Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The man hides behind bushes. Amar and calendar see him. He runs again. calendar trips over a rock, Calendar says boss run after him don’t worry about me. amar chases him. Amar hit the man with a rock he falls down and amar grasps him. amar says who sent you? why were you spying on us? Speak up. amar starts hitting him. Cops siren wails. Calendar comes as well. amar says inspector this man was spying on us. Inspector slaps him and says whats you name and why were you spying on us? AMar says he is not telling me anything. Inspector says tell me what were you doing here? The man pretends like he is deaf and dumb. amar says at least he can see. Amar says get him checked. Inspector says put him in the car. Cops take the man to the jeep.

Roli opens the file. Prem says i have

filled the form you just have to sign. you have join college in a few days. Roli says i will do everything sid wanted me to. There couldn’t be any better gift for me. She signs it. Amar comes in and says roli one minute. We also have a gift for you. Simar says you got any proofs? roli says in heart this means they are still investigating. Amar says we found a man there, and this, he shows the wedding locket. prem says what investigation are you talking about? Amar says something happened to the ambulance that we are all oblivious of. Simar looks at the locket and says this is mine. I couldn’t find in after accident. Simar wonders why roli looks worried? Roli says in heart i need to halt it. roli says i asked you not to investigate it why are you all not listening to me? pari says we didn’t wanna hurt you this is why we halt the investigations but simar asks amar to proceed with it. Khushi says why can’t you see her pain? simar says you all think i am not worried for? She is my sister. i feel her pain every day. prem says you leave no chance to hurt us. either its roli’s pain or sid’s death. Simar says what are you saying? He says i am saying truth. I helped you in releasing maya but that was the biggest mistake of my life. if you hadn’t released her sid would have been alive. simar says you can’t blame me. prem says this is truth and whole family is suffering because of you. roli says stop it jeju. Roli says whatever happened was written in my fate. prem says simar is responsible for sid’s death. And when i miss him i feel her responsible. I have lost my brother. He was a best friend to me. but now i have no one share my secrets and sorrows with. He killed himself and ended our pains. Sid couldn’t see a tear in roli’s eyes. And we are making her cry in his absence. This is our responsibility that roli shouldn’t feel any pain. If she wants to halt investigations then we wont investigate. simar says pardon me but we will investigate because i wont let it halt at any cost.

The man is in jeep with cops. A cop says we make deafs and dumbs talk and blind see. The man jumps out of the jeep and starts running. Cops chase him down but he vanishes. simar says i agree that nothing can bring sid back but we have to be satified. talk to me roli, roli says i don’t want any fight between you and me.i wont live in this house until taht investigation continue. I have no other option. mata ji says how can you say this. roli says i can’t relive that pain. don’t force me to stay here. they day you believe that nothing happened there i will come back. amar gets a call from inspector telling him that the man has flown.

Precap-roli is blindfold. a man says boss is waiting for you. Simar sees roli coming back home late at night.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. last week ssk in top4 position dis week 7th position and trp previous week 3.9 and current week 3.5.. ssk ur loosing ur fans bring rosid union and increase ur trp… last week u get high trp because of rosid.. now ur loosing ur trp.. rosid ka united dikado aur apka trp increase karo….

    1. irritating episode.but aaj prem ne kya kaha oh sahi hai.simar aisa nahi karna tha

  2. waste and crap story line

  3. ishika rahman


  4. ishika rahman

    Plz bring rosid back

  5. dat boss is the new SID

  6. Plz bring Sid back nd plz roli tel the truth r else simar s getting scold from prem ….

    1. simar should get scolded, she sets the nagin free, thats the main reason for roli to lose her husband sid

  7. i thnk roli knows about sid and also about he turnd into naag also… and but who is da boss ..roli gng to meet whom y she gng to meet that new villan of ssk… yeh raaz kya hai ?? and what the relation between nagin drama.. and new villan and sid as naag… tel me any one plz…. roli knows about sid…

  8. yeah, prem is right, simar is responsible for the death of sid, she should have let that nagin died, but without thinking about the future she set that nagin free

  9. cvs seperated rosid and nw they try to seperate premar also… r u got any mad…. after truth comesout again total family goes aganest to roli hai kya .. she knows all and keep quite because of promise… wats dis nonsense plz stop it yaar….

