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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Choti Dulhan says nothing will happen to Roli, Sid asks what you know about it? Choti Dulhan says i listened Simar talking to babaji, she wanted to finish devil so that her family is out of danger, she went behind him, all are tensed, Prem says i wish Simar is safe, Sid says this is all Simar’s plan again devil, now Roli is in more trouble, Choti Dulhan says Simar didnt want any problem to fall on family thats why she went to fight with devil alone.
Simar comes in isolated place with idol, she finds Roli tied to pillar, she runs towards her and says dont worry i have come, she touches Roli and Roli disappears, she looks around for Roli, Devil appears there and laughs on Simar, Simar angrily looks at him, devil says you are becoming my loyalist, you are following me everywhere,

Simar says you know what was the end to Raavan and you are Raavan in this story, Devil says i appreciate you for your bravery, Simar says i have brought idol here, Devil looks at idol and is surprised, he goes to idol but before he can touch it, Siamr comes inbetween and says condition was you will free Roli in replacement of this idol, Devil thinks that as much as i want this idol, i want Roli in my abduction too, simar says i know you need this idol to get more powers, Devil thinks that her fate is good that she has babji with her who has powers, i will get Roli and this idol too, Simar asks him to bring Roli here.
sid says my Roli is in problem because of Simar, Mataji says cant you see Simar did all this to save us, Sid says she should have taken advice of someone, she didnt tell anyone but she wanted to become great so didnt take anyone’s help. Sid asks choti Dulhan to tell him where Simar is, she says i cant break Simar’s trust, Mataji says even you know Simar alone cannot fight with devil, please tell us where she is, Choti Dulhan says okay i will take you to Simar but you all have to do some preparations before going it.
Simar asks devil to bring Roli there, Devil does magic and roli appears there, Simar tries to reach Roli but Devil says everything will happen as per deal, you bring idol towards me and roli will starts coming near you, Roli says dont listen to him, Devil needs to be finished even if i have to give up my life, babaji says first clear it that this is real Roli and not fake roli created by devil, Simar says we used to sing aarti in childhood, if she is my real Roli then she will sing alongwith me, Simar starts singing aarti, Roli sings alongwith her, they both cry, Simar says she is my Roli, Devil says i am getting emotional seeing you both like this but we have less time so we should start our work.
Bharadwaj family are in car and going to place where Simar is.
Simar holds idol and starts coming towards devil, she looks at Roli standing behind devil, Simar recalls how Babaji said that devil cant be trusted, if Patali and Devil becomes one then they will bring destruction, they wont be stopped then, we have to free Roli but have to make sure that Patali doesnt get united with devil, Simar thinks what to do to not give idol in his hands? Babaji thinks that Simar should not give idol to devil, simar throws idol in fire, she runs to Roli and hugs her, devila runs to idol and takes it out of fire, devil says to Simar that you have cheated with devil and now you wont be spared,
Mataji is praying for simar. Devil says to Simar that you death is inevitable now, he creates wall between Simar and Roli, babaji says you cant touch them, you have to fight with me to kill them, Devil says lion remain lion even after ages, sameway devil remains devila even after losing half powers, babaji looks on, devil says i have won back some powers by touching this idol, devil says with this idol, my powers will become infinite and nobody would be able to stand against me, he touches idol and chants some mantras, heavy winds blow, the idol gets converted to Patali devi, she laughs, Devil and Patali looks at Simar and Roli and laughs at them, Simar says Gayetri? Babaji is shocked too.

PRECAP- Simar and Roli are running in jungle and hiding from Devil and Patali. Roli says where will we go from here? Simar says dont worry, we will find some way out of this jungle, Roli walks in jungle, she falls in dig by mistake, Simar shouts Roli.. Patali listens it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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