Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
prem is standing in balcony, sid comes there. he sees prem. He recalls rajveer’s orders. Sid comes near prem and shoves him. prem falls from the terrace. Simar wakes up in shock, it was her dream. She sees that prem is not by her side. She goes out to look for prem. Prem is not in balcony as well. She gathers the courage to look down, prem is not there as well. Simar heaves a sigh of relief. She says where can he go? She says i should inform amar that prem is not in room. She sees that prem is with sujata, giving her water. He says papa sleep in other room i will stay here with maa. Rajhinder says i am not sleepy. Prem says you have not rested since long, i will stay here with maa. simar says in heart only you can save us God.

Roli says sid wants to kill prem, help me

God. She calls amar, amar locks his room. he says you know pari saw you, don’t call again and again. roli says i am really worried for prem. Amar says don’t worry about here i am with sid 24/7. until maya gets her maani back we have to be very careful. Roli says please take care of prem and keep informing me on call.

Pari says i saw roli and i was not lying. I could prove it if papa didn’t scold at me. uma says if mata ji lied then there must be a reason behind it. but what could it be? Pari says i get it all now. This is all for property. simar want to have all the property. Uma says how? pari says sid died, roli will get her share. If roli is not here then her share will be taken by simar. uma says mata ji wont let it happen. pari says mata ji always favors her. Simar is really clever, we have to take care of our husbands simar might ask them to sign some papers. Uma says never. pari says no matter what happens we will not let simar and roli succeed.

Sid looks at his photo with roli, he says i killed that girl and her husband looks exactly like me. How can someone resemble with me this much? He takes out a bag. He takes out a handkerchief and puts a lot of tranquilizer on it. he takes out a dagger. sid goes out and sees that prem is sleeping with sujata. He is about to stab prem, prem opens his eyes, sid hides the dagger. simar is there as well, she turns on the light. prem says what are you doing here? Sid says i couldn’t sleep so i came here to sit with maa. Prem says you threw the flower vase, simar says my hand hit it in sleep. sid says you both should go i will sit with maa. prem says i am here, sid says i can’t sleep. sujata wakes up and says why are you all here? you should all go and rest, i will call you if i need something. sid says this is what i was saying to prem, they should go, i will sit with maa. sujata says yes you can sit. Prem and simar leave. sid says in heart does simar know about my reality? i should keep an eye on her. simar says in heart thank God i saw sid stabbing prem.

prem comes to his room. simar comes in as well and closes the door. He says why you came there in maa’s room? why you broke the vase? it disturbed maa, simar says i couldn’t sleep so i came.. Prem says oh you ruined our sleeps and couldn’t sleep yourself? simar says you really think i am responsible for all this? Prem says better not talk about it. Simar says i am going through same kind of pain. Prem says you were, all you care about it your ego. You are not part of us now. I don’t know when you become ‘I’ from ‘we’. It was too late when i realized. live your life just way you want, and i will live mine. even family knows there is nothing left between us. If you have a doubt that everything will be okay between us, kick it out. its never going to happen. When you risked that wed locket, out relationship was also on verge on breaking and even God can’t save it now. He goes to be and sleeps.

next morning, uma and pari are trying to talk in actions with pari. mata ji says are you trying to say something? pari says we are really worried for simar, she is not home. mata ji says i know where she is, i have sent her somewhere. pari says in heart did she go to meet lawyer? Rajhinder asks where is prem? pari says he has gone with prem on morning walking, mata ji and amar get worried, amar whispers something in calendar’s ear. calendar says i have to make a call, mata ji says yes go. pari says in heart i should follow him.

Precap-calendar opens the door and tells roli that sid is out with prem. Roli says i am going to stop sid. Roli goes out, pari sees her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. update jaldi jaldi naa

  2. Tis Pari will never change……

    1. Ur rite akshu

  3. Every time simar stood for herfamily and savrifice a lot for them.How come they forget all those..pari is a real stupid…n Roli always in hurry and jumping in to paris mouth….

  4. Kanimozhi Raman

    The story gets very boring . Iam stop watching this serial but I couldn’t because of rosid .I am eagerly waiting for their joining.

  5. boring episodes….please end karo na yeh drama ko

  6. we want lovely romantic Siddharth not angy man aryan

  7. boring ssk.we miss a romantic scences of rolisid and premsimar.

  8. THIS DRAMA IS f**kED UP!!!!.

    SMELLY CUNT!!!!!
    UPDATE FAST!!!!!

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