Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All family members are tensed. Mataji says we have to find out Samir’s real intentions, Simar says I wont let him hurt my kids, Piyush says we dont know why he is doing all this. Mataji says I have one way but Anjali have to leave house for that, all look on.

Simar comes to Anjali’s room and searches here and there. Anjali comes there and says you want property papers right? she opens safe and says go take it. Simar looks in safe but doesnt find papers there, Anjali says you think I will give it easily? even if you burn this house, you wont get papers. Simar says cant you see that Samir is using you? he will destroy whole family, I am ashamed to have a daughter like you. Piyush comes there and asks if everything is fine? Anjali says nothing will be fine till we

have this Simar as black spot in our lives, Mataji says she is your mother, Anjali says she have made my life hell, Mataji says you made your life hell, Anjali says stop rubbish, till you people are with me, I cant be in peace, once I get court order then I will show your place to you people. Simar says her soul has died, Anjali says you jerk always say poisonous things for me, Aarav says what is this nonsense, Anjali says enough, now its my time to give you all pain, I will throw you out of house and you will beg on roads. Simar shouts Anjali.. she raises hand to slap her but Anjali holds her hand and slaps her across her face, all are shocked to see Simar getting slapped. Piyush grabs Anjali’s neck and says I wont spare you, I will kill you, she is my mother, Sanjana says dont leave her Piyush. Roshini asks Piyush to leave her, Piyush says I will kill her, Simar says leave her, Piyush moves away. Simar holds Anjali’s hands and ask her to slap her, did you like to beat your mother? take your anger me, beat me more, I always took your side even when you hates me, Anjali cant look in her eyes. Simar breakdowns. Piyush holds her. Simar leaves from there in daze. Samir smirks.

Khushi says Pari that Anjali have guts to do that with Simar, we couldnt do it ever. Pari says the girl who can slap her mother can do anything. Umi says we should get on Samir and Anjali’s side. Pari says thats good, they are better side, lets go to them.

Samir says to Anjali that I enjoyed your drama. Khushi, Pari comes there. Khushi says we understood that you both are right and Simar is nothing so we have come to shake hands with you people, Samir says what will we get? Khushi says dont worry, we will do anything. Samir says you people are rolling stones and keep moving sides, we dont need people like you. Anjali says exactly we dont need people who we cant trust so leave. Pari, Khushi and Umi leaves.
Umi says we are not on any side now, Khushi says lets go back to Mataji’s side.

Sanjana says to Samir that how can you do this? Samir says I didnt do anything, your sister did it, Sanjana says its all happening because of you. Samir says I dont have time for you, he leave.
Samir calls someone and says we will meet in godown, he leaves. Sanjana hears it.

Piyush is in his room and says Anjali raised hand on Maa and I couldnt stop her, I am ashamed as her daughter, he break things and looks at his and Simar’s photo in tears. Roshini comes there and sees him injured on hand, she says stop it, Piyush says my wound is nothing infront of my mother’s wound. Roshini says you wont get anything, calm down, dont hurt yourself, our enemy is Samir, we have to find out who Samir goes to meet everyday. Sanjana comes there and says we can find out, Samir is going to meet him in godown, Piyush says I will go there, Roshinij says no Maa needs you so you be with her, me and Sanjana will go, he nods.

roshini punctures Samir’s car’s tyres. They hide. Samir comes there and sees it punctured. He calls for cab. Roshini and Sanjana follows him. Roshini calls for cab too.

Scene 2
All are worried for Simar. Simar comes in lounge, Piyush asks if she is fine? Simar doesnt answer him, Simar comes to mandir in daze. She takes pious water and pours it on herself, all look on. Piyush says what are you doing Maa? Anjali comes there and sees it too. Simar makes havan. She starts fire in it. Mataji says what are you doing Simar? Simar says today is sharad of my daughter, Anjali is stunned. Simar says today my motherly love has died, today is my daughter’s last rituals, this girl has died for me, she starts doing pooja. Mataji comes forward, she looks at her and Anjali’s photo, she says for many years, I used to keep reciting Anjalis’ name, I kept praying for her to understand relations but today I understand that she has gone too far to understand anything, she just loves money, she burns their photo too. Anjali is in tears seeing all that.

Roshini and Sanjana comes to godown. Roshini says comes with me. They go inside and look around.

In house, Aarav burns Rakhi which Anjali gave him and says our sibling relation ends here. Piyush says I thought our relation will become stronger but today it has ended, he burns her rakhi too. All family members burn Anjali’s memories and gifts in havan. Mataji says to Anjali that this house has our memories, you have snatched it so we are burning your name from our lives, you dont deserve our love, you are not part of the family anymore, Anjali cries and leaves from there.

PRECAP- Sanjana and Roshini are in godown, Sanjana says to Roshini that I think Samir saw us so we should leave, they see a shadow in godown and looks on.
Simar says to family that I will do I will do my right deeds and leave decision on my God, its important to win over people who are taking sides of wrong even if my daughter is on the opposite side of the battlefield.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good that everyone broke their relationship with anjali, anjali deserve it, these khushi, pari, uma need tight slap on their face.

  2. Rashmi doesn’t have news idea , we saw that in swaragini now in ssk peff anjali u nailed it ur the best


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