Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra says you have to make me believe that this wont happen again or i would leave this place forever. She disappears. Simar and amar say no indra ji. Simar says please come back and pardon me. We will do as you ask. Please come back. Simar says tell me what can i do to make you believe that i wont do it again. They look everywhere. simar calls mata ji and tells her that indra has gone somewhere. Mata ji says i need to come home urgently. Mata ji takes some of the books with her.

anjali and sanju are playing. Simar says in heart how will i bring indra back. Only she can bring pre sid and roli back. She recalls her moments with sid roli and prem.

Everyone is worried. Suddenly they hear anklet. Simar comes downstairs in indra’s attire. Everyone is shocked.

says if you win this challenge i will forgive you. If i win i will punish you for this challenge. I am the expert dancer. I am accept your challenge. Sujata says whom has she challeneged. indra was an expert dancer. its impossible to beat her. Jhanvi says has simar made a mistake by challenging indra.

indra and simar start dancing. Simar sees a shadow while dancing, she stops and stares at indra. simar says in heart this didnt happen before.
Mata ji comes in. She asks what happened? Simar is in shock. Indra says simar i told you you can’t beat me in dance.Many people tried it but they lost.
AcToday what you did i am going from here. simar says please you can’t do this. idnra says what was my mistake. You have lost simar. According to vow i have to go from here. Simar says please indra stop. Simar says you can’t leave us like this. Simar says what have i done. how will i bring roli sid and prem back. mata ji picks her up and says we haven’t lost yet. We will try every time. We will find a way.Don’t give up like this. I am reading these books i know we will find a solution regrading all this.

Simar is reading the books in her room. Indra peeks from lockwhole. She says so this is the thing.
Indra says I wont let them find the secret of me that happened 100 years ago.
Simar says where is mata ji? Amar says she was in temple. Simar goes to mata ji, mata ji says what is it? Simar says i want to talk about something important. When i was dancing in front of indra something happened. It was all dark i couldn’t see anything. i think that was for some reason. There is some secret behind it. Mata ji says we can’t know what it was. Simar says it was some shadow.

indra comes to room and sees those books.
Simar says i felt like i have seen all this before.

Precap-Simar says we have to figure all this out. and all we have are those books. mata ji says we should read them. simar goes to her room and is shocked to see they are all torn apart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk week spoilers:
    29 sep: anjali comes out of the pot. indravati is offended that simar doubts her intentions and decided to leave. simar challenges indravathi to dance, and if simar wins, she has to stay.
    30 sep: witch decides to stay back even though simar loses the challenge.siddanth comes out of the pot.
    1 oct: simar finds out that she cannot hear inside the temple. simar tells the entire family that something big is about too happen.
    2 oct: siddanth is upset that roli is inside the pot and hopes that she is fine. simar along with amar and siddanth decide to go to the old lady’s house.
    3 oct: everyone is trying to get rid of indravathi. simar, amar and siddanth reaches the old lady’s house. when they reach the house, amar and siddanth feel that they are going to be caught.

  2. ssk: siddanth to come out of the earthen pot.
    colors tv daily popular show sasural simar ka is doing very well these days with the edgy thriller and breath taking twist and turns that is keeping the viewers attached to the show.
    in the upcoming episodes indravati will help siddant to come out of the earthen pot. and the lady will also promises to help simar freeing roli in a day or two., only if simar does not try to act smart. though sid will be utterlyirked with this decision, bharadwaj family members will calm him so that they can free roli.
    manish who was not shooting for a long time felt very happy ad content once he was back to his daily shows sets.

  3. sid is back and with in 1 or 2 weeks roli will also comes back in ssk…

    1. this news sid said in interview on location..

  4. Wow but I need roli and Sid to com 2gether……

  5. oh oh….dragging again they going 2 show flashblack scenes

  6. Wow great news .atleast sid is coming back

  7. Story is again becoming interesting

  8. wow good news sidddhant is back

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