  10. Guys cool yaar…
    Just enjoy this sooooooo boring serial… many twists n turns yet to come…..

  11. the fight between two sisters also started.. rosid seperated.. now ssk seperating premar and .. sisters roli and simar also.. what a cheep track.. band karo serial ko…

  12. if simar comes to know abt the truth sid alive as naag kya she vl tel to family….???? new entry ka majra kya hai…. yeh sab kya hai… its to boring hothe jaara ha hai… next week tho trp pura bigad jaathe hai…

  13. Crap crap crap only crap……in the name of twists n turns cvs are testing our patience….y lead actrs in ssk always say promise promise….fully frustated…they r dragging serial like chewinggum

  14. 7 months is enough fr premar now for what the hell thy are shwing them fighting again feeling fr thm song for thm dragging with sappa scene

  15. i have one doubt oh nagin itna bada tha.aur uska pati to itna it is possible???

    1. Ha ha…i too got dat doubt….bt fr ssk writers any thing is possible….

    2. me to got dat doubt yaar… and now nagin ko bada dikange tho sid ko kaisa dikenge woh?

  16. yes u r right hny

  17. what’s da relation between nagin track and new villan entry???? guys do u have any idea plz tel me…

  18. who is the boss???

  19. In a spoiler i read that maya and sid are staying together and sid has turned into a snake. Maya had once said that a bullet cannot harm her so maybe that trident also didn’t harm her. Perhaps she’s alive and must have completed the ritual for turning sid into a snake. And maybe roli knows all this but then why is she quiet?

  20. Maybe because otherwise that maya would harm other family members and so to keep a look on her and them, maya has hired that man the same way she’d hired jatin and sushma.

  21. Maybe because otherwise that maya would harm other family members and so to keep a look on her and them, maya has hired that man the same way she’d hired jatin and sushma.

  22. Someone’s saying that amar will marry roli? In wikipedia also it’s written roli amar bhardwaj. What nonsense!

    1. Ya first they wrote roli amar bardwaj bt next day they changed roli sidant bardwaj…if she vl marry amar then she vl bcm roli amar malhotra bt nt amar bardwaj…he z not bw family mem…roli belong only to sid…they vl unite fr sure.. bcz ssk writers know dat ssk z surviving only bcz of rosid .bt it take so much time as ssk writers likes dragging…

      1. yes dear… atlast the end also rosid united… its noot ssk it twist and turns ka… but rosid reunion is der its sure… with twist and turns its dragging and ruing lead pairs of da serial also……dey showed wife’s love trust mother love is not sure.. they ruined abt dis.. and matarani par trust also dey showed in bad way in this crap as evil wins over good…cvs plz dont show dat mother and wife love false.. its a humble request to cvs…. plz…

  23. ..accrdng to our discussion i undrstood dat sid vl bcm nag..itz deal so roli z hiding this i cant undrstd hw a wife can allw her husband to bcm nag…as she also know dat if he turn into nag he cannot becm human again…then hw can she think like dat..if she want her husband then she had to kill herself…as they used say dat…live together r die together…t

  24. we want sid back i know he cant die, he has taken a break. but we want manish back as sid plzzzzzz we want only MANISH no one else can take his place………..

