Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prerna is dazed. Prerna says when I was going from here you wrote don’t go on taxi? Simar says yes also what you read in kid’s room. Prerna says that note. Yes I told sid. How can I listen to you? Simar says I went to meet that baba again. She tells her everything baba said. Simar sits on prerna’s hand. Prerna sees her with a magnifying glass. Prerna says I am sorry Simar. you were around me wanted to talk to me but I couldn’t recognize you. Prerna says what maani wants? Simar says sid has her powers and she wants them back, and that woman is helping her. She has no face. She adopts my face by seeing my picture every hour. Prerna says I saw myself that there was no face. Simar says they have given you a liquid that makes you lose your mind. Your mind gets in

maani’s control, Simar explains her everything about her behavior. Prerna says that was because of that liquid. Everyone thought I was losing mental stability. Everyone is scared of me. SImar says I know whats going on. And this is not the time to cry. We will fight that maani and that woman. Prerna says how will this happen? Simar says God is with us. Prerna says baba said the solution is within the problem. Prerna says I think we should inform the family. That maani doesn’t have her powers right now. She will tell us what baba meant. SImar says okay.

Prerna says mata ji, sid.. Please come I want to talk. Mata ji says what happened? Fake simar says what is she up to? She looks at maani. Simar(bee) says prerna tells everyone truth. Simar(bee) says tell everyone that I am simar. Prerna says I forgot what I had to tell you. Mataji says its okay go rest. MAani says the liquid is working. Prerna says no mata ji. Sid says I will drop you. Prerna says its okay I will go. Prerna goes to her room. Mataji says she is going through worst. I hope nothing wrong happens to her.
Simar asks prerna why didn’t you tell them? Prerna says that ghughat woman. Your face is her strength and her weakness. SImar says means? Prerna says we should focus on her. We have to expose her to the family and maani will be exposed herself. Simar says she doesn’t have her powers so she won’t be able to do anything. Good idea. Prerna says simar.. Prerna says I promise I will fix everything. Everything will be like it used to be. I swear on God. Simar says I have complete faith in you. For now, we have to some another thing as well.

Prerna is with the kids. She says mothers protect their kids in any way.Sanju says you tell story like mama. Simar is on her shoulder. Sanju and Anjali have fallen asleep. prerna says I cant even imagine what you are going through simar. but for your kids, you did all this. What are you made of.. Prerna is in tears.

Precap-Prerna says I called him. I wanted to get my jewelry polished. Karuna says simar why dont you give your jewelry as well. Prerna steals her locket and changes simar’s picture with hers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi guys im here with fun post
    no no frustration post

    subject: wat if leap intoduced in ssk…v know ssk cvs wnt spare us…they vl give torture…even fr next 4 yrs

    ok coming to post

    nw a days i think u all observed leaps became common in all show
    nw wat if leap introduced in ssk
    wait wait..u all may get doubt
    hw can it possible
    ssk cvs cant leave simar and the actress who play that role
    then hw?

    im there na to clear all doubts

    cmng to stry that paves way to leap

    of course it vl possible becz of our beloved sid

    n v know hw much v protest r shout r wat ever v do…cvs do wat ever they want…so v all have to accept the fact…sid vl gonna marry prerna..may b becz of trick of cm…n cupid arrow wat ever..

    n cmng to another point…sid touched naina…danced with nagin…bt no progression in his relation ship with roli…bt v all know cvs wnt leave single stone to hur rosidians…n sid (manish ) too…so there vl soon a bomb blast…i.e prerna give birth to baby( i know u all will gonna kill me…vl throw chappels tomatoes eggs…im ready…myself finding difficult to write this…bt this the fact which i cant able to avoid)

    n sid ofcourse he once upon a tym luvd roli…he thought to keep baby name as roli
    bt the lady who claims as sid n mahan so called frnd..keeps baby name as simar

    sid cant say any wrd against them…becz he is just lamppost who nods his head wat ever bw dumb family says

    that baby simar grows up

    n becum another mahan simar

    she luvs a guy…n marrys him…she goes to her sasural…

    then she comes to know her sasural is allien family…they came to earth fr vaccation

    they go back to their planet…taking simar husband along with her

    simar comes to know a human cannot go to that planet

    she cry cry cry
    n comes to her maayaka

    n tells to her mom prerna abt her allien family…n also tells she cant go to their planet as she is human

    nw prerna decides to reveal her truth fr her daughter sake

    she tell that she is allien

    one day she came fr sight cing on earth…n saw sid…she fell fr him…n she only killed roli…to get sid…she only hypnotized sid…n made him marry her

    sid who listens this gets shocked

    he cant able to digest the fact

    he take gun n shoots himself…fr betraying his roli..n marying allien( n i feel sid desrves this…by this..he go n meet his roli aftr death…its roli wish to frgve sid r nt…bt roli is nt sid…so she frgves sid…they live happily there…without dayans nagins alliens..n ofcourse without di)

    nw simar n prerna will go to that planet

    n vl meet simar sasural

    bt allien nagin..allien dayan…allien wampire..didnt leave simar there…they kill prerna…n still simar struggles to fight with them

    its just fun post nt hurt to anyone…if i hurt anyone im sry

    last but nt least..luv rosid fr ever

  2. i saw in sbs…that sid vl gonna fall in luv with prerna…its becz of cm trick….they told some thing like cupid arrow…cm plans that after cupid arrow struck sid.if sid sees .then he vl fall fell her….bt prerna comes in sid vl fall fr her…aqfter knowing let out frustration i wrote this thats it guys

    1. What you wrote can be true in the sense that simar die and sid n prena have a daughter(irony is that sid n roli had been together for years yet no child but with prerna boom voila a baby!) named simar and hence restart ssk with new characters. But i would prefer the show ends. Too tired seeing mahaan simar, dumb sid who since last year is always under a spell, no clue of prem, mataji always crying matarani and other family members stand like a lampost.

  3. Sid had loved roli so much and many years that to see him with another is too hard to digest. So just assume sid died along with roli. He is not the same any more. I have stopped watch and follow this show since roli died. But cannot escape news regarding this show on any telly sites. However much i like the character of sid but i cannot deny he is dumb one. He just says yes to whatever say to him. Female characters are shown fearless on tv but male characters are dormant. I have not seen any show keep a male character single after the death of life partner. No one had the audacity to do that. Romance, marriage etc are not the only options available. What is sad is the destruction of such a lovely couple and that too by sid himself. This type of chemistry cannot be created twice.

  4. hi honey ur way of thinking is so good…i also saw tat worst segment in sbs…i cnt tolerate anymore atlast pure rosid love is going to b spoil by cvs…i dnt knw y manish ll accept tis decision made by cvs…first v all opposed tat mansi ll replace our roli character because of tis only no other girl ll not b pair with sid… but atlast cvs done their point…make tis girl pair with sid…they all forget our roli sid too…roli sacrifies lot for tis worst family…ever her life…but all r get spoiled…v all having only rosid memories…watever tat prena never get any place in rosid audiences which means sid fans… and also not replacing roli in tis great bharadwaj family and sid life too..

  5. Nice yaar honey.. Only aliens z left to b introduced in ssk… Deze ppl wanna show simar as da “mahaan”.. 4 dat dey will make all da otherz dumb n characterless… Itz really sad seeing rosid z having such a bad end n sidz character being destroyed.. Whatever we r saying z of no use guyz dese stupid cvz will only do whatever dey feel like (as always cvz love destroying rosid)….

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