Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra asks simar there is a wide temple in the house then why nirmala went out to temple. Simar says the environment of temple gives you peace.
Mata ji asks guru ji is everything ready? He says the address you gave me, i arranged everything there. Mata ji says i am reaching there.
uma says to Indra these pooris are for you. she says thank you, after so many years I will eat something today. She eats and asks for water. she says this was such tasty food simar. You can ask anything in return. Simar says take my family out of Mohini’s game. I don’t need anything else. Indra says go bring one of those pots. Don’t you trust me? Simar goes in and brings a pot.

Simar is in room, she wonders which pot should she take. She imagines prem holding her

face and saying you can take any of these. It will be our first win, that is what matters. simar takes a pot. Simar comes downstairs with the pot. Indra says Mohini did such easy magic. She says i want you all to turn your back towards me. Don’t worry i wont run away with the pot, i just don’t want anyone to see me while i perform the procedure. Anajli comes out of the pot after a while. Simar picks her up and hugs her. Indra says do you trust me now simar? That I am here to help your family. You saw how easily i cut down mohini’s magic. Tomorrow one of those three. Everyone is happy. she says i should go to my room and rest now. Amar says thank you. she smiles.

Jhanvi calls Mata ji and tells her that anjali is out of pot. Mata ji is really happy. she says please help us in seeing the truth behind these happiness God. Guru ji comes in and says the stuff you asked is all here. Everything is ready. Mata ji says thank you. They go in a room. Mata ji says thank you for giving me this room. He says you can stay here as long as you want. No evil forces can enter here. and all books you wanted are here as well. Mata ji says dont tell anyone about.

Simar says to amar why is indra helping us so much? Amar says don’t think too much. She is helping us. Anjali is between us now. Simar says indra did kill people like mohini 100 of years ago. I can’t digest that she is helping us because she we took her out of painting. She could go from here. Why can indra do good to us? Amar says maybe she wants to start off her new life with good. Simar says she asked us to conceal her secret. Amar says but anjali is between us because of her. We have to trust her, we need our family back. Simar says yes we dont have another option. Indra comes there. She says simar you gave me good food and i returned your daughter. And you doubt me. Simar you have insulted me. i will go from here. I wont stay here for a moment.

Precap-Indra dances in bharadwaj house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. siddhant makes come back to bharadwaj house in sasural simar ka.

    cheer up all rosid fans!!!!
    we know all of you have been missing your favourite couple from color’s daily saasural simar ka(rashmi sharma telefilms) for quite some time now.
    but, now your wait seems to be over dear readers.
    after a short break,the lovely couple will soon be back on the soap we hear.
    a source shared that in coming days indrawathi(reshmi ghosh) will help siddanth(manish raisinghan) to come out of the earthen pot. and the lady will also promise simar (dipika kakar) freeing roli(avika gor) in a day or two, only if simar does not try to act smart. though sid will be utterly irked with this decision, bharadwaj family members will calm him so that they can free roli.
    when contacted, manish confirmed the development and said, “coming back to the set was such a heart warming experience. i received such a maddening, warm and cute welcome from my entire ssk family that i have become a big greedy. and now i am planing to take breaks more often, so that i receive uch warm welcomes more often”.
    manish, through we can completely understand your emotional candid thoughts, we don’t think that your fans will be ready to miss you again on-screen(wink wink).
    and if you want some more updates about the show keep hooked in this space.

  2. ssk spoiler: this week simar and entire bharadwaj family will try to please the new witch indrawathi. she will ask for food cooked in desi-dhee. also she will demand jewellary and nice clothes to wear. simar will full fill all her wish and in return ask her to get roli and siddanth out of the pitcher.

  3. ssk: simar and the indrawathi have a dance face off at home. they both show their classical skills. indravathi overpowers her performance and stuns simar. a new war has begun for simar. simar is trying hard for family and indravathi dances with passion. simar loses to indravathi. she announces that she wont bring out simar’s family from the pots. indravathi gets back in the pic. mataji gets the books to kill the dayan. before simar could read the books, indravathi ruins the books. simar gets the torn papers and try to figure out.

  4. simar’s new fight starts with indravati in ssk……
    indravati is the trapped soul in the painting which is brought in simar’s house.simar gets tensed when she comes to knowthat indravati is freed from the painting. indravati starts dancing shocking everyone. she tries to trap prem and sanjanain her moh jaal. simar doesn’t know how to save her family., but will soon find an idea to save her family with the new trouble of bad soul.
    simar and indravati have a dance face off at home. they both show their classical skills. indravati overpowers her performance and stuns simar. a new war begun for simar. she try hard to save her family and indravati dances with passion .simar loses to indravati. later witch announces that she will not bring the family members from the pots. and dayan gets back into painting. mataji gets the books to kill the dayan,before simar read it dayan ruins the book. simar gets the torn papers and tries to figure will simar save her faily.? there will be many twists revealing by indravati. keep reading..

  5. Wow manish resumed shooting so happy..waiting fr roli arrival bt i think it takes tym..dont know when v c rosid together…every tym they seperate rosid..if sid is there roli goes missing( at tym of nagin track) if roli there sid goes missing( before entry as aryan he missed fr 1 week) nw rosid together disappered 1 mnth..nw sid is back..dont know when roli come

  6. in tomorrow episode there is dance competition betwwen simar and indravti…..

  7. Am exicted waiting for rosids entry……

    1. sid comes back.. when he comes to know about roli trapped somewhere(means in pot) he is very furious all family members are tries to calm him down…. hope roli also back soon in ssk.. as i told anjali and sid back last roli’s turn came.. now simar have to save roli and prem .. they both are simar’s important persons in her life….. simar cant live without them.. she saves both of them…. hope roli comes back soon in ssk..

  8. super episode anjali simar super nice

  9. super episode.very excited to see siddhant entry

  10. This show is kinda getting better but I don’t like the dayan things like come on be more realistic

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