Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
All are surprised at what viru and khushi have to show. it is however revealed that it actually is a aphoto of the Goddesses. Khushi, oblivious of this, keeps saying that this proves that this isnt the real roli. Sujata wonders how can someone be so lowly. Mataji says that she isnt surprised as only they are capable of doing this, and wonders why did they bother to listen to them in the first place. Khushi and viru look at the photo and are surprised. Mausiji reprimands khushi for this, and reminds that next time, she pulls a stunt like this, she would be in jail along with viru. they go to sleep, leaving khushi and viru boggled.

In their room, jhumki is nervously pacing around in the room, when simar walks in. Jhumki reprimands simar

for touching her stuff, when she told her not to. Simar asks her to be silent and let her explain. Jhumki says that she knows that simar has thrown away her stuff, and is lying such a big farce for the love of her family, wheras her family, who she just had photos about, simar threw them away for her convenience. Simar shows her the stuff, and says that when they refused to believe her, simar had been cautious and knew that they would snoop around, and had tried to warn her too, but she didnt listen. Simar tells that had she not done this, they would have been in big trouble. She tells how she kept things under her pillow. She says that she may love her family, but she cares for other people too, particularly someone who has done her such a huge favour. Hearing a knock on the door, they compose themselves and open the door.

Mausiji comes in their room, and tells them that they might feel like gossiping, but they should sleep, as its an important day tomorrow. She tells her about the puja tomorrow, and they would have to do it themselves. Simar asks if mataji and sujata wont be there. Mausiji says that they are leaving for guruji’s ashram, for the welfare of the family, so that they arent in trouble again, and have roganised for a huge puja. Simar asks her not to worry, as they would get up, and do all the preps. Mausiji wishes roli goodnight and leaves. Simar pats jhumki, and asks her to sleep, as they have much work to do, and asks her to be extra cautious, as viru and khushi wont sit quietly. Jhumki goes off to sleep.

Viru, in their room, is very angry and khushi tries to compose him, as they need solid evidence, about where she is from, and who is she, and find a place regarding that. Seeing that viru is quiet, khushi asks what is going on in his mind. Viru says that if this is simar and prem’s trap, then they would find no evidence in the house, rather outside. He decides to go out and find out about the same, and get to the bottom of this roli’s truth.

The next morning, mausiji assures mataji on the phone, that they would handle the puyja here, and should rather concentrate on their ashram’s puja. Seeing simar, she tells her that the pandit would arrive soon. Simar asks her to ahead and she would arrive soon. Seeing roli asleep, mausiji is shocked as its crucial now that she wakes up. As she goes to wake her up, simar, thinking that jhumki might say something in her sleep, that would tell mausiji about their secret. Mausiji says that roli used to be generally always ahead of everyone else and is surprised. Simar thinks that she has been trying to wake jhumki up from a long time. Simar says that they slept till late night, hence she is unable to wake up. seeing anjali awake, mausiji cuddles her and takes her downstairs. Simar tries to wake up jhumki, and also tells about mausiji’s visit, but jhumki forgetting that she is roli now, lies on the bed saying that she would go to the puja later, and would only sleep now. Simar remembers how roli used to be at her feet during the puja, and wonders that this jhumki isnt even awake yet.

Mausiji looks over the ladies of the house, having done all the preps. They tell her that only the prasad is left and mausiji tells them that roli, who has to make it, isnt even awake yet. Khushi is shocked to hear that roliu, a strict devotee of Goddess Durga, is still asleep on such an important day.

Simar tries to wake up jhumki, but she doesnt comply. Simar tries to get jhumki to wake up and asks her to get dressed with the saree and the jewellery that she got, but she doesnt wake up and says that she feels like sleeping right now and would wake up only when she feels like it, as her sleep is very dear to her. Simar is shocked. Khushi standing at their door, is surprised to hear this, and concludes that this isnt roli’s style of talking, and hence this means that this isnt roli. Simar finds khushi on the dorr, and is scared and tensed. Khushi comes to her and asks what happened to roli, and her change of style of speaking, which she cant digest even when she believed the memory loss. simar tries to clarify confidently, that people may talk differently in their sleep. Khushi asks her not to lie and play around with her, as she’s master at this, and she would prove that this isnt roli. Simar is tensed. Khushi goes to jhumki and wakes her up with a jerk. Khushi tells jhumki that her drama wont last long, and soon she would unravel this sham of hers. Simar is shocked and jhumki is tensed to hear this. The screen freezes on simar’s tensed face.

Precap: As the priest tells roli, to start singing hymns, she breaks into a modern version, of the bhajans, shocking everyone. Viru and khsuhi are very happy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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