Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Sujata says to mata ji that janvi should get marries. Suddenly mausi ji starts screaming because of pain. She asks sujata to make her tea. Simar understands that she is just pretending. Simar says lets go mausi ji i will take you to your room. Mata ji says i will go with you. simar syas no i will handle her alone. You will get tired.

Scene 2
There meghna is really happy because of the arrangments attul has made. She asks shaureya where is he going? I told you that soniya is coming on dinner. Sahureya says that i am not interested in these boring gatherings. She says that i am telling you not asking. He says alright call me when your guests are here

Scene 3
Roli has made sweets for sid she goes to her room and finds a box which a saari

is present. She finds a car that says that i wanna fall in the love which is between a husband and wife. Wear this saari and come to terrace. Moon is waiting love you. she s.

Scene 4
When roli goes up she finds sid there he comes closer and the lights get open she finds all the decoration there with roses, candles and ballons. She says this is so beautiful. Sid says not more than you. She asks how much you love me? He syas much more than you. He says that you are so beautiful that you make everything around so beautiful. He says i wanna love you again. She syas i love again, he says forever. He presents her a ring. she accepts he says that this is waiting for you since so long. I bought it as an anniversary gift but on that say i wasn’t with you. She says we have waited so long. He makes her wear the ring. They both stand up. She tells him that this is all so beautiful.

Roli and Sid are dancing and enjoying thei moments together on the song, ‘Main rang sharbatoon ka tu methay ghaat ka paani’.
Sid’s phone is ringing he calls him somewhere. sid tells roli that prem called me to meet new boss. He sys is it okay to go ? She says yes. We will do dinner some other day.

Scene 5
Mausi ji calls simar and tells her that she is outside of meghna’s home. She is in her own accents still. Mausi ji says that i will make them believe that soniya is so busy in a meeting.
Meghna and shaurey are sitting on sofa. shuareya says that i hate witing. Mausi ji comes in and says that same, i don’t like going late too. Attul welcomes her. Shaureya asks her have we met before? I fell like i have seen you somewhere. Mausi ji says no. Maybe i attend so many functions maybe you have seen me there. I am meeting you first time. Meghna asks where is soniya? Roli says from the back good evening meghna ji. Meghna welcomes her. she says meet him he is m y bother shaureya. Shaureya offered a hand to shake. Roli is just looking at him and remembering janvi’s tears. She shakes hand with him. Tine says that we have made them wait too long already lets go on the table. Meghna says to soniya that this all your favorite food. Roli asks what you do shaureya ? Shaureya says that it was joke or question? I handle my family business like meghna di. Meghna says taht i wanted to talk about business. I want to show you a proposal to merge our business. Roli is worried. Meghna says that you can your time. Mausi ji says that ma’am would like to merge business with some relatives. Meghna says i thought you have no relatives.

Precap- sid enters a home with all lights off then he sees a lady. He is dazed,.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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