Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Jhumki is scared to see simar so angry. Simar tells her to go and change, and she hastily leaves. simar looks at the clothes strewn around, and gathers them up. Jhumki comes and angrily says that she shouldnt try to dictate him, and one one hand, she tries her to be like roli, and on the other, she doesnt want her to touch roli’s clothes. Simar apologizes saying that she loves roli very bad, and now that she isnt here, all these things keep her alive in her heart. She tells jhumki that roli was very fond of keeping her things organised, and asks her not to take her otherwise, or her harsh words, but she couldnt see roli’s things strewn arond. Jhumki says that its very difficult for her too, but she’s trying and would learn soon. she

takes simar’s help in organising everything back.

Anjali starts crying, and jhumki asks simar to get her quiet. Simars ays that she’s feeling sleepy. Jhumki goes on to put her to sleep, and while adjusting the pillow, Simar sees a bag, and asks jhumki whose is it. Khumki says that its hers and she always keeps it close to her. Simar says that she understands her emotions, but right now she shouldnt do anything that might leak her secret away to viru and khushi, who are desperately searching for a loophole. Jhumki understands and says that she would always keep it close to her, and just like she would always keep roli’s things close to her, she too does thbe same with this purse. Jhumki goes on to show her purse to simar, and the photots inside of her family, remembering them and their memories. Seeing her get emotional, simar asks if she’s okay. She agrees and goes on to tell all other memories attached. Simar says that she respects these memories, but right now it isnt right for her to keep it, and asks for the purse so that she might keep it safe. But jhumki doesnt agree to give it to her, and wants to keep it to herself. Simar says that she can do what she wishes for. Jhumki goes off to lie on the bed. Simar tells her many things about roli, firstly her devotion for Goddess Durga. She goes on to say more, but finds jhumki asleep. Simar switches off the lights.

Viru tells khushi, that there must be one loophole that the thief always has, and therefore they should searcxh her stuff and her room, so that they might get their evidence that this girl isnt roli. Khushi is happy at this proposal, and praises viru for this advise. Khushi says that they might not reach their destination by this, but would definitely get a way out.

Finding everyone asleep, khushi and viru, in the darkness of the night, snoop through roli’s room, while simar, jhumki and anjali are asleep. Viru is scared that khushi is taking unnecessarily long time, while she is lying down, in the pretext that simar might have woken up. Viru finally impatiently gets inside, and goes to khushi, to tell that simar is actually asleep. Khushi asks viru to leave, while she rummages through roli’s things. She is frustrated that she didnt find anything.

She tells the same to viru too. As she searches further, khushi finds the purse that she was looking for, and is very victorious, thinking that this bag doesnt look like roli’s and happily shows it to viru. As she begins to open it, she is startled when she finds roli standing in front of her, with the lights on. Jhumki reprimands khushi for this, and tries to take the bag, but she doesnt let go. Simar tries to stop khushi, but she calls viru, who snactches it off and runs outside, with khushgi telling him that now there would be a scene in the house. they wake up the entire family, carrying the bag in their hand. Simar hurriedly tells jhumki to go after them and stop them. prem too wonders if they have found anything against jhumki and wonders whats in viru’s hand. When mataji asks whats the commotion all about, Khushi happily says that they have proof that this isnt the real roli, shocking everyone and scaring simar, prem and jhumki. She shows everyone the bag as a proof of her evidence, and that this bag contains their destiny, and once its opened then they all shall be out of this house. She asks them to give this house, one last look, as they shall be on the streets in the next 5 minutes. Khushi gets into victory mood, as she asks viru to start the countdown, while she shows the picture taken out from the bag, and showing it off to everyone, as a sign that this girl isnt roli. Everyone is puzzled and surprised. The screen freezes on simar’s face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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