Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says guru maa said those souls will freeze. I have only 15 minutes. I will find them somehow.
Matli says this is something that is stopping my. My mantra can’t break it either. Simar starts walking. She hears voices from chatu’s room. Simar says is there someone is Chantu’s room? Simar sees roli, her hand is bleeding. Simar says what happened? Roli says I was calling sid, there was a broken vase there. Simar says you are so careless. Simar says come I will dress it. Simar dresses her hand. Simar says only 4 minutes are left. She goes to check rooms. She says they will be released after 4 minutes.
Chantu asks the other two souls to disappear. Simar is coming near her room. she sees chantu. Chantu is standing at her position. Simar says aunty what

happened? She says nothing. My knee is hurt. Simar says let me massage it. She says no. Women don’t touch foot in our family. Simar says you should rest on the bed. Mata ji comes and says simar.. how you dare forgetting your work. Simar says actually I was walking from here. I saw lights open. Mata ji says don’t make excuses. Do your work or I will double it. Simar says aunty should I bring water? Give me the jug. Its 12 she can walk. She gives the jug to simar. simar says in heart my doubt was wrong.
Chantu says who did this to me?

Everyone is working in kitchen. Simar says what should I do now? I should keep an eye on mata ji. I will follow her if she goes out. Khushi says we have cleaned the rice. Karuna says why are you talking here? If mata ji sees her she wont leave us. Simar says look at them. You should all go and sleep. Pari says if mata ji gets to know she will punish us twice. Simar says I will do rest of the work.
At night, Mata ji is digging. Simar opens the gate outside and starts walking. She says why does mata ji go to devika’s house? Roli was right. Someone is walking behind simar with a dagger. The dagger stabs simar and she falls down.
Mata ji continues digging. The dagger comes near her. Its chantu.
She drips blood from the dagger in the grave mata ji is digging. she says keep digging. The white lady says two more people’s blood is needed. One will be of little bride.

Next morning, Simar is in hall. She says how are you all here? Roli says I was out last night, someone stabbed me. Everyone is dazed. Karuna says what are you saying. Jhanvi checks her and says there is nothing. You are alright. Mata ji comes in and says if there is no scar should I make one? She comes with a belt. Mata ji says you broke my rules, you didn’t do your work and didn’t let others do. You will be punished for it. This is first mistake so ten belts. Everyone is shocked.
Rajhinder says what are you saying? We have never even slapped our children. Mata ji says shut up. Prem says you can’t do this. you can ask her to do more work but not this. Mata ji says okay this is what you want. I will hit my self ten time. Simr says no mata ji. You can’t hurt yourself for me. I have made the mistake, I broke your rules you can punish. Roli says what punish? what rules? Simar says you wont talk in between roli? She says all of you go back. Prem says no simar I wont go. Simar says you have to. Mata ji straps one belt on simar. She hits her 10 times. Everyone is in tears.

Precap- Sanju says to chantu show me some magic. Chantu says later on. Sanju says anjali would you like to see magic? Anjali says yes. She throws a ball at chantu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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