Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house and naina’s house
Sid is shocked when he knows that naina has answered roli’s call from the other end. Naina asks to talk to sid, but roli says that he’s busy but if there’s anything important then she can take the message, or else she can talk tomorrow when sid calls her up. Naina asks who is she, and roli excitedly answers that she’s his wife, roli speaking. Naina is devastated thinking of the night that they spent together. Naina somehow composes herself and says that there was some important work in the office. Roli says that right now he;s busy with his wife, and would take care of the office work in the morning only now. Saying so, roli cancels the phone.

Naina still clutching the phone, thinks of what roli

said and that how could sid be with his wife when he tortured her so much. She is very tensed at his behaviour.

Khushi is frustrated in the kitchen being hungry and irritated at the family’s behaviuour at the same time. But to her surprise she finds all the vessels i8n the kitchen empty and nothing to eat. she finally looks up in the fridge with the hope of finding food, but finds that its locked. She curses them and searches around. pari and uma watch from a distance. Khushi thinks of getting the keys for almirahs, and pari taunts that she has the key, as they have to protect the ration from rodents. They both tell her that she would have to fend for herself and make food with the ration that she gets on her own, and make on the gas, in the dormitory which is her room now. as they leave, khushi is very frustrated.

Prem joins simar in the bedroom and finds her smiling. He asks about it. Simar replies saying that she’s thinking whether everyuthing would be alright between sid and roli. prem assures her that now everything would be okay between them as they have been together after such a long time, and would definitely be very happy now. Prem suggests that even they had lost out on love in life, and tries to get intimate with her, but just then anjali starts crying and they both get busy into cajoling her. Prem says that sid and roli are lucky that they have noone to disturb them. He adds that they too are lucky for having anjali as their daughter. Simar hopes and says that she prays that roli and sid get all the happiness in the world.

As roli gives the phone back saying that now noone would disturb them. As she hugs him from behind, sid is filled with self remorse at the fact that he didnt even bother to clarify with naina after his disgusting mistake, and hasnt even told roli the truth. He wonders what naina must be going through, now that he’s even begun to avoid talking to naina. He relieves himself from her grip. Sid says with a tensed and frustrated look, that the call was from the office and that being urgent, he would have to go. When roli asks why, he asks her not to interfere in his work, but then sweetly adds please. As he goes from there, roli, having stretched her hands is surprised at finding him leave in haste. Roli thinks that sid has still not been able to forgive her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Bharadwaj house.
Roli thinks that what happened is not easy for sid to forgive and forget, but still wishes that he would.

Naina reminisces in her house of her interaction with sid and has tears in her eyes.

On the road, Sid is very tensed about his current dilemma and the strange situation, he has been placed into.

Scene 3:
Location: Bharadwaj house
When roli wakes up the next morningg, she i surprised to find sid not having returned back to the house. She tries his no, but it shows switched off. She is very tensed. She goes to freshen up.

Meanwhile khushi is very irritated at the mosquito bites and other problems, that are very different from what she had grown to be habituated. She is determined that she would have to do somthing to snatch her old days of glory back from the family. She finds an unpleasant odour coming from the balcony of her room and sees that someone has kept the waste basket out of her room. Pari and uma are happy seeing hr disgust. They begin to taunt khushi about the same.

As roli comes out of the bathroom, the door bell rings. Roli puts down the mobile, thinking that it must be sid. She excitedly goes on to open the main door. She is surprised when she finds naina on the other end, who is determined that she wont leave without talking to sid today. The screen freezes on roli’s surprised face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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