  25. Sara had said in an interview that she’ll remain till the end of the show.

    1. too heard such a news. Since writers are font of Sara khan it must b sure. They will mostly change d title as sasural maya naagin ka.. Bakwaass

  26. If she said that she’ll remain till the end of the show that means nagin track not going to ever end. Yuck!

  27. Oohoo… Missed tdys discssns with u guys… Why ssk is being dragged.. Getting irritated. Who d he’ll is new boss.. Sid or new villain or naagin. Hw tht stupid writers can produce that much twist nd turns. Brilliant they r to make a gud serial to a crap one. I feel like hitting roli nw. Whts dis over reactn on promise nd al. In this serial they think their promises to evils r more valuable than their love,family nd relations. Bcs if roli I thnk premar also gets separated.then it’s done.trp below 1. Nyways sum stupid story line on d way. Waiting to c al craps. Getting bored lik hell.

  28. rosid is seperated,premar is seperated and war between two sisters also started.stupid story line.dragaging….

  29. I think after tat accident roli and nagin might had an conversation guys….tat nagin would have said tat she have more powers which can bring Sid back with his life so roli would have agreed since she want to see Sid alive……tat nagin roli ko muchbur Keya hoga…tat if she said tis to anyone she will kill Sid so roli keeps her promise it seems and I think tats y she dint allow to keeps flower in Sid photo

    1. Ooh yaar. Simar was unconscious after tht accident..rit??? So mostly ur guess wil b true. They had a deal in btwn. Chaaa…Enna koduma sir ith

  30. If roli married amar then no one in tis world will see tat serial…… will become worst most horrible no words to say………

  31. Oh my godness u guys r still seeing this serial

  32. Even if now many people is not watching.. But akshu wen Sid living wit maya we try to c but won’t c wen roli wit amar. Y so???

    No maya.. I’m just going thru updates nw a days..nd wil hav dscssn wit frnds here.omg..Ur name is maya. After dis naagin drama I hate tht name. Lol

    1. r u intrstd in watchng episodes dat sid with maya……????? y vl see dat ….

      1. No dear.. Not intestd in ssk without rosid. Strtd watching ssk bcs of them. Was asking a doubt abt tht. I hate maya like anything. Thn he wil c Sid wit maya. Nyways whatever we say nothing gonna hpn. This idiot writers wil do as they like.

  33. Ya stopped watching serial alredy bt reading updates….v cant c roli with amar..even though v cant c sid with maya so stopd watching it….it z worth watching when rosid x together

  34. roli knows about sid and maya…… thats y she didnt put garland to sid’s photo and she bound with some promise dats y she not telling… i cant see sid as nag … in gft segmnt rosid said rosid end frevr.. so we didnt get rosid back again… who is new entry.. where roli gng in late night…. do u anyone intrested to see sid as naag? ??? sid with maya????

    1. Yes..even one of d crew member in ssk has tweeted tht “bad news for rosid fans..rosid gonna separated for ever nd ever. ders no union of roli nd Sid in ssk.

      No wayyy.. Maya with Sid .. Yuckkkkk

      1. i stopd ssk frm 18/12/14 only till nw read wu.. but now i didnt read wu also… bye bye ssk…. rip….. bye bye,,…

      2. ya i to heard dat news… and said one news dat roli ka pyar sid ko wapas layega…. i cant understnd dat tweet…. and rosid said rosid ka the end hochuka hai…..
        have an doubt dat in current trck y roli’s studies came in between is der any reason…. what she hiding and where she gng with blindfold? wat is behind it… what use of new entry as vilan… alredy nw sid snake -ve char again one vilanentry..

  35. i was stop watching this serial.guys dont comment in this.then ssk trp will decrease again

  36. where is roli gng with blindfold in late night… ???

  37. i want ssk ending… plz ssk go off air… we cnt see ur stupid story lines…. go off air .. plz……………..plz…..plz.plz….

  38. roli with blind fold she go to in car rai bahdur rajveer singh new entry(vilan) bunglaw… simar and roli gets argument .. roli wants to leave the house… pemar fight each other.. tonights episode…. frm dat simar gets clue abut sid i thnk so.. sid entry also vl be aired soon…

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