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Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rita says its about time you should retire. You will live in your own house how long will you stay here as a servant. Roshni comes in and says choti maa won’t go anywhere. Just because Piyush got a job doesn’t mean we don’t need her. She is our family. Rita says servants are not family. Roshni says she is not servant. And her relation with us is deeper than family. Simar says don’t talk to your mom this way roshni. Your mom is right. One day we have to leave this house. Roshni says please listen to me choti ma. Simar leaves. Rita grasps Roshni’s hand and says what you think I can’t see whats going on between you and Piyush. I don’t like it. understand. Roshni says I don’t care what you like or don’t. I will do what my heart says.

In office, a meeting is going. Piyush says we have to do something to Rosy. Prem says Mr. SP Piyush we are discussing something important here. Piyush says we were discussing about new strategies. Prem says oh, can our whole team know what that strategy is. Piyush says I was saying.. we need to bind the old relations again. I mean I read the history. We had a good relation with our old associates. Prem says if we have broken up with old clients there must be a reason behind it. Piyush says sometimes reasons are mere misunderstandings. Prem says there is no trust when there is misunderstanding. Piyush says we can build trust again. A board member says he is right sir. Rivals are doing great business with our old clients. Prem says I am not feeling well. He leaves.
Piyush says to Rosy invite papa for coffee. Rosy says are you mad? She leaves.
Piyush says your face was evident that you miss mom papa.

Scene 2
Bell rings, Khushi opens the door. Prem comes in. Prem says is someone going abroad? He has tickets in hands. Prem says agent gave me these tickets of Mumbai of two at night. Anjali? He looks at Khushu in anger. Prem says what is this? Whats going on. Khushi says I.. Prem says I know you know what is happening. My daughter is going to Mumbai and I don’t know. Anjali comes and says dad.. Don’t scold at KB. This is my decision. And I think as an adult I can take my decision. Prem says okay very good. Can I know why are you going there? Anjali says to become actress. Everyone is dazed. Rajhinder says are you out of your mind. Prem says actress? 1000 of people go there everyday. Do you know what they have to do. Anjali says I have my dreams. Prem says there is a journey of each field. Your way is wrong. Anjali says I know everything. Prem says you don’t know anything. He tears the papers and says you are not going anywhere. Anjali shouts why don’t you understand. You don’t care about my happiness. There is no difference between her and you. Prem says I just want you safe. Anjali says if you don’t let me go I will kill myself. Prem slaps her hard on the face. Prem says loutish. You always threaten us with this. You are not going anywhere and that’s final. Anjali says you don’t know your daughter. See what I do now. Khushi goes after her. Prem says talks to her and cut this thought out of her head. KB says I will talk to her.
Anjali comes to her room and looks at Prem’s picture. She throws it away and says you didn’t do right. Khushi comes in. Khushi says calm down. You can’t go right now. Anjali says I never thought you would talk like dad. KB says I am not asking you to not go. Just wait a little. Prem’s attention is on you. Once he is busy you can leave. Anjali says okay KB just because of you I am listening to this. KB says I knew my doll will listen to me. I will get you green tea. KB leaves.
Anjali says sorry Kb but I can’t put my dreams on hold. If you can’t help me getting out of this hell I will find my way.

Scene 3
Simar says Piyush your phone is ringing. He is in shower. Ssimar says I should take his breakfast in room. Piyush picks the phone and put it on speaker. Prem says reach office I will be there Simar come in and hears Prem’s voice. Piyush says what happened? Simar says whom were you talking to? Piyush says my boss. Simr says he was sounding like your dad. Piyush says your imagination is always working. Simar says we should look for another house. How long will we live here? Piyush says don’t worry. I have made the plan. I will arrange something that you will live in your house forever.

Piyush comes to office and asks Rosy do you know today’s plan. She says yes. Rosy looks at Prem and says I think he is in a bad mood. Piyush says you just have to ask him about coffee. I will keep in touch on phone. Oh where is my phone? ROsy says what will happen now? Piyush says I will stay in touch from landline.

Anjali says I should get an apartment on rent. Prem calls her she cuts the call. Piyush says come on Mrs. Rosy ask him for coffee. Rosy is going out. prem says you wanted to say something? Rosy says yes sir this file. Sign it please. prem signs them. Rosy says sir you look in a bad mood. Prem says nothing like that. Piyush says ask him, rosy says I have an idea to cheer you up. Prem says why do you care about my mood? That’s not your job. Leave the files here I will send them back. Rosy leaves.
Simar sees Piyush’s phone and says how should I give him this.
Simar asks Roshni do you know Piyush’s office’s address. Roshni says he will live one day without phone. Simar says nothing is possible without phone these days. Driver dropped her first day. He would know. Roshni says I can go. Simar says I have nothing to do home.
Roshni says what should I do now.

Precap-Simar asks driver how far is it? He says about to reach. Prem comes out with Rosy. Simar sees him and says I think Prem has moved on in life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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