Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I hope Prerna is okay by now.
Maani is pressing and says I will look more good in this saari. Maani is getting ready specially for you. This is how much I love my powers.
She hears someone crying..Shonu.. Maani says now who is this?
A woman comes in bharadwaj house and asks is my daughter in this house? Mataji asks simar is swamiya here? Simar says I looked everywhere and anjali and sanju haven’t seen her either. The woman is crying. Mata ji says calm down she might have gone to garden or park. This is normal. The woman says I have to find my daughter. She goes out crying. Uma says doesn’t she get so much scared about her? Pari says you are right. mata ji says I hope God takes care of swamiya and nimi.
Nimi sees swamiya playing in street.

She says where did you go? Swamiya says why are you crying? I was just playing here. She you should have told me. You scared me. Lets go home and play there. She takes her home. A woman says why she does that to her? She lets her younger daughter daughter play but doesn’t let older one come out. The other woman says there surely is some secret.
Maani comes in and sees that her saari is burnt. Simar(bee) placed it on iron. Fake says simar says who could do this. everyone was downstairs. Maani says there is someone who is trying to stop us. Fake simar says has baba left simar alive? Maani says maybe. We have to go back there and find out ourselves what happened to that simar there.

Maani comes to cave. She sees baba and says I have to be careful. I can’t disturb him. Baaba says whatever you are thinking is right. Maani is dazed. Baba says you are so lucky that I opened my eyes for you. Ask what you wanna ask. Mani says I am chandan maani to chandan lok. I had a question. He says what is it? Maani says a woman came here for a pearl. What happened to her? baba recalls.
Baba says I punished her. I ruined her into dust. Maani says thats all I wanted to know. Maani leaves. Baba says come out. Simar(bee) comes out. Simar says now you trust I just wanted to save her that is why I came here. Baba says I know you are not lying. But what can I do? i can’t reverse the punishment.
Simar(bee) says how will I save my family as a bee. Baba says there is one solution.. simar says what is it. Baba says I don’t know it completely. In your problem there is a solution. But you don’t have much time. You are a bee. And a bee only lives for 4 weeks maximum after that she dies. Simar says please show me a way. can I communicate with them? Baba reads a mantra. Some light passes simar. Baba says go towards your house. The person who sees you first can talk to you and listen to you. Simar says thank you baba.

Prerna is sitting upset in her room. She hears someone coming. Maani comes in and says so she is asleep.
Simar says I have to meet prerna so I can talk to her.
Maani says I will make the breakfast. Let me draw all the curtain. So prerna doesn’t wake up. Mani comes near the window where simar is. She draws the curtain.
Simar wakes up prerna and says prerna its me.. Prerna says who is talking.. I will get mad.. Simar says prerna please calm down. Its me simar.. your friend. Simar says its me simar. Prerna is dazed. Prerna says I think I am losing my mind again. Simar says no its me simar. i will tell you things that only you and I know. You and I were playing once and the scar is still on your forehead. Prerna says yes but only simar knew that. Simar says yes I am simar.

Precap-Prerna says we can show maani her worth. Prerna says mataji sid please come I wanna talk. She says something everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Nonsense can’t b understood…sasural makhi ka..ha.haha….ha..

  3. Plz bring simar back and give her some happiness always she is with troubles n no happiness in her sasural plz bring our real simar back n add some premar to the show

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