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Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli calls simar and asks did you got to know anything about prem? Simar says we are looking for him. simar says we met a taxi driver who left prem here, we are here but we dont know where prem went after that. Sujata says dont lose hope you will find him.
The pooja starts, mohini and sunanda join it too.

Swara comes in prem’s room and sees smoke everywhere. She says please wake up. she says i think i should call his wife, she looks at all the black magic stuff. She says maybe she is doing it herself but why would i wife do all this.
She take prem’s phone and turns it on. She says some simar called and texted so many times. Who is she?

Amnar says i dont know where to go. Simar says please show us a way God. Simar says its a call from prem’s

number, simar picks and says prem where are you? how are you? Swara says its me swara. Simar says this is my husband’s number he has been missing for 12 hours. We are in Kolkata looking for him. Swara says the woman who brought him here said he is her husband. There is a lot of black magic stuff around him. Simar says she is a witch, i know you wont trust me but i will explain you everything. Swara gives her the address. Simar says we are coming there soon.
Amar calls inspector and informs him about prem. They take a cab and leave.

Ragini’s mom says to sunanada and mohini did you do the magic on swara? Swara is thinking about what simar said. Laksh takes her to a side. she says i am fasting so everything goes well. He says then i am fasting to and we will break this fast after wedding together. Ragini sees them and says what are you two doing here? everyone is looking for you. Ragini says Swara everyone is looking for you. Swara says i will be back in 2 minutes. Swara says according to simar that woman knows black magic, i have to conceal it until simar is here.

Mohini says to sunanda we have to put black sindur on swara, they come and see that prem is not there. Sunanda says where is prem? Mohini says i dont know. Swara locks them in the room. Mohini says what are you doing? Swara says you both cant run from here, prem is with me and i will give him to simar. She will be here soon. Pooja will last for 20 minutes after that your game is over. Swara leaves. Mohini calls someone and says come and open the door of our room. Mohini says swara messed with us she has to pay for it. Ragini’s mom comes in and says who locked you? Mohini says that swara, she has called simar. She says you both should run. Mohini says i am not going anywhere. I will handle it. I thought i will get done with prem and swara until simar reaches here. I have to stop simar from reaching here.

Simar is on her way. There is a black cat on the way, simar says was it the same cat? Driver says the brakes have failed.
Pooja is on goin. Ragini is worried she says what if swara gets to know about me? amar says how will we stop the car? There is a woman, they are about to hit her. Swara says please God save simar and prem’s relation. Ragini says dont worry this witch will handle simar. Swara and laksh get done with pooja.

Simar, amar and mata ji reach there. Simar says who is swara? Swara steps out and says its me. Her mom says who are they? and what are cops doing here? Ragini informs mohini and sunanda simar is here with cops. Mohini says i have to look for prem first. Ragini says no leave please. Mohini says i wont leave without prem. Mohini says they have to face my ferious face now. Nothing can save them. Swara’s mom asks how you got these bruises? and what are cops doing here? simar tells them everything.Simar says we trusted that woman was the witch. i know its not easy to trust us but you will get to know we are not lying. maa says we know all people who live here. Swara says she is right maa.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. tooooo much dragging… hating this serial….

  2. I thought the mayayudh episodes will bring out the truth of dayan but it didnt… its just dragging to create curiosity on dayan’s track… the only gud and best thing happened is they showed the Goddess Durga ma, her Divine powers, the grand Durga pooja and the background devotional music…. please end the dayan track soon and dont betray on amar’s life…

  3. ssk spoler: roli is arrested by the police as she has hit vase to thakurain, which caused her death. roli did this thakurain was threating to kill mohini’s mom. police was present their did not stop her. thakurain asked for prem and asks the family to send prem with her. mohini was caught by thakurain , and roli hits thakurain. simar gets the tip from someone about something unuasal happening at 12am . it will be intresting to see how simar saves her sister roli now?

    1. i think again its mohini plan only

  4. is really roli kills takurain? what will sid and roli will do know? is simar saves her sister or rosid seperate now? what is this upcoming twist…. bnot intrested to see roli to be jailed…

  5. guys what do you think is sid saves roli or sid hates roli ? now i’m confusing little bit .. because from video i saw mohini pushes roli and she also comes with roli infront thakurain but unfortunately roli hit thakurain. but somewhat with sid’s expression get confusing what you think?/ is they bring roli out of jail.. what cvs are upto.. again any sepearations in pair if they didnt show rosid again trp down.. end this mohini track plz..

  6. the upcoming twist in ssk:
    guess who will roli kill in ssk: ssk has never failed to amaze the audiance with the intresting track twist and turns. and this time again makers have come up with some fascinating story line, which for sure will keep the readers hooked to their telivision screen.
    the recent info that roli will soon put behind bars in ssk for heinous crime.
    our source shared “in the upcoming episodes roli will be furious with the dayan, who tried to harm her family and create problems in her sister’s life. in a desperate attempt to save her family roli hit dayan with vase and will be jailed for same”
    but that doesn’t mean bw family will be free from dayan’s evil plans.
    the twist in the tail will be that mistakenly roli will think thakurain to be the witch, who tried to ruin her sister’s life. and angered with her ac, instead of killing mohini who is real culprit , she will kill thakurain.
    quite an intresting track we must say.
    what will happen next? whether simar will be able to save roli, as well as her family?
    we tried reaching kunicka but she remaind unavailble for comment?
    with this track there is end in kunicka character?

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