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Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Simar says please don’t kill her. He shoots her but vikrant holds his hand up. vikran t says what are you doing? she is your daughter you are killing her. sarpan says she has deceived me I wont leave her. They fainted you and were using your phone. Vikrant points the gun at roli and says she is the root of all this. you must have proviked leela. this time you will die and in front of everyone. simar comes in front of rolu an says you cant kill him. Vikrant shoves her aside. Simar picks up a piece of glass and says I will kill myself if you do anything to roli. vikrant puts the gun in. Vikrant syas I have not given she will have to die after 19b days. He says sarpan let them live together till my wedding and don’t restrict them in the village they can’t harm me

they are two weak women, simar says don’t think women are weak. Vikrant says house hold? s that the strength? Their job is to handle the house not to challenge his husband’s decision. ask these ladies if I am wrong? They all know they are weaker than their husbands. SArpan says they cant even talk in front of us. Vikrant says they know their standard. vikrant says your whol family cant find me. You know why? mind. I can rule anywhere. No woman in the world can harm me. Roli says vikrant, you are so prod to be a man? Give someone life rather than taking lives. only a woman can give birth. SHe has the strength to do this. She takes care of her family but she does this without wage which a man cant. Strength is not bringing people down. Its making others strong. Forgiveness, love and mercy are the strength of women. roli says you are weak actually. people like you have forgotten that a woman gve you birth. vikrant syas shut up. roli says don’t shout. We are the one who threw your family behind bars soon you will join them. He is about to slap her. simar holds his hand. Simar says you can stop her tongues by hitting her but not her intentions. A woman can ruin your whole life. simar and roli leave. vikrant says leave everyone.

Scene 2
next morning, prem says sid get ready we have to go to cops. sid says inheart I have to meet priya. SHe can call anytime. prem says why are you doing this? sid says was? Prem say why you asked mehata to arrange 5 lac? you can tell me. Priya is listening to them outside. she tells his men that prem knows about the money. sid wont open his mind we cant take risk.

Simar tells roli about priya. simar says what to do now I am really worried for sanju and Anjali someone knocks at the door. Its leela. She says daksha maa wants to meet you. Roli says who is she? leela says whole village respect her. daksha maa comes in. Leela says she handles the business of you bapu. She is the educated woman f the village. She orders all the ladies. Daksha says felt really good when I saw you answering vikrant. Men are so unjust here. they are so scard of their husbands. You are a ray of hope for them. I felt like our fate will change so I came here. roli says we want to meet rest of ladies. Simar says they will listen to you. take us to them. leela says this will be dangerous for you both. Daksha syas they are right I will bring you to them. make sure they don’t suffer because of you. lela syas what will happen.

Precap-cops ask priya where is vikrant? She says please pardon me. all I know is that he is in some village dharampura.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pls make this drama interesting.Because day to day becoming boring

  2. the writter and director gave so so so much unjustice to vikranth character vikranth never give disrespect to women especially simar he have so much respect with simar that why she fall in love with her even in hong kong his friend karan give a bad advice to vikranth to misbehave with simar but he does not do with not only simar do not do irrespect any womens you want to
    finish the story with prem and simar together you should show some other
    interesting screen play not like this the writter too too much idiot

  3. Doing unfair with vikrant character.previously showed him as a genuine person.he never had negative feeling for simar but now suddenly made his character as ravan.very bad..

  4. Parvati if don’t like dis serial then don’t watch.idiot.

  5. it would be preferable if commentors dnt use any sort of offensive words against eachothr…cz at d end of d day its just a soap 4 entertainmnt….

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