Sasural Simar Ka 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the doctor checking janvi’s wound. Simar asks the doctor that how much time will it take janvi to recover. When the doctor is putting bandage on janvi’s hand simar observes the golden bracelet of snake’s design and gets shocked seeing the bracelet. Then the doctor finishes with her dressing and leaves with simar. At the dining table everyone is having dinner and are happy that the whole family is having dinner together. Mataji asks uma about karuna and sankalp, uma say that they have gone to the market regarding somework. Janvi is getting angry and then she says to herself to control her anger. Simar is looking at roli and asking her to check janvi’s bracelet by eye moment. They show the flashback where simar tells roli about the bracelet and she asks her

to check janvi’s wrist. After lot of struggle roli finally gets to see janvi’s bracelet as it was covered with her duppatta. But when she sees her bracelet she tells simar that it’s not that bracelet. Sujata asks janvi that why is hse not talking to anyone. And she should talk to everyone. Then mausiji says that government has not put a tax to talk. Roli sees the bracelet and signals simar that it’s not the same bracelet. Janvi looks at both the sisters and goes into her room after her dinner finishes and goes into her flashback wherein she sees simar looking at her bracelet shocked. She removes that bracelet and wears another gold bracelet. Mataji and sujata are talking about the past and mataji says that she is getting scared. Its night everyone has slept. Janvi gets up and checks whether everyone has slept or not. She then goes in her room takes a torch and checks the store rooms walls again where she finds a wall which is “khokli” from inside. Simar is thinking about janvi and the doubts that she has on her. She decides to confront janvi and ask her about her intentions of coming to this family or she will not be able to sleep the whole night.

She goes to janvi’s room but she doesn’t find janvi there. Janvi is breaking that wall and is stunned to see what is behind the wall. Simar searches in the whole house but doesn’t find janvi. She then sees the store room’s door open and thinks that janvi is there but she doesn’t find her there also. She then sees the bedroom’s lights off and door closed. She gets shocked as she had switched on the lights and kept the door open but it’s the opposite now. She then enters janvi’s room and sees her sleeping there. She wakes her up and asks her the intention of coming to her house and family. The screen frezes on simar’s face.

Precap:- simar is going from janvi’s room and tells her that your intention might be anything but she warns her to stay away from her family. Janvi is very angry..

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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