Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar takes the girl to hospital. Jhanvi says dont worry doctor said she will be fine. Call prem. I will bring her meds. Simar calls prem.
Prem says I hope they don’t reject the proposal. He gets call from Simar and cuts it. Simar calls Piyush and tells him everything. Piyush says I am coming don’t worry. The doctor checks the girl. Piyush comes in and asks if everything is okay. Simar asks the doctor if she is okay? She says there are no symptoms of anything. Piyush sees the girl and recalls the incident. He says where did you find her? Piyush tells her about the girl.
The girl starts screaming leave me let me go. Simar says we are with you don’t worry. The girl says please I want to go home. It was my marriage. Mama mami.. Jhanvi says what happened

with you? She says my name is vadai. She tells simar everythig. She says I want to go home. SImar says don’t worry.

Sumit sits with roshni. He says piyush told me everything. ROshni says I love him but he doesn’t love me. SUmit says you have to forget your love. Because of you have your life in front of you. We can’t change what happened. Come on now come for breakfast we are all waiting for you. Rita overhears. She comes when sumit leaves. Rita says so much happened and you didn’t tell me. Roshni says its all because of you. You asked me to do this. She says he said no and you gave up? Make him realize he loves you as well.

Simar takes the girl home. Her mami says she is dead for us. A woman says if that was my girl I would have killed her. SImar says enough what are you people saying? Accusing her for no reason? You are not seeing what happened. It was not her mistake it happened with her. I am part of this society where you accuse a girl. A woman comes and says she can’t live here. A man says I will hit her with stone. Piyush holds the stone and say don’t you dare.. If you try to hit her I will forget you age. Her mama says take her from here. SImar says come with me. Simar takes Vadai with her.

Anjali asks did they call? Prem says not yet. Agarwal calls him and says yes for anjali. Prem tells everyone they are all so happy. Anjali says wow. Uma says who could reject our Anjali. Khushi says you two look so good. SImar comes in with vadai. Mataji tells her that they said yes. Simar says I have complete faith in God. Congrats anjali. Anjali shoves her hand. SImar says I will always pray for you happiness. Mataji says who is this? SImar tells them everything. KB says is this an orphanage? How dare you bring her here when anjali is getting married? Why you brought this curse here? Think she broke her own marriage and did all that shame with someone how can we keep her here.
Khushi takes sankalp’s wallet and gives vadai money and says help yourself. Simar says she will get a home with this money but wont heal her. At this time she needs sosmone’s supports. KB says we are responsible for whole world? Vadai says leave it aunty you helped me a lot already. I don’t want troubles for you. Simar says but where will you go? She says wherever my fate takes me. She keeps the money there and is leaving. Piyush says a helpless girl is going out of our house and nobody is saying saying anything at all. Mataji looks at prem. Prem says we know what happened with you wasn’t your fault. But Khushi is right as well. you can stay here but there is a request. My daughter is getting married and i don’t want any problems in that. So you can live in our out house if you don’t mind. Vadai says don’t worry I won’t be a trouble for your daughter. Rajhinder says you did right Prem. Simar asks Piyush to drop her to out house. Vadai sees Vikram’s photo.

Precap-Simar says are you worried about anjali? Prem says seeing you seems like you are not worried. Simar says I told you I will take vadai from here but where will she go. Prem says tomorrow is Anjali’s engagement and I don’t want any problems in that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Who is vadai??anyone tell me

    1. Shes the girl wronged by the guy Anjali is getting married to.

  2. Mukta

    vadai is none other than the future wife of PIYUSH

    1. I also think the same…but not sure..

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