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Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says I can’t see you in the mirror, to aditi. She says simar is trying to tell you that. I am not aditi I am sunnaina. I am soul. Roli and simar are scared they go downstairs.
Aditi is coming downstairs. Simar and roli are scared. They try to open the gate but its locked. Simar sees the back door they try to run for there but I gets locked too. Aditi says roli simar don’t be scared I will no harm you. Just listen to me. They go to the temple, aditi follows them there. Simar says go from here. Roli says we ahev not done anything to you. Why are you doing this to us, leave. Simar says you can’t come inside the temple leave. She comes in and sits in front of the mata rani. Simar wonders how can she do this. Aditi says I am not the evil soul. I couldn’t

stay here if I had anything evil inside me. Trust me I will not harm you in fact I need your help to get myself justice. this is truth my death was not an accident. I got shoved from that cliff. I never did anything wrong to anyone, I got all I wanted. I was so happy with vikran and sanju. I don’t know when this happened and I got killed without any reason. Everything ended in a moment. She says roli my death didn’t occur by hitting from your car. I was so happy in my life. Me vikran and sasnju lived in dehli. I started my NGO where we sent poor people to navjevan hospital. Those people nevr came alive from hospital. So I went to figure out the truth. I went there and saw that they took a patient to OT and when he came out he was dead. I planned on taking help from police. On my way back I got hit my roli but I was okay. My car was crashed I cam out and stood under a tree. I saw heard someone coming to me before I could see him, he shoved me off the cliff and I died. I don’t know who he was and why he killed me. My daughter sanju who didn’t even know what mom is had to live without her mom. I will not be in peace until I don’t figure out who my murderer is.

Roli says why did you choose us to get you justice ? Sunnaina says maybe my fate says that you will get me justice. Do you remember when I met you at the cliff. you remember that you tripped over a stone and a cloth flew. My soul don independent and no one can see me except both of you. I met you and told you about th death of sunnaina and you told me about simar’s accident. I realized and we were equally eager to know the reality. our ways became one and then I became your friend. Roli says yeah you gave me your number but I lose it. Sunnaina says and yeah you found it near the pillar. Tis number from which I call you id actually off. Only you can call me, if anyone else calls me then they will hear that this number is off.
I kept showing you the things related to my life. I took you to the house and showed you that diary. I wanted to send you to navjevan hospital. When you went to navjevan hospital I came to know that it belonged to karthik my own brother in law. I was there with you all the time, I knew that your life was in danger there. She tells how she killed that head nurse because she was going to tell everything about you to karthik. She says I know that karthik is behing my death and there is someone else with me and I need your help you find that person.

Precap-Roli says you have faced a lot all these two years and now its over. We vow in front of God that we will help you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. God,this is too much.!A ghost.!!they have no story simply dragging the show on their own whims and fancies

  2. Hahaha……. ghost……. Bas yahi baaki reh gaya tha :D…i wonder how long will they drag this stupid show

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