Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2013 Written Update

Khushi saying to the family dont be smart with me or i will throw everyone out. Simar is saying this khushi is getting mad. where is roli? I wonder whether she saw the papers or not. and masi is saying dont worry veeru will sort khushi out. khushi is continuing saying that i m the owner of this house and whoever i want can stay here and who i want will be thrown out. mataji and all sad. and khushi says u all are my servants and ur whole life u will be my servants. prem shouts KHUSHI!!! and mataji says prem control urself…as if u throw a stone in the dirt, you will also get dirty. and khushi laughs. Veeru comes down the stairs..and khushi blows a kiss to him and says aarreee veeru what timing you have!! look this family is looking staring at angrily. they want to do a lot of things but cant…and laughs and roli and veeru not smiling at all. roli is standing beside veeru. khushi says it is impossible to make me unhappy. u know veeru..i m very happy today. this festival i celebrated a lot. and veeru says u r right billo and today’s day is very special to me as well. you signed the papers. and khushi says now u r not angry at me right. Veeru says no no i m not angry but i m thinking of doubling ur happiness. i want to show u something. today is the day of our happiness…so why not include the family in our happiness too. and khushi is not happy and the family is shocked. and khushi says WHAT!?? what are u trying to say. tell me. and veeru says meaning today is very big day for me so i want to tell all something. and khushi says r u drunk…u want to include the family in ur happiness. they will never be happy on ur success. Veeru says wrong…VERY wrong. and veeru says all these ppl will be family on my success today and celebrate too. and khushi is confused. and khushi says now i understand…u all got to veeru cause u couldnt get to me. u have fueled me against me. and veeru shouts … CHUP!!! and roli is smiling. and all confused. Veeru says u think i m a child that someone is swaying me. no one is at fault here…u r at fault billo. all the kids from neighbourhood come there too. veeru says u never thought of me as urs. U just used me and now ENOUGH!!! i now know all about u. u dont care about anyone…and u think only of urself. and khushi says FINE!! now i m not urs and these family is urs…so go and stay with them. 2 days u stay without money and u will know. and veeru says this attitude go and show it to someone else. after going out of this house. and khushi is shocked. and roli masi and simar smiling. khuhsi is saying is ur mind in the right place. u r going to throw me out of the house. THIS IS MY HOUSE!!! I m the owner…and veeru says YES!!!! but now NO!!!!! khushi says what are u trying to say…veeru says meaning…from today this house, this land, ur whole property everything is MINE!!!!!

KHUHSI IS SHOCKED!!! and veeru laughs. and he says and you signed the papers. khuhsi says veeru i know u r kidding. i know u cant do that. i know. and khuhsi looks at the kids and says i know the kids are making noise to u r annoyed. and khushi sends the kids away. and says see veeru the kids are gone now…and now its peace. u feel good right/. khuhsi says veeru go and rest in ur room and u will be in good mood. and veeru says billo nor my mood id bad nor am i joking…so stop ur drama and leave from here.

Khushi shocked!! and shouts at veeru…i have heard enuff. i just named one shop in ur name and u think u r the owner of everything. u should be grateful to me. this is all my fault. i should have never names khuhsi sweets in ur name. u r not worthy. and veeru laughs. veeru says u r not believeing me…let me show u the proof…look at the papers…u have named all ur property in my name. khushi sees the papers and is SHOCKED!!

veeru says what happened billo..!!! u cant believe i did that. u should have read before signing papers…why didnt u read it. never mind…this veeru of urs i will read it.. and all family is smiling. and veeru read the papers and khushi shocked and veeru is smiling. and veeru says what billo it is written so clearly..u should have read. khushi says nor am i going to read these papers…nor anybody else will be able to read it. i iwll tear it. veeru says fine tear it…i have many more copies. and khushi dropped the papers in shock. and then veeru picks up the papers and says see this. n khushi trys to grab them again but veeru doesnt let her. and khushi says u didnt do the right think…i will do police complaint. and they will hit u. and veeru says u r strong billo…now u have nothing. go to the police…go go. but why would police believe u. u signed these papers urself. and khushi says u betrayed me. but i have witnessess they all show that u stopped me and signed the papers. family is smiling. and khushi says no…this family knows that this is my house. i m the owner. i wont go from here. and veeru stops her from going upstairs. and khushi says move out of my way…and masi says CHUP… lot of talk. and what did u say…u r going to throw us out of here…now i i will tell u how to throw a 2 cents dancer out of the house. and veeru smilies and masi says and ppl know that whatever billo does its loud so ppl can see. dont worry we will throw u out ludly so the whole world can see…and mataji stops masi and masi says no she is right. karuna supports masi. khushi looks at veeru. uma and pari also joins in the taunting. but mataji stops them again. Veeru says mataji…this is time for act. move fwd and throw her out. and mataji is shocked!!!

pre-cap – khushi picks up anjali and says u want to throw me out of the house but this little one will also go with me. now the decision is in ur hands simar…what do u want to do!! and all looking.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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