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Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1aui
Mataji says thank God prem is safe. Gaitri says thank prem. Her sindur cleaned in the cleaning ceremony. Prem says you are right if I am alive today its because of Simar’s love. Patali says you saved Prem today God but I have so many more shots to go.
Gaitri says prem has got new life and Simar got cleaned. Prem should fill simar’s hairline. That would bless them. Roli says let me bring Sindur. Gaitri says no fill her hairline with the ashes of this havan. Everyone is dazed. Devika and khushi are scared. Gaitiri says this is better for simar. Gaitri says in heart this ash if full with evil. Prem says okay I will do that. So no one questions your respect.

Devika says Khushi this patali has convinced everyone. Mataji says i dont know why my heart is not

agreeing. Devika says i wont let this happen. Prem takes a pinch of the ash and fills simar’s hairline. khushi and Devika are worried.
Devika says this is so wrong.
Simar says you should stay with us. Prem says yes she is right. gaitri says I have to go for some pooja. simar says will you come back? Gaitri says yes i gave you my word. Prem says every danger is over, come in siamr. Simar steps in.

Devika says patali wont and simar is her slave. Khushi says she is not our simar anymore. She is patali’s follower. Khushi is in tears.
Patali says I will get my idol placed in temple and they would do my pooja.
Khushi says to devika are you sure patali cant find that idol? Devika says even if she finds it she wont be able to touch it.
Shadow says to patali your magic on simar would weaken if that idol stays away from simar for long. Patali says that can never happen. I am going there to find it. Shadow said your powers are weak there. patali says i dont care i will get that idol anyway.

Sid says to roli its my presentation and I am late. Everyone else has already left. Roli hugs him and says peace now? he says i want more peace? Roli says shut up. She gives him file. He hugs her. Anjali says roli i am really scared. roli says why we are all in the house? roli says should i take you to mama? Anjali says no i dont wanna go to mama. Simar comes in and says why dont you wanna go to mama? Anjali is scared. Simar says to anjali come play with mama. she takes anjali with her. Sid says i am late for office. He leaves.
Simar says to anajli, you wont tell anyone what happened. Otherwise mama would be mad. Good girl. Simar leaves.

Patali is near the lake looking for idol. She sees a pot and says please show me the right path to find the idol. The idol comes in front of her.

Precap-Patali says simar I need you.Come here. Uma said simar i made you fav sweet. simar shoves her and leaves the house. Everyone tries to stop her. she says I am coming patali devi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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