Sasural Simar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
mata ji straps simar with belts. Roli comes near her. Mata ji says don’t anyone dare coming near her. And now simar will make one thousand samosas without anyone’s help. And then you will give them to 1000 poor people. Simar says as you want mata ji. Mata ji says I will come with you so you don’t do anything wrong. And remember, see this belt before breaking my rules next time. Prem picks simar up. He says come here and sit. Please forgive me. I couldn’t do anything for you. Roli says why you agreed. Simar says thats our mata ji she has right. And somehow we know that she is not under her control. She doesn’t know what she is doing. For her I can bear 1000 times. Roli says I will help you in making samosa. Simar says no none of you will help me. And

don’t worry for me. I will handle alone here. Go to your rooms. Simar says what mata ji did was not her mistake. Everyone is in tears.

Sid is drinking milk in jug. Roli says jug? Drink in glass? He says yes men drink this way. Roli says what is wrong with you. he says i wont eat bread go make me parathy and make is spicy. Roli is dazed. He says I like spicy. Roli says since when? are you okay? She says the same red mark is on your neck. he says what mark? She recalls when he hugged her, she saw a red mark on his shoulder. Roli asked when did you get this bruise? Roli says how are you getting? Jhanvi comes and says you look worried? Roli shows her the mark. She says he has same mark on his shoulder. Jahnvi says you should consult a doctor. Roli says you are right. come get ready. The white lady sees this with chantu. Chantu says we have to do something or they will have a doubt. She says I have to meet him thrice more then my task would be done. Chantu says I am with you.

Simar gives the samosa to poor people. Mata ji says I am counting them. Mata ji says no one is left? Its only 372. 150 packets are left. How will we complete your punsihment? Simar says in heart I have to meet guru maa somehow. A man comes and faints in front of them. simar says wee need to take him to hospital. MAta ji agrees.

Sanju throws a ball and chantu but it hits Khushi instead and cups fall from her hand. Khushi says this is why I asked you not to play here. Anjali and sanju say sorry. Karuna asks are you okay khushi? Come I will ice it. Pari says I will clean this don’t worry. Chantu says in heart I have to do something of this girl.
Mata ji is in hospital. She asks what happened? Simar says he is admitted but I will have to talk to doctor. stay here. Mata ji says hurry up. Mata ji says do it hurry up. I hate this smell in hospital. Simar asks doctor how is he? Doctor says he is better. She says please take care of him. Simar says before mata ji comes here I should meet guru. Guru ma says simar you were too late. simar says I am sure you have another solution.
Mata ji says where is she?Guru maa says you will find a pankh of white color. You have to touch it to mata ji’s body. It will take you where mata ji goes every night. Mata ji checks in general ward. simar is not there. MAta ji says this means she is here for something else. Simar leaves guru maa’s room. She comes out and sees mata ji checking rooms. Mata ji says is simar behind this closed door? Simar sees her going towards guru maa’s room. Simr says mata ji. She says where you went? Simar says I was looking for you at reception. So I came here looking for you. Mata ji says okay where are rest of the packets? Simar says we distributed them. Mata ji says then what are we doing here? Lets go. Simar says I have to send mata ji home. Simar says anjali’s teacher has called me. Mata ji says go and meet her. Simar says comes with me. MAta ji says no never. So I get insulted there? You will go alone. Simar says okay. I will get you a cab.

Precap-Simar counts till ten with her eyes closed. She is playing hide and seek. she sees sanju in little bride’s attire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whats wrong with colors channel people they totally remove roli in colors twitter page also no roli.. all serial ladies there but no avika in that pic.. whats wrong with colors channel… is they got mad.. dani,thapki,simar,chakor,shivanya, swara,ragini, aradhya. all are there only avika pic is not there. even in sr both leads pic there then why not avika she is also 2nd lead in ssk… hate colors tv….

  2. so that cute sa rosid scene is flashback scene thought they deleted but showed in fb good.. and what sid is drinking milk and that to with jag and want brekefast parota and not bread and asking tika pasand hai hari mirchi want some spice actually sid have acidity he didnt take high spice foor which we saw in nagin track.. wow now mataji attacks on sid in upcoming. episodes.. rosid scene nice…

  3. dayan wants to meet again 3 times so her work finished already 2times happen next 3 times she ants meet sid once she will meet in hospital like nurse ,,,

  4. Koi is serial ko bandh karo… kuch bhi dikhaye jaa rahe hain… colors end this serial n give us some new story…

  5. In sbs interview avika told about her break in ssk.. so sad…but she didnt said quitting..she just said only break may b she ll come back…like naagin track..because of her personal growth she take break in the show…pls avika would u take any break pls come back to ssk.. without is not nice..

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