Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says simar welcome back to bharadwaj house. we missed you a lot specially roli. simar says in heart sid is behaving like nothing happened. I think she has hypnotized him and cleared his memory. what about roli? where is she?

Calendar and amar come home. calendar says how she came to home? Amar says she is way more dangerous and clever than we think. she wont harm sid but i am worried for roli. till we have this trunk we are all safe. Jatin opens his eyes a little and sees the trunk.

Sujata says why are you worried simar? Simar says i am worried for mata ji? how is she? sujat says you are back she will be fine soon. She says prem take her to mata ji’s room. Anjali and sanju come to meet her. Simar hugs them both. sushma comes, fake roli says mama don’t

worry didi is back, papa will be back as well. Sujata says don’t worry sushma we will find jatin, simar leaves.

prem and simar come to mata ji. Simar is upset to see her. simar says forgive me mata ji i am responsible for your condition. Mata ji tries to say something but she can’t. simar says what should i do. she is so dangerous. she fails me in everything. mata ji says mantra. simar repeats it as well. simar says i wont let her play with my family any more.

Jatin tries to release himself. He gets successful. He takes the trunk and clambers out of window.

prem says i don;t know how she came here. simar says prem i am worried for roli. fake roli says how the game changed. after you left sid and roli were so much in to each other that they forgot i was there. Fake roli took the gun from sid and pointed it at roli. sid said leave her. roli said i am not scared of her. and they she hypnotized sid.

fake roli says now if you want your roli back give me my trunk back, she leaves. sujata asks simar how are you now? simar says i am well. Sujata says mata ji’s friend ninti has invited us to their holi party. sid, roli, prem and you should go. Roli says wow it will be so much fun. Sujata says you four should go. fake roli says yes its such a good idea. sjata says i want you all to stay happy.

Calendar wakes up and sees verma is not there and so isn’t the trunk. He calls amar. Amar is shcoked. He says i roped him well. amar says i should call simar. Calendar says she will get worried we should go and find verma. amar says yeah lets go.

simar is praying, she hears some noise from the red door doom, she looks in from the key hole. she says i have to go in. its locked, what should i do. it wont break, roli is in there. without proof i can’t tell family. fake roli is coming in that direction simar hides. simar says in heart i will get that key somehow. i have to tell prem. simar goes to prem and says there.. prem says what is it? fake roli comes in. fake roli says you here didi? simar says don’t call me didi. We all know your reality. Fake roli says i consider you my didi with my heart at least till when you have my trunk. your sister roli is in my detention. simar says in heart i will get the key in the holi party.

Precap-Simar, prem, sid and fake roli are in holi party. Anushka asks simar why are you worried? simar says you know who she is? anushka says she is your sister. simar says she is not my sister. i have to get those keys to save my sister. ankusha says i will get you thse keys.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. todays update is tooo late n slow… annoying..

  2. Whats wrong.its too annoying.can’t you update it fast.idiot

  3. key points

    sharma left with sandook.. roli is locked in lal darwaja room.. fake roli erased sid memory wat he listened about her in temple…


    simar requests sastri sister to get key of lal darwaja from fake roli and she promises to gt bak the key

    1. They were going to do that didn’t now that

  4. Gosh that doesn’t sound good at all >.<

  5. really not see..tmrw..episode..meaning, common ssk.

  6. heard tat frm cousin want to read in detail… pls update fast

  7. usernamenotvalid

    pls make it a bit faster and i think they are stretching the show tooooooo much

  8. When will this snake go back

  9. Oh kya bakwaas hai yaar..askung shastri sissies to get. Key…oh bull shit track…no sense at all…wat tgis writer actually planning:?

  10. Thanks shab for details

  11. I want avika to cum back and i want sid to get his memory back. I DONT LIKE THIS NAAGIN IN THIS SERIAl WAS BETTER IN RAM MILAYE JODI

  12. Good precap

  13. Dragggiiiinnnggggg

  14. thanq neha ji

  15. Truly a bakwass story!!!!

  16. The precap is the same as shastri sisters

  17. I just don’t know why they r dragging so much just end this track as soon as possible please it’s a request

  18. Does any one agree with me its getting really boring day by day it’s been to long they have been on same track please change the track and show something interesting and don’t drag it too much please

  19. truley very boaring…

  20. Really, really boring! Nagin needs to exit and the story needs to move on!

  21. mujhe ye samaj me nahi aa rah hai ki kyo ssk avika ko sideline karke sara ko main cost diya gaya… jab surbi aaye tho isa nahi kiya tho ab kyo kar rahe hi cvs aisa … .. cvs dont side lined avika…. she is main cost and not sara…

  22. I don’t want to see sara anymore as roli

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