Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says I will be living with all of you. Karuna says we have been hoping for that. Simar says where is maa? Karuna says she said she will go to temple if roli comes back. So she has gone with shalu. uma asks who is this? mataji says this is devika, an angel. Roli is with us becuase of her. Karuna says then you are our special guest. Welcome to our house.
Mataji says lets go do the pooja and thank God for everything.
Mataji says thank you God. After so many days my family is complete. Devika says I have to go now. simar says where will you go? she says I am a nomad. I go from one place to another and keep looking. Simar says looking what? She says love, family and happiness. simar says your discovery is over form now. You can get a lot of love from my family. You

can stay here you dont have to go anywhere. She says I dont have money for rent. Simar says you don’t have to. Roli says yes you will stay here. Simar says if you think you are incomfortable here you can live in the house next to it which is ours.

Simar and roli show devika her house. Simar says we will handle everything. Roli says get ready for the party tonight we will all wait for you. That liquid enters the house. Devika gets ready for the party.
Swara calls simar and says I heard prem and roli are back. You must be very happy. Just called to congratulate. She says everyone is not as lucky. SImar says whats wrong? swara says everything has become so complicated. I can’t solve everything. I feel like I am so alone. SImar says I will come to Calcuta then we’ll find solutions for your problems. She says thank you simar i will be waiting for you.
Mataji asks simar where were you?Simar says I will have to go to Calcutta. prem says why? She tells them about Swara. Roli says where is devika? Simar says let me check. Devika comes in. Simar says we have been waiting for you. Devika recalls that liquid taking all over her.
She fainted and her soul gets inside a toy doll. Devika woke up and said simar I will ruin your life. nothing can save you from me now.
Simar asks Devika to sit. She says in heart when there is no locket to protect you I will go inside you and make you my servant. Then you will become so evil that everyone will be shocked. She tries to touch Simar. Prem comes with that locket. Simar says how you got it? Prem says you have to wear it. I think you left it in room. He makes her wear it. Amar catches Devika staring at simar. he sits next to her and says i heard faces lie. She says i didn’t get it. Amar says nothing. Devika says in heart so I can’t go inside simar. But I will.

Prem holds simar’s hand. Simar says everyone is seeing, leave me. Devika says in heart I want you to take off the locket. She looks at the chandelier. The chandelier falls. Prem saves simar. Everyone is dazed. Rajhiner says are you okay simar? Roli says i think devika you got a bruise on your hand. show me. Devika says no its nothing. Mataji says no show me. Mataji says there is no blood. Mataji says you saved simar. Simar says thank you devika.
Devika says I don’t wanna trouble you. but because of this bruise I wont be able to make the idols. how will i pay you rent. Simar says i will help you in making the idol. Devika says no you have a lot of work here. Mataji says we are here for you. Don’t worry about rent. Simar says I have to go to Calcutta. Devika says in heart I should go as well. Devika says can I go to calcutta with you as well? Mataji says sure. simar says okay we will go together.

Precap-Simar says take care of me God. Devika says you have started journey of your destruction simar. You don’t know how lethal going to calcutta will be for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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