Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2013 Written Update

It resumes with naming ceremony. Pari keeps her son’s name as Aarav. Pari’s mum starts showing off saying if ceremony was in her town, then whole town would have come. She takes out bunch of money and gives to waiters. Mausiji irritates. Simar seems sad. Roli notices it and goes to Prem. They plan something. Roli then comes to Simar and says, you felt bad, right? Simar says, no.. and Pari bhabhi didn’t say anything wrong. Simar tells Roli to do something so Pari’s mum can’t find any more fault in their function. Roli says, but you will have to help me. The song starts and everyone is dancing. Janvi receives a call from hospital. She wonders who would call her from hospital now. She goes on a side to talk.

It’s her boss. He apologises and asks her to join hospital

back as they need her. Janvi says, I had told you already that I won’t join hospital again. Her boss says, you’re like my daughter.. why are you punishing patients because of my mistake. At least come and talk to me. I have sent car there. He doesn’t let Janvi speak and hangs. Sujata comes there and tells Janvi, you won’t go anywhere. I know everything that happened with you in hospital. I know why you quit your job. Simar told me everything. I don’t get why they are calling you back now. And why do you need to work? If you still want to work, then you can get job anywhere. Janvi says, I don’t want to join either.. but don’t know.. hearing dean’s voice.. I think I should go there to talk to him at least. Sujata says, okay then.. but I will also come with you. Janvi says, function is going on.. if we both are not here, then they will doubt. I will come back after talking to him. Sujata says, okay.. come back fast. Janvi leaves.

Back to the function, everyone is dancing around Pari and Aarav. Simar was taking Aarav in her hand, but Pari’s mum interferes and takes Aarav in her hands. Simar feels bad. Prem comes to her and calms her down.

Janvi arrives at the hospital and it’s all very quiet. She wonders where everyone is. She is going to her boss’ cabin. Someone comes in her way and says her boss has called her in some ward room. He leaves. Janvi is confused.

The function is over now. Bharadwajs are sitting together and having tea. Mataji tells Simar Pari and her mum are resting in their room, so give them tea there. They are searching for Janvi now. Sujata seems worried. Everyone asks her what happened. Sujata tells everyone that Janvi went to the hospital. Everyone asks her how she let her go. Sujata says I wanted to go, but she said no. she said she will be back soon, but still didn’t come back. Roli says, I think we shouldn’t be worried.. she is a brave girl. If we keep stopping her from doing everything, then her self confidence will go down. We should have faith in her and encourage her to fight against small problems. Bharadwajs agree with her.

Janvi comes to the ward room and it’s very dark there. She wonders what’s wrong with hospital today. She enters it and finds the room decorated with candles and flowers. She wonders what all that is. She asks if anyone is there. Sourya comes out and Janvi is shocked to see him there. She asks him what are you doing here? Sourya says, i love you. Both have an eye lock. Sourya picks up a rose and gives it to her. Janvi gets angry and walks out.

Bharadwajs are talking with each other. Pari’s mum comes there tensed and says, this had to happen with me only? Everyone asks her to calm down and asks what happened. Pari’s mum says she bought some expensive sandals for this day and she can’t find it right now. Roli asks her to calm down and offers Jalebis. Pari’s mum says, for your 100 rupees jalebis, you want me to forget my expensive sandals? Mausiji tells Roli to leave her and give jalebis to her. Mausiji and Pari’s mum tease each other and start arguing. Everyone calms them down. Simar comes there with Pari’s mum’s sandals. Pari’s mum is happy. She teases Mausiji again and leaves.

Sourya follows Janvi and stops her. He says, I know what you think about me that I am a spoiled brat from a rich family, but this is also true that this spoiled guy has fallen in love with you. Janvi looks at him with a shock and an angry face.

Precap: Sourya tells Janvi, circumstances make a person good or bad. I need you. You’re the only one who can show me difference between right and wrong.. who can make me face a bitter truth of my life. Janvi turns her face and is leaving, but Sourya comes in her way again and asks for one chance. Janvi refuses.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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