Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tanvi slaps Anajli. Anjali says you blo*dy servant. How dare you.. She is about to slap tanvi. Vikram stops her hand. He says I won’t tolerate her insult. Anjali says who is she to insult me? VIkram says she is the one who united this house. She is the one who removed the borders you created. she didn’t do it for herself. She did what you should have. Because you are selfish. She was here when you ignored me. You have no respect in this house or outside. Because a person who can’t give respect doesn’t deserve it. Anjali leaves. Tanvi says I am very sorry sir. I made a mistake. She said all that to you. I couldn’t tolerate that. Please forgive me. Vikram says its her mistake don’t cry. Saroj says don’t cry tanvi. Don’t blame yourself. I

am happy that there is someone who cares about my son.

Scene 2
Aarav brings flowers for Annaiya. She smiles and takes them. He says I knew my ananiya can’t stay mad at me. I also know that you will understand me. Ananiya says I am very sorry. Actually I was so excited about honeymoon that I couldn’t control. When I thought about it I realized it was no one’s mistake. Arav kisses her forehead. He says I am so lucky to have a wife like you. SHe says thank you for the flowers. He says someone else brought them. She says who? Roshni comes in. Arav says all credit goes to roshni. Roshni says its not your mistake. Anyone would have reacted the same. I am glad that you are finally happy.

Mataji where is ananiya? Pari says some people are after her happiness. She would be angry. Mataji says can you ever say something good? Pari says now today there will be fight between roshni and ananiay.
Roshni and Ananiya come together with breakfast. Pari is dazed. KB says how did this happen? They both serve breakfasts. Uma says you two were in kitchen together? Ananiya says I realize how I behaved yesterday was so wrong. I was only thinking about myself which was wrong. Aarav was totally. We can’t go on honeymoon when all of you are in trouble. Mataji says annaiya thank you. For understanding our problem. You have a great heart. I am so proud of you and roshni. Stay blessed always.

Tanvi is asleep. Saroj comes in her room and says I brought something for you. Open it. Tanvi opens it. Its a necklace. Tanvi says its very pretty. It must be precious. saroj says it is nothing in front of what you do for vikram. All the qualities that you have I wanted to see them in my daughter in law. I wish you were my.. leave that. Tell me do you like it? Tanvi is is very pretty. Vikram comes in and says tai ji has such a great choice.

Khushi says to Pari after simar left we still in problem. This roshni is more clever than simar. She cancelled arav and ananiya’s trip. Annaiya is totally in roshni’s hand. We have to show them the reality otherwise you are gone. Uma says Pari is right. We will all become roshni’s puppets. Pari says this won’t happen. Just see what I do now.

Pari says to Ananiya can you give me 50k from locker? annaiya says would that be okay in the situation of the house? Pari says now you would say no to me? We are not under roshni anymore. ANaniya says we should tell mataji once. Pari says I could tell her myself. actually I didn’t tell anyone. I was planning a surprise for arav. I placed order of a gold chain. I have to give them pending balance. But if you don’t wanna give me money then its okay. Ananiya says don’t worry. I will give it to you. Pari says I will tell mataji later.

Scene 3
Anjali wakes up. There are 50 missed calls. It is that agent. He calls again. He says you are so unprofessional. You had to reach here an hour before. ANjali says I am an hour late. I will reach there in half an hour. He says don’t come now. We gave this work to someone else. Someone who values time and work. Anjali says mind your language okay. He cuts the call. Anjali says what should I do now.

Pari shows KB and Uma 50k. They are shocked. Pari says I said Ananiya can never say no to me because of that roshni. KB says wow. Uma says what will we do of this money? Pari says we will have fun. Lets go to spa. Kb says we will go shopping too.

Anjali comes downstairs. She keeps calling modelling agency but they don’t pick up. Se says I have to do something or my career is ruined. Tanvi is serving everyone breakfast. Anjali sees the necklace. She says that is mine. I am sure tai ji gave it to her. you see what I do no tai ji.

Precap-roshni says there are 2 lacs in the locker. We should deposit 50k in the locker and keep 1 lac 50 thousand for the expenses. Ananiya says there are only 1 lac 50 thousand. Pari mom needed money so I gave her 50k. Mataji says pari we are cutting our expenses and you did this?
Pari says so what. Is this roshni our lord that we will do whatever she says.
Mataji says this is why I was not willing to give keys to ananiya. Ananiya says mataji is right. Roshni should have these keys.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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