Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says I have done this sin i cant force you to live with me. After one month you and i will sign the divorce papers.
Prem says i wanted to kill myself but death would have been an easy penalty for me. The real punishment is that I stay away from simar. this relation shouldn’t be a burden on us. If i stay here i will increase your pain. I have decided that i will leave this house. Everyone is dazed. Sujata comes and slaps prem on face. Sujata says you will leave the house? You have committed a sin, you have done an injustice to your wife. And now you thinking leaving the house will make it better, this way you will punish yourself? you will punish us all and her. Why dont you understand that this is not the solution. simar says to rectify a sin you are doing another

one. When a son leaves the house all the happiness of that house leaves as well. if someone will leave this house, it will be me. sujata comes to simar and says what are you saying simar? you can’t leave this house. My son is the culprit. As his mother i beg you pardon him simar. Sujata says this house is as much yours as its prem. This house is incomplete without you. I know that you are hurt, i know you can’t be a normal wife with him after all this. but you have a deeper relation with this house, you are daughter of this house and i am your mom. Think about anjali and sanjina. They need you. for this family pardon my sinner son.

Sid says simar maa is right, i know my brother is wrong, but he doesn’t have a dark heart. The same heart loves you a lot and you know that. Whatever he did was a result of situation’s stress. Simar says i was proud of the purity of this relationship and it has stained now. If jhanvi were at my place would have you asked her the same? Sid is quite. simar says you would have stood with her in this decision, they why should i pretend to carry this relationship.

Rajhinder says mata ji why dont you say something, mata ji says whatever is between should stay between them, we can only show them the right way. They have to decide where they want to take their wedding. if the whole family is relying on the decision then we have a little right on this relationship. That is why prem and simar have time till tomorrow morning to tell me their decision. and that is the time for all of you to save this marriage as well.

late at night everyone tries to convince prem. sattu says you should stay calm. pari says simar wont agree for divorce, prem says i did everything to apologize, she doesn’t want to forgive me. she neither punishing me. this hurts the most,he says i have decided that after pondering, i can’t stay away from her while she is in front of my eyes. I have decided it. Its upto simar now.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First!!!

    1. Hehehiii

  2. Simar plz don’t sign the divors papers..simar and prem is good together..

  3. What d hell is going on??? Wen wil cvs bring something good nd interesting… It has been high time the bakwaas dramas going on and on in ssk.. Now stop it

  4. Oh god still not updated!!!! Atiba!!!!

  5. sara and sayanthani’s stint to end in sasural simar ka:
    two lovely actresses sara khan and sayanthani ghosh who impressed us with their respective roles of maya and rajkumari rajeshwai in ssk is all set to bid farewell to the show.
    a source shared that sara and sayanthani characters were supposed to comes to an end after the complition of their respective tracks. while sara’s character ended as previously decided track. sayanthani’s position seems to be in an uncertain state. her role was suppose to be their for sometime, but now with trp rates are not doing much well in the show.,the mackers have planned some new tracks in the show bidding goodbye to her story.
    armed with the info we buzzed sara khan and lady confirmed development by stating “yes my character was supposed to comes to an end, and now i am no more in part of the show. it’s been around a week now, that i am not shooting for the series. having said that i would like to add that i enjoyed working for this role and had an amazing time with my co-stars”.
    on theother hand, when we called up sayanthani, she said, “i am not aware of any such developments. i have not heard anything about the same from the production side till now so cannot comment much”.
    well we simply can hope that we can enjoy sayanthani ghosh performance some more on screen before the show moves to new big drama.


  7. Ya it was started during sunaina episode after tat every thing came rite suddenly vikarant changed negative and kidnapped simar after tat while returning back roli met accident and Maya came then rajveer and nw tis rajkumari…..wen will they show some happy sences?????wen premar is happy rosid is not wen rosid is happy premer is not….

  8. SSK TEAM please bring good track story……..

  9. guys it meen rajkumari character is not ended ow its there for some time… i think rajkumari only kidnaps sanjana and anjali.. again rosid went search for rajkumari precious thing and they comes to know about her i think… then her character ends.. this is what i thought about upcoming ssk kidnapping drama.. rosid seperation dram will be shown as to bring and stop simar prem divorce… this is plan of mataji and rosid as mataji asks roli to do plan to save them… this i thought..

    1. I think u r right…

  10. guyzzzz borrrringg yaaar no interesting tracks in ssk i think its going to air off

  11. Ya… Now it’s boring!! I don’t want premar to seperate!! But I don’t even want to simar to forgive prem too!!!

  12. Hi shabbu

    1. Hello!!

  13. I dont know plz tell me tat whether rosid is gonna separated tell me soon

    1. no they plans to bring premar reunite and stops them for divorce.

  14. 30jun: sid consoles roli and asks for her help in mendling the difference between prem and simar. anjali and sanjana tells simar that they want to live with her and prem.
    1jul: prem tells the family that anjali and sanjana have been kidnapped. simar blames the mishap on prem’s irresponsible behaviour. the kidnappers contact the family and asks for a ransom of 50lakh rupees.
    2jul: simar continues to pray for anjali and sanjana’s well-being. anjali escapes from the captors. the goons chase anjali, but a mysterious lady saves her and gets her home.
    3jul: simar, in possession of ransom of money , goes to meet kidnapers at the mill. roli tries to dissuade premfrom getting the police involved.
    4jul: simar and prem returned home empathy-handed. the goons take sanjana to a mysterious location. simar yells prem for his rash – decision making , prem tried of the fights, decides to divorce prem.

  15. any one tell me is ssk going to off air????

  16. This episode is the boringist one ever like come on guys mayas gone rajkumari is dead but yeah the avtion could come back if rajkumari comes back to alive . Dont u think?

  17. SANDYA ,c, ua last 4th point,,,
    prem decides to give divorce to prem ??????????????
    how can one give divorce to himself??

  18. yes sa..
    it is going off air somewhere in august

  19. How u know Sandra ?

  20. it is given in some blog,dont remeber its name
    since d trp’s r low,this might b true

  21. guys in one of on location video upcoming rosid scene we can see that sanjana back home anjali and sanjana hugs each other then it that video roli telling that premar are reunited she thanks matarani and wants to do premar marriage rosid tells this with mataji and sujatha… it means after sanjana came to home premar reunited…

  22. simar u did the correct decision

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