Sasural Simar Ka 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar looks at Anjali’s photo and says happy birthday daughter. Mama has brought gift for you this year. There are six gifts for six birthdays. You will have them tomorrow. Ican’t give them to you myself.
Anjali says it 12 and no one wished me and then they say they care for me.I will celebrate my birthday with friends. Simar says anjali must be so happy.
Piyush asks are these for didi too? He says give this from side. Sumit says is it someone’s birthday? Simar says my friend’s daughter. Sumit says we will leave at 7. Simar says okay we will be ready.

Next day, Simar packs everything. Rohan says the cake looks so good. Sumit says lets go. Rita says so you are ready to go? Wow simar you are so clever. Go take my husband, Dehli, Agra. Sumit

says shut up Rita. They leave.
Rita gets a call and says yes of course I will be there. See you.

anjali comes to hall its all dark. She says whats wrong? Then it lightens up. Hall is all decorated. Everyone wishes Anjali. Anjali is surprised and happy.
Everyone wishes Anjali birthday. prem gives her a present. Anjali says don’t tell me you brought books this time too. prem says open it. Its a phone. Anjali says wow the latest phone. Thank you papa. Let me show it to my friends. Anjali clicks pictures with her friends.
Simar says in heart I have to go to Anjali I have to lie to him. Simr says Mr. Kapoor can Piyush stay in your office? I have to go to a friend’s place its her daughter’s birthday. Piyush doesn’t know anyone there. Sumit says no problem. Piyush says give her my gift too.

A man comes in bharadwaj house. Khushi looks at him and says what is this photographer doing here. He says I had to give portfolio. Khushi says give it to me. i will give you money later. Anjali says KB photos are here. Show me. Prem is looking at them. Khushi says your papa is coming. Anjali hides the parcel. Prem says what are you two doing here? Prem says who was that man? Khushi says I ordered this ring he came to deliver it.
Mataji says Khushi come here. Khushi leaves the parcel beneath the door.

Simar comes to bharadwaj house and says it feels like yesterday.. Simar hides her face. She enters the house and recalls the first time she came there.
Mataji says in heart I wish simar was here today. Simar peeks in. SImar sees prem and mataji and everyone. Simar says I am so close to you yet so far. Pardon me but I am helpless. Prem says in heart you are away still feel like you are around.
Simar sees Anjali. Simar recalls her time with Anjali. She recalls her last day. Simar says I don’t wanna spoil Anjali’s birthday but how do I give her this cake?
The delivery person comes with the cake. Simar replaces cake on his bike with hers while he is talking on phone.

Anjali says my fav fruit cake. Anjali cuts the cake. Everyone wishes her. Anjali recalls when simar wished her in childhood. She gives the cake first to Khushi. Simar is dazed. Khushi hugs her. Simar says why didn’t anjali give first bite to Prem or Mataji?
Anjali goes with her friends.
A woman asks simar who are you and why are you looking in? Anjali comes and asks who is she? Woman says she was looking in.
Anjali says who are you? Simar says I am on wrong address I think. Anjali holds her hand. Simar is in tears.

Precap-Simar is running. Prem is after her. He sees Simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. show is turning very interesting really enjoying it
    want premar reunion and also piyanju union with their both parents
    just get lost
    waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    1. oh got i wrote rita and khushi just get lost but only half sentence is shown whose mistake it is

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