his room. Rita says I have to talk to you.

Khushi and Anjali come out. Anjali is wearing short clothes and is uncomfortable. Director says be here and befriend the camera. Prem is on his way. He says I hope Anju is okay.
Director says to Anjali you have to lie on this sofa when I say action you have to look here. Anjali is uncomfortable. she sits on the sofa. Director says what happened? Where have you brought her from? Khushi says talk calmly. SHe is a child. Director says who will repay your dad? Prem comes in and says dad will make you pay. Prem slaps the director. Khsuhi takes Anjali out of there.
Prem brings them home. Mataji hugs Anjali and says its okay but never do anything like that again. Prem says go to your room.
Rajhinder says what happened there? And Khushi what were you doing there? Prem says I don’t want this discussion. Important is that Anjali is safe. MAtaji says no one will talk to Anjali about this.

Rita says to Sumit I have to talk to you. Sumit says I have to send an email. Rita says I am firing Simar. Sumit says what? Rita says kids are grown now we dont need her. Sumit says they won’t let her go. Rita says they are kids. Sumit says she brought them up so good. And they are not so old to live without someone’s care. Rita says is that the only reason? Why don’t you say you need her more than kids. Sumit says what did you say.. Sumit slaps her. Simar overhears all this.

Precap-Khushi says no matter what happens Prem shouldn’t see this news paper. Prem comes in and says whats in this paper show me. Prem takes the photo. It has Piyush and Simar’s photo. Prem says I am coming simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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