Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2013 Written Update

scene 1
Sujata is asking janvi who is the one she is fasting for? Roli says thats he done fasting today to get a good husband in future. She was hesitating to tell you all. Simar says yes she was worried about all what happened before. Mausi ji says that she is like me i used to fast too with you jiji to get a good husband. Mata ji says always be happy my daughter.

Scene 2
Pari says on the table that i was dying of hunger. Mata ji says that i want you all to be bonded like this always. Sujata says that she is i wish janvi will also be part of us on this day with her husband. Simar looks at mausi ji who is bewildered. she thinks i forgot to talk to meghna’s PA. I have made the mess. Simar is worried what will happen now.

Scene 3
Mausi ji, simar,

janvi and roli go in the room. Mausi ji says that i called him but he didn’t receive. She syas but i will call him now and tell him that we were in meeting. Attul receives the calls. He is so angry he says that you should respect time. What kind of people like yopu. Meghna takes the phone and says its okay. We will do the dinner tomorrow tell her that we will talk about business. Mausi ji when tells everyone they are dazed.

Scene 4
Achna asks pari to visit the shop daily. Sujata asks about roli is lunch tiffens of all men are ready? She says yes.
Roli goes to sujata and tells her that she will give the food to everyone at the lunch time. Sujata says that you will leave aarav? Achna says that when men are working so hard then pari can at least do this. Achna asks simar anf roli that they don’t have to worry about food. Pari will handle all this. Achna asks pari to think of her future.
Simar asks roli not to talk about business in front of meghna. Roli ssays but what will i say in the house. Mausi ji intrude and says that i am so sorry types. Simar says that’s alright. Mausi ji says that i don’t wanna be flop in teaching them. I will tell mata ji that i am going to meet my sister in law. Simar asks roli to get prepared for this meeting. Roli says yes.

scene 5
When roli goes to her room she finds roses then sid hold her hand. She says that these are so beautiful. He says i know. This is romance. He asks her to be statue and keep quiet. He hold her from back. He syas that i have such a beautiful wife. Roli says that you have a lot of responsibilities like work. Sid says that this is my last say in this work. I will be joining Prem’s friend’s company. May be your sid don’t have time for you then. That’s why i was thinking to spend time with my cheese butter chocolate. We will be going out this evening. And i don’t want any excuses.
Roli is so worried now who will she go to meghna’s house.

Scene 6
Prem is talking about sid’s new job to shalu. Sid is telling them that they will call some celebrity on the inauguration of shop. Pari comes in and says that she has brought the food. Pari says are these all your plans ? he sys yes. Pari says you should involve all the people in it. Prem says that they always rely on each other.

Scene 7
Roli tells simar that sid has decided a dinner for them. Simar says that you can’t go but mausi ji can. Simar says i know you can mausi ji. Mausi ji is so worried.

Precap- shaureya says where are your guests? I don’t like waiting. Mausi ji comes in and sayys i don’t either. Meghna asks her where is soniya?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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