Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says on call, yeah we will do it tomorrow. There should be some danger and threat in life. That’s fun. Simar says where are you going? Anjali says whats your problem? Simar says according to rules.. Anjali says I don’t care about your rules. I will do what I want. Simar says I will do whatever I have to, to bring you right path. What danger were you talking about? Anjali says you better mind your own business. simar says I won’t let you go out of this house today. Anjali says this is my life I will do whatever I want. Simar slaps her and says enough. Prem comes in and says how dare you slap mu daughter. Simar says you.. He says enough. Dont misuse orders. Simar says you shouldn’t take her side. Prem says my daughter would do what she wants. who are

you? Simar says I am her mother. It hurts the mother more when she slaps her child. At least bother to listen the reason. Prem says I don’t want to know anything. Don’t ever do this again. He leaves. Khsuhi says wanna hurt my doll more? Go from our lives please. Simar leaves. Anjali sits there crying. Khushi says congrats doll. Piyush is listening. Khushi says Prem and Simar had a fight. Do whatever you want so the distance between them is never reduced. Piyush says in heart I won’t let that happen KB.

Scene 2
Roshni calls Piyush and says why is he not picking up my phone? Sumit comes in and says why are you worried? Roshni says I was bored and calling him.. nothing much. He says I am your dad. I know you like Piyush.. Roshni says no nothing like that. Sumit says okay then I should transfer him to my dubai office. Roshni says no papa please don’t. Sumit says don’t worry I like him too. Once he is sorted with all this I will talk to him. Roshni hugs him and says thanks papa.

Scene 3
Simar comes to Anajli’s room. Anjali says why are you here? Simar says I won’t let you go out of this room today. Simar locks the door and sits in front of it. Anjali shoves simar and says this is my life. Simar’s hand touches the candle stand and the door catches fire. Anjali and Simar are scared. SImar says Sankalp.. Amar.. helpp.. Piyush comes running there. Simar says there is fire in the room. Everyone comes there. Simar says break the door please. Piyush breaks the door with amar and they come in. They take Simar out. Anjali sneaks out during all this mess.
Simar says i am fine. Rajhinder says to SImar you are trying to hide your pain? Simar says I feel so lost. I can’t handle my daughter. Rajhinder says you didn’t lose. We all did. the entire family was broken. Mataji comes in and says good times do come. Mataji says people can be changed. You will change anjali I know you. You are her mother. This house was simar’s and will always be. Simar gives mataji her medicine. Khushi peeks in and smiles.

Scene 4
At night, Roshni wakes Rohan up. He gets scared. He says are you mad? You scared me. Roshni says I miss Piyush and choti ma. Let’s go meet them. Rohan says how can we go to someone else’ house at this hour? Roshni says I won’t let you sleep either. Please let’s go. Rohan says okay get ready.
Piyush calls anjali and says her phone is off. I hope she is fine. Simar says Prem has come. Simar tells Prem what happened and Anjali sneaked out. He says you could tell me. Simar says shanaya’s phone is off as well. Prem calls her other friend Priya and says is anjali there? She says there was a party at my place so anjali is here. PRem says I am going to pick her up. SImar says can I come as well? Prem nods.

Precap-Anjali says guys lets do some fun. A guy says lets walk on the balcony railing. Anjali says I accept your challenge. She walks on the railing and slips. Anjali says someone save me please.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ashwini yadav

    bring bck siddanth and sanjana plz and atleast let her be lovebleto simar

  2. Dalchini

    Does simar not care that she has another daughter no just one

  3. Ya there is another daughter od simar named sanju where is she??

  4. Please bring back Sid and Sanju. I hope she will not like anjali and She loves her mother and she understands her. Why Amar also not in Simar’s side and y he don’t make to clear his friend Prem’s misunderstanding on Simar.
    My roli is the only one for Simar’s side always, But now she also not alive. I feel very sad for simar

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