Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kamiya becomes witch. Mahmaya hugs her. Mahmaya says you did so well. Kamiya says thanks maa it wasn’t very difficult for me. She tells her how she took out maani from the soil. She tells her how she fooled Simar and Prem. and the mehdni she put on simar’s hand. The anklet she made simar wear. Mahmaya says you made simar doubt you and that made your way easier. But it has not ended. In nine months Kaal will be in simar’s womb and you have to take care of him. After his birth you will bring here. Kamiya says this means.. Mahmaya says Simar and Prem are together. in a few mooments kaal will be in her womb. Kamiya says kaal will come in this world. Our prayers are done. When Kaal is coming that baba has to leave the world. He is helping mataji. They do a pooja. Kamiya

tears his picture. Baba screams and dies. Mataji is shocked. Mataji says this can’t happen. She cries. Mataji says what has happened. Is something wrong gonna happen?

Simar and Prem are asleep. Simar says I hope our dream comes true. Kamiya says dream will be fulfilled yours too and ours too. Kaal will be in your womb.

uma says to karuna mataji and kamiya are not home. Satty says where can he go? Prerna says sid call Kamiya. Mata ji comes in and says its useless. Amar says are you okay mata ji? Prerna makes her sit. Mataji says nothing is right. Khushi gives her water. MAtaji says I went to meet baba. He died in front of me I couldn’t do anything. Baba went to find he died right after coming from there.He called me to meet him. He wanted to say something about simar. Prerna says this means simar is in trouble. uma says why has kamiya not returned?

Kamiya comes in. She can’t walk properly. Prerna says some women came and stopped me. She saw me and then I don’t remember anything afterwards.
Kamiya says when I opened my eyes I was sitting in that position and I didn’t know what happened last night.
Sid says this is serious. Let me call Prem and simar. he dials and says they aren’t picking up. Prem picks up. Sid says where are you? Is everything okay? prem says yes fine. We are on our way home. Sid says okay come home. Sid says mataji they are fine.
Prem and Simar come home. Mataji tells them about baba’s dead. She says this is not coincidence. Simar says we have to be careful. Mataji says you have to be. He was trying to say something about you. Kruna says we should do pooja today. Nothing will happen. Sid says prerna pari and I have to go for work. Mataji says okay but we have to do pooja home. Amar says I will arrange the stuff. Karuna and Khushi prepare the temple. Mataji says please take care of my family God.
Kamiya says in heart I can’t stay here when havan starts.

Pari says where are we going? Prerna tells them what they have to buy. Prerna says to Pari can you pick flowers delivery. The main entry should be roses. Ask any worker. She gives her 10k and says flowers budget. Pari says I will handle it don’t worry.
Kamiya says no one is here i should leave. Simar says where are you going kamiya? She says my phone has to be repaired. Simar says prem will get it repaired. You can use my phone till them. Make garland of these flowers please.

Precap-Havan starts. Simar starts throwing up. Mataji says pooja didn’t complete. Is it okay? Kamiya says we should be happy this is a good news. Mahmaya says its time that people of this earth will bow down to our Kaal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sriranjani (Tamil Girl)

    Hmmnm………plz end this crap show……….. Show normal life of Simar and I don’t need any nonsense story…..

    1. Yes show normal life of bharadwaj house.hope sid won’t forget his roli

      1. Roli died and why would he die with her and bury himself on their memories? Is about time he moved on with his life , if anything its Simar who should be remembering her sister from time to time but shes too busy chasing chudails ?????? after all Sid is just a man and wouldnt wanna spend the rest of his life thinking of someone who is no more

  2. Again drama in one can replace roli and excuse me psrs7 did I replied u in ur right. So don’t interfere in my opinion.mind ur business.episode pakurathum pakathatum en ishtam.I think u only like this track

    1. sry mam ungala hurt panala but neega hurt panatala ta na unga ithula reply pana sry mam

      1. It’s OK dear.I am sorry too

  3. Without roli ssk is nothing.see trp also getting low

  4. Show something realistic??avika please come back???

  5. Ssk is so’s the right time to end with a happy note of simar having a baby as per her wish.and it will be happy for rosid fans besides making sid and prerna as pair

  6. The intimate scene between prem and simar was too little. At least a passionate kiss could make all fans happy and relieve us from the tension in the serial.

  7. so sad simar birth devil child then next story ena va irukum very intersting but story write panravaga romba nalavanga imagination romba irukum pola unga nalata ellarum my dear simar di blame panraga sweet roli ya mis panraga ellarum aviga va ssk ku vara solunga plz change the story cvs plz inta story kaka yarum bw members n sid simar blame panathinga enoda china req

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