Sasural Simar Ka 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today Thapki, Sasural, and Udaan serials are mixed.

Previous parts in Thapki Pyaar Ki’s update and next parts in Udaan’s update.

Thapki asks the shopkeeper if someone bought chloroform from his shop on 24 November. He says we have record of all sales in our computer. He checks and says yes someone bought it. Thapki says who bought? He says someone called and ordered it. Thapki says who received it. He says I dont have name. That salesman has left the job too, who delivered it.
Thapki thanks him. She says I could know from that video, I don’t know how will I figure it now.

Chakor is walking she recalls what Kamal said. She collides with Imli. Imli says why are you looking

at me like? Do you see dreams from open eyes? She leaves.
Suraj says baba you should have asked me. Kamal says you have no idea of my idea. The game we are playing is beneficial for us. Our dignity will be saved in front of minister. I am sending chakor and when she loses, she will be insulted. the flight she has taken will be down. And that imli, she is just a pawn. It doesn’t matter if she dies or lives. There are thousands of girls like Imli. This is my promise. Suraj takes off his hand from his should and leaves.

Shaitan says Simar you have lost so many times. Simar says you lose when you give up. I and my family never learned to give up. She says without your super powers you are even weaker than malti. Today a normal human is challenging you. He says you have no idea whom you have messed up with. Here is your chandan maani. He takes it out and says here is it. And there you all are. Take it from me if you can. Prem sid and Amar attack him. He hits them and shoves them away. Sattu and shalu also attack him. Shaitan hits all of them. He throttles sattu and shalu.

Bihan shows babu ji new closet. He says Thapki will stay here so we will need it. And I have bought more clothes for her as well. He hugs her. He says chandu told me everything. Bihan says what could I do. I saw thapki in those renters. Something weird is happening. I hear songs, I can’t see whats happening. My brain and heart stop at a place. I think I am in some trouble. Babuji says you are in love. Bihan smiles and says what are you saying. I can fight and hate but not love. Babu ji says it doesn’t need your permission to come. Love is a drug. Bihan says but.. Whats happening with me is love? How will I know. Babunji says your heart will tell you. You will forget the world for her. You will know it.

Imli says to Suraj what did you say to bady malik and didi? He throttles her and says now you will investigate me? She says I am sorry I was just asking. He leaves her. Suraj says just know that chakor wont win marathon we have arranged it. Now go from here. She leaves.

Thapki asks aditi is it the same dvd? Aditia says it is your wedding DVD. Why do you need it? Thapki says I can’t tell you anything yet. Aditi says you mean so much to us, just take care of yourself. Thapki says take care of yourself and ma papa as well.

Chakor says to ai, I told you something that important. Say something help me. She says i know what you are doing is right. Chakor says I don’t know what will I do. Adi says Kamal knows what can happen if you win this. He is plotting all this. He wants to ruin your hardwork of 10 years. Just focus of your marathon. Thapki says how can forget Imli? Shouldn’t I release her? Doesn’t it matter to you? Ai says I am her mom, why wouldn’t I care? But to save her life I can’t sacrifice whole village. They all have expectations from you. Only you can free us from Kamal. Please give it a try. Chakor says why were they all quite when people from governemnt came? She says we were all scared. We can’t go against Kamal. but you are different. You can go against him. Chakor says what if I don’t do what they want and they kill imlu? Ai says he wont do anything to imli because she is his pawn. Chakor says what about imlu? My heart breaks when I see her serving in haveli. Ai says I know whatever you will do you will do it perfectly.

Bihan recalls his moments with Thapki. the song ‘tum tak’ plays in background. The picture falls from his hand. It floats, Bihaan runs after it. He goes out and picks it.
Aditi is in temple. She says help papa.
Hardik is with key. He says this to his maa this is duplicate key. I saw sasu maa placing papers here so I got these duplicates now. Maa says why you made so many? He says so there is no risk. The locker doesn’t open from duplicate keys. his mom says you have to ask aditi about real key.

Suraj comes in the room. Kamal shuts his locker. Kamal says you scared me go from here, no one is allowed to come near my locker. Suraj says what is with you? You didn’t tell me that imli plan first and now this. Kamal says go from here and lock the door. I will talk to you later. Suraj leaves.
Kamal comes to suraj and says I know you are my son. You listen to everything I say. But as far as locker is concerened I can’t trust anyone with it. I wil explain you why. Suraj says I have to earn your trust every time. Kamal says minister’s daughter is coming here tomorrow. You have to host her. He says I know how to keep her entertained. Don’t worry. Kamal says very well.
Suraj says to servant call imli and tell her i need her and get dance ready.

Prem and sid try to save sattu and shalu. Everyone is scared. Shaitna says recall your mata rani one last time. Simar tries to get the maani. Shaitan leaves sattu and shalu and catches the maani. He laughs. Shaitan looks at something in shock.

Hardik says to maa sit sasu maa. what you want? She says what is this? He says this is mu duty. I have cleaned everything. His om comes and says everything is ready. Come lets have food. Aditi says what is all this? Devakar says we are one family. Aditi says I dont trust you at all. He says you have to.
Aditi hears him talking to his mom. She says I knew your reality.

Chakor looks at the calendar and marks date. She says I have only day.
Ai comes and gives her clothes. Imli comes home. she says what happened in haveli? Chakor says it has nothing to do with you. Imli says suraj didn’t even talk to me properly. will they kill me? Chakor says they can’t kill you. They can’t do that. Imli says you never tell me everything. she says mai you tell me what happened. Please. Chakor says don’t do this. Imli says I know you and chakor dont love you. You both hate me and I know you dont care if i am alive of dead. She leaves.

Prem has maani in his hand while shaitan has only pouch. Everyone is dazed. Prem says come take it. Shaitan says give me. He passes it to sid. Sid catches it. shaitan runs after it while they pass it on to each other. Shaitan grasps simar. Everyone is scared.

Next parts in Udaan’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Arooj

    Avika please don’t leave ssk u are the only roli aviman-=Rosid more Rosid scenes and Avika once again don’t LEAVE

  2. Sana Naseem Niaz

    Why did you guys not giving roli an important role in the ssk .the drama is not going good without the power of the both sisters. You guys always push simer for everything.

  3. rosid

    one good thing is mansi is not replacing avika .this the correct decision. it will be nice if avika is not leaving ssk orelse she can take a break and come back soon

  4. vaishnavi

    wow siddant emotional acting so well…poor siddhant….cvs pls show any rosid scenes atleast as dream…before avika exit…avika pls considered again abt ur exit for ur fans…without u our siddhant is incomplete…and rosid also…

  5. zulkf

    koi ius serial ko band karo plxzzzz kuch bhi dikhate rehte hai bakwassss koi dekhta bhi hai kya sry avika and manish but tum do no ye serial chood do infact simar tum bhi jab dekho mata di mata di

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