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Sasural Simar Ka 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli asks what happened that night at Mehta house when that girl came ? Sunnaina says I went inside that girl’s body. karthik came to her and I said you killed sunniana right ? Why did you shove her off the cliff ? Karth said tell me how you know all this ? I hit her with a rod. Sunnaina says I helped you even at that garage. Simar says you did let me say all that to prem ? Whi gave you that right. Sunnaina says you were weakening in front of prem so I got inside your body and said all that to prem as you. I would never have known who else is with Karthik if you told prem the truth. I won’t be able to find him without you and roli. Help me in finding that man, who is the master mind of all this. Simar says now we will get you justice. Roli says whoever took your life from

you won’t be safe. Karthik and his mate will be punished and that’s the vow. Simar says I know it will hurt you but I think Karthik’s partner in all this is none other than vikran. Sunnaian says I can’t believe it. he loved me so much. roli says you must have thought the same for karthik but look what reality is. Karthik can’t do all this without informing him. Sunnaina says maybe you both are right but my heart doesn’t agree that vikran can do this. Simar says I understand. Roli says we will only target karthik for now. our mission starts from today. All the troubles you’ve faced in these two years will end soon. We vow in front of God that we both will get you justice.

Scene 2
Karthik is sleeping in his room. he hears some voice like someone is walking. He wakes up and says that was an anklet’s sound. Whom can it be this late ? he opens the door of his room no one is there. He says no one is here. He comes out and looks everywhere in the living room. He hears the voice again and says who is that ? He sees roli there pouring water in the glass ? he says who is that ? Roli says sunnaina. He says bhabhi why this late ? At least turn on the light. Let me on it. AS he turns back to switch on the light roli hides. He says bhabhi ? Simar comes from upstairs and asy karthik what happened ? He wonders how is she at stairs she was in kitchen. simar says you want something ? Let me drink water I will get you water to your room too. He says you just drank water ? simar says I just came from my room. Simar says karthik are you okay ? He says nothing I am just sleepy. I am going to room. Simar says what about water ? He says I drank it thanks. He leaves and roli comes out. Simar says now its time for sunniana.

Karthik is in his room and says how strange who was in this kitchen ? He says maybe this all is because of the less sleep. I should sleep. Sunnaina takes off his quilt. He gets up scared. He shouts who is here ? Answer me. Sunnaina starts blinking the lamps of his room. He sees something written on mirror and gets really scared. he starts screaming for vikran. simar says roli you should go. Roli leaves. Kartik is trying to open the door of his room. He shouts bhaiya open the door, help me. He says why is the door not opening. simar says in heart I am liking to se you in pain fro what you ahev done to others. This is going to hurt baa and sanju but I can’t save them from this. Vikran, baa and siamr come there. Vikran asks what happened ? he says bhaiya get me out of here ? Vikran opens the door. Karthik hugs vikran. he says someone is in my room. vikran says how is that possible ? Let me look. He goes in and says no one is here. Karthik says look at the lights. Baa says lights are fine. Karthik says someone was her he took off the quilt. simar says what are you saying ? The room doesn’t look like anyone else was here. Karthik says look at what is written at the mirror. Baa says nothing’s written there. He says I saw someone. Vikran says stop it karthik no one is here. baa says don’t worry karthik everything is fine. Vikran says ltes go to my room. Baa says that’s right vikran take him to your room.

Precap- roli calls karthik and says why you killed sunnaina ? I am coming tonight to get my answers in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeah get answer,and all lived happily ever after.END of the show!(i hope).CID should hire these girls + the ghost girl, they are great in solving cases.Then ACP,Daya, and Abhijeet can take a break from solving cases for a while.

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