Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Prem says let me talk to devika. Devika holds simar’s hand. simar says yes prem ji.. devika says that in her voice. Roli says why did you have to go to mathura at this hour. Simar says it was important, don’t worry. Amar says thank God I locked the door from outside. Simar says actually till this process is on going i wont be able to talk to anyone. Roli says come back soon. Simar says yes i will. Simar says take care of everyone. Devika says we have to leave patal lok.Simar hand up. Simar says forguve me roli. Simar comes out and sees them going towards the house. Prem stops. Simar says your love is my strength. and because of that I have won all the wars. I need your love and support for this. She touches his feet. Roli says what happened? Prem says I feel like Simar

is here around me. Like she.. nothing. Lets go.

Amar comes in and says Prem and roli are gone. Where is simar? devika says she went out. You have to take care of her idol. Simar comes in. Devika says simar we should leave for patal lok now. Amar says take care. devika says you too and of this idol too.
Simar and devika enter a rocky place. They are walking on a bridge over a ditch. Devika says this is patal lok’s gate. Gaitri cant feel your presence. But it is difficult to enter from this gate because you belong to earth. SImar says you are seeing a lot of yellow and black stones. You have to step on yellow ones. If you step on black something will come out of it and will swallow you in. You have to go alone. I have to meet gaitri. You have shiver we will lose against gaitri. Devika says you must be thinking why this? Devika says because you are not a soul of patal lok.

Devika comes to gaitri. Gaitri says how dare you come without simar? I told you to come with her but you didn’t listen. Now see what I will do. Devika says i tried but I am not powerful like you. All of them had that thread. and prem was with simar all the time. patali says enough. You have ruined my plan. I did so much to beat that simar down. I can’t believe Simar is a normal human how can she do this. Devika says its not her power. Its God’s.

Sid calls the cab driver and says simar booked a cab last night? He says my travel agency has been closed for long. Prem says this means devika and simar are not gone to mathrua. Then why they lied?
Devika says I surrender myself to you. I am your slave. Please don’t do anything to my people. Patali says finally you accpeted your defeat. Now tell me the secret only you know, that will make me stronger than mata rani and can bring simar here. You have to tell me. She says you have to go to patal lok’s havan and do something there. Patali laughs.

Simar steps on the stonee. She is about to fall.
Prem tries calling. He says devika and simar are not picking up. roli says simar said that they can’t talk on call. mata ji says how we know that they have reached mathura on time? When this travel agent says simar never booked a taxi. then where have they gone? and now?

Patali says no one can be save from me. simar your end is near. she laugsh. Devika says in heart time will tell whose end is near.

Precap-Simar steps on black stone. He foot gets sticked by a yellow material. she screams devika save me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    What an epi I think this epi is full of graphics??but I think they have put costly set for this

  2. simar-devika’s distructive plan to end patali devi on ssk..
    simar will transform into a statue. she will enter patal lok and will declare herself as the new queen by donning patali devi’s look.!!
    with patalidevi taking simar to patal lok on color’s ssk, the show will now introduce a mega showdown in the upcoming episodes.
    while simar will soon go to rescue the people of patal lok from patali devi’s terror, devika will warn her about patali powers and will advise her to perform a prayer which will give her powers through which, only her soul will enter the hell and not her body!
    our source informs, “on following the same , simar will transform into a statue. she will enter patal lok and will declare herself as the new queen by dooning patali devi’s look. this track will produce to show casing some intense VFX between simar and patali devi in patal lok..
    keep reading for more updates..

  3. guys please tel me i saw one article avika gor aka roli to be replaced on show??? is it correct news ah??? is avika quitting ssk ? or any new actors replaced her character? or its rumour… please tel me is she leaving the show..

  4. guys is it true dat rupal tyagi is replacing avika. plz tell me i dnt want her .i want avika aka roli in action

  5. As per news, Avika Gor to be replaced by Roopal Tyagi as Avika is busy in her south movies shoots and hardly available in ssk set…Will miss Avika.
    Simar will help devika to get her powers. Devika too help simar in fighting with patali.


    Avika gor to be replaced by “Roopal Tyagi”

    but not sure how much is this correct 🙁

  7. Ya sandya even i heard avika is gng to be replaced…..i hope it should NOT be true..,,,,, then i wont watch tis show…..

  8. no sandhya avika is not quitting ssk it is conformed by her but she said “no guys i did not left ssk yet” means she may leave any time i think sooo ….. for now she did not quit ssk….. we cant see rolis character played by other person so lets hope she should be in ssk till end

  9. Someone plz tell me written update of ssk on 24th Jan 2016 mahaepisode..
    me kabse dhundh rai hu mil nai ra h..
    Or kuch samjh b nai ara h uske bina..
    plz help me

  10. ya akshu me too if avika quit i also dnt watch tis serial…no one can replace roli’s character than avika…she is the best..pls avika dnt quit..

  11. Tollay sitall condam sireal plz stop dis bullshit sasural simar ka i dont like it any more i hate dis

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