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Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali this has backfired on me. Kb says he is your husband. He will come back to you. Anjali says have I done something wrong? KB says you are 100% right. Simar comes there. Anjali says why should I suffer KB? Kb says don’t worry doll. Simar says I want to talk. Anjali says tlak in front of KB. Simar says don’t take what happened to you heart. You are the most important to us. I am not gonna ask you what happened there. You know what happened to you there. but yes I am worried about you and Vikram. I want to help you and so does prem. But for that you have share you problem with us only then we can save your marriage. Anjali says you wanna help me? I will tell you everything. Truth is that I don’t need your help. Simar leaves. Kb syas I thought you will tell

that simar. ANjali says I wish I could send her to jail as well.

Piyush is thinking of Vadahi in his office. ROshni comes there and says I bought you this cofee. This is your papa’s project you should focus on it. He says you are right. She says start working let me know if you need my help. SHe is about to leave. Piyush holds her hand. Piyush says thank you so much, you are my best friend. He hugs her. He shows her the designs he made.

Saroj is crying in the jail. She says please let me go. She drinks water there crying. She says this is so dirty. The constable says you have to drink it. Sarj says please. Vikram gives her a water bottle. Saroj throws it out. SAroj says you are happy to see me this way right? I don’t want your fake tears. I don’t need these. You showed the reality of blood. You told me God didn’t make mother. I always loved you like my own child. And this is where I ended up here? Vikram says I will get you out of here I won’t let you live here. SAroj says no I won’t come out. I will stay here I should. That is what your wife said. Your wife showed me my worth.
Vikram comes out of police station. He says to lawyer I want tai ji out of jail today. He sees two thugs talking about a model on poster. Vikram says is that how you talk about girls? He says is she your sister? Vikram slaps him. When Vikram sees the poster in Anjali’s ad. He is dazed. It’s everywhere. Vikram recalls everything.

Simar says to Prem we have to talk to Anjali. We have to take the case back. Mataji says I didn’t know she was this immature. Vikram comes there and shouts anjali.. Prem says what happened? Anjali comes downstairs. Anjali says I knew you would come to take me home. He says stop. Vikrma says jewelry ad? I was passing by and I saw you boarding. He shows it to her. Anjlai is dazed. Vikram says is this a jewelry ad? He shows everyone. Everyone is dazed. Vikram says I stood by you all the times. I went against my family for your dreams and this is what you gave me in return? There is only one thing I asked from you. Anjali don’t defame our families but this is what you did with my trust? your love is a lie too. Prem says answer him anjali. KB says wait a minute you are saying like she murdered someone. This can be a fake picture too. Anjali says yeah I didn’t do this ad. That atul moffed it. Vikrma says stop lying anjali. Anjali says trust me this is a lie. Simar says you did jewelry ad? you should have a picture of it? Vikram says she is lying we all know. Anjali shows them a picture and says this is my jewelry ad picture. She says it is that Atul. He did this. He edited my face on someone else. Vikram says I will drag him out of his office. Anjalu says he is not in India. Vikram claps in anger. He says so he is out of India? Come in. Atul comes in. Anjali is dazed. Vikram says so he is he then?

Precap-Simar says please forgive us Vikram. Vikram says Anjali should apologize and that too to tai ji. Anjali cries and says tai ji I am sorry. Saroj says you did a sin and you should be punished. You won’t be part of my house ever.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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