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Sasural Simar Ka 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj prepares breakfast, someone throws her statue inside house. Women come in her house protesting against saroj. They say you tried to kill our daughter in law. You treat your daughter in law ill. Saroj says who told you? Anjali says I did. A woman says you do this to her? Vikram says this is our family issue. Vikram says this is our family problem. Anjali says I can’t live here scared all the time. I don’t wanna live with this woman for a moment more. A woman says we have even informed police. Vikram says I can’t believe anjali you are doing this. Ask them to leave. Anjali says this is about my safety and our relationship. We can’t live together if she is here. Vikram says I stood by you because you were right. You are wrong today. Sanjev says this is

problem of the family Anjali. Anjali it is about my safety and self respect now. Tao ji says ask them to leave. Anjali says no Vikram you won’t ask them to leave. Vikram says so you won’t listen this way?
Vikram calls Simar. Vikram tells her everything. Vikram says please come here as soon as possible. Anjali why are you involving my family? Vikram says you can’t understand what I am saying. They might knock some sense into you. Police comes in and they say we have an arrest warrent. Vikram says no.. He says this is matter of domestic violence. We have to arrest her. Tao ji says you can’t. inspector says this is a crime. We know that she used black magic as well. Prem and Simar arrive. Simar says you don’t know what happened with me. Prem says before calling police you could have called us. Simar says you can solve it inside the house. What’s the point of all this fuss. Ask them to leave right now. Anjali says you are taking their side? prem says shut up. Ask them leave. Anjali says I can’t. It is about my life.
Vikram tell them that she tried to kill me. Saroj says no.. Khushi says you better stay quite. You have no right to speak in mid. Don’t you feel ashamed. I knew she would do something like this. Why can’t you all see? This woman wants to part anjali and vikram.
Khushu says anjali did right. She fears this woman. Vikram says this woman is my tai ji. Her name is saroj. You better speak with her with respect. Inspector says we have to arrest her. Saroj says I didn’t do anything. I don’t wanna go to jail. Please save me. Prem says you can’t arrest her. Inspector say let us do our work. Or we will arrest you too. Simar says we can’t stop him. They have warrants. And then maybe Anjali is right. They arrest saroj.
Anjali says Vikram calm down. Vikram says this is not right. This should have been solved in the house. I won’t pardon this. Prem says I can’t believe you can do this. Come with me. Anjali says this is my house I will stay here. Why should I come with you? Amjali says Vikram… Vikram says your dad is right. For now, you should go from here. Anjali says you are saying that? You can’t separate me from you? You are joking right? Vikram takes her to temple. Vikram says leave this house. Please just go. Anjali says but why? Vikram says just go. Prem says come with me. They take anjali. Anjali says Vikram please stop me.

Scene 2
Anjali is breaking stuff. Prem says are you mad? Anjali says yes I am mad. Why don’t you let me live with peace? This woman doesn’t want my happiness. Prem says shut up. We told you to send police back. Rajhinder says do you even know what you did? KB says wait a minute. She didn’t do anything wrong. you always say she is wrong. She did right. Mataji says shut up Khushi. What is wrong is wrong. Simar says we shouldn’t drag the matter. Anjali go to your room and rest. KB says lets go.
Rajhinder says how can you ignore it simar? Simar says we have to know the complete truth. We have to be careful with her. She might tell us the truth. Prem says I don’t think she will tell anything. Simar says she will.

Precap-Vikram sees Anjali’s ad. Vikram comes to bharadwj house and says if you love me say truth. Anjali says I.. He says speak truth. Anjali says yes I did all that. Prem slaps Anjali hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mona146

    There were two sisters before leap isnt it. Sanjana and anjali two kids? where is sanjana? And piyush is supposed to be kaal isnt it.

  2. Yes @ Mona146
    Wasnt anjali supposed to be KB’s daughter? Adopted by Simar cos KB was thrown out of hse or something?
    Pribably writers have forgotten cos they have made it too complex.

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