Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Roli says there is something in that suitcase that she wanted ti conceal. Simar says yeah keep her here and I will go and check out. Mata ji explains the rituals to everyone. Simar leaves for the room and roli asks Sankalp to get her an oil. Roli talking to Mrs. Patel. Khushi says time is good lets make my mom in law fool. Karuna asks whom are you looking for ? She says I am looking for Sankalp. Karuna looks for her every where. SHe says let me check. Simar looks for the suitcase. Roli wonders how can she stop fake sonia there. Verma aunty asks roli waht i she thinking ? Roli says nothing. What a good arrangement. There on thing left that it’d be good if some celebrity comes. Verma aunty says I know none Roli says what sonia must know some. Verma aunty says I don’t

talk to her she is so rude. Roli says how can you be like that it will make you a super star in the neighborhood. Simar can’t find the suitcase anywhere. She says there must be something in it that’s why she has hidden it.
Verma aunty introduces Kinjal to sonia. Verma aunty says she wants some celebrity in the function. Sonia says okay let me try. Khushi wonders where is simar. She is about to go but Karuna takes her in.

Scene 2
Simar finds the suitcase in the bedbox. The suitcase is locked with a code. She tries to open it by applying different code. Everyone is busy with the pooja. Roli keeps and eye on khushi. The clock will jam if simar puts in a wrong code one more time. Roli is praying for her. She says khushi has sent her she must have given her tis suitcase was well. She applies a code and the suitcase opens. She opens it up and finds the mask. She is dazed. Khushi and Sankalp are doing the pooja. She wonders where can simar be.
Siamr wonders what is this mask for. She says is the solution of all this. Pandit ji gives parsaad to sonia but it falls from her hand. Verma aunty says this isn’t good. Roli says God is always with the good. The fake sonia will be expossed today.

Scene 3
Everyone starts the dance. Anurag’s mom asks anurga and roli to go and join the dance. Sujata wonders why is shanti asking her to dance when she knows that she is pregnant. Verma aunty says what are you saying shanti ji. She is pregnant how can she dance. You are behaving ike you don’t know. Shanti says no I know everything. Jhanvi is pregnant so what we all are here to take care. Anurag tole me everytjing. She recalls anurag telling her earlier. He asked for her pardon. he said you won’t accept her. Anurag syas thank you mom. Khushi is about leave. Roli syas sonia i mean fake sonia where are you going ? lets dance with us ? Maybe this is your last festival.

Precap- Roli dances in front of fake sonia. She dances a well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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