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Sasural Simar Ka 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says to Simar that i know you need me but i will comeback quickly, you remember i made you wear this dupatta on marriage day, you were looking so pretty in it, Gayetri thinks that i am trying break her from her marriage and he is making her remember things again, Prem starts to leave but Simar makes dupatta fall on Diya, dupatta burns, Prem comes back and blows off fire from it but it is burnt mostly, Good Simar says last hope is burned down too, Mata ji says her marriage dupatta is burned too, Gayetri says thats why i told you all to not bring many thing that relates to her marriage, Roli takes dupatta from Prem and ask him to bring gold coin, Prem thanks Gayetri for helping siamr so much, he leaves house, Simar and Gayetri smirks. Gayetri’s ladies come there, Gayetri

says they are from my ashram, they will help us in Shudhi karn, Mata ji welcomes them. Gayetri starts pooja, she says first we will apply haldi to Simar then we will give bath to her with milk then Simar will become pure from body and heart, she ask to bring milk, Roli brings it, Gayetri says i will says mantras then i will mix haldi in milk, she thinks to mix her yellow powder in haldi, she says to Mata ji that mohrat is till 1pm, Simar ask Mata ji to call Prem and ask him where he is? Gayetri puts hand in milk and it turns yellow, Mata ji comes back and says i called Prem, he is on his way, i tried to call Devika but she didnt pick up, i wanted her to come to as she takes Simar as her elder sister but i think she is not at home, Simar says that Devika destroyed my Devi maa’s idol, now she will not be allowed in this house.
Devika and Khushi are in room, they see yellow milk on door and cant go out, Khushi says who will stop Patali devi now?
Gayetri thinks that no one will be able to stop me now, Simar has two powers, one is her Mata rani and other is her husband Prem, Mata rani will not fight with me and Prem is in this world for less time only. Pooja starts, Gayetri ask her ladies to start pooja, she stands up and comes to simar, she puts Haldi on simar’s forehead, she thinks that its not Haldi but Prem’s blood on Simar, she starts pouring milk on Simar.
Devika’s brings flower of Mata Rani’s mandir, she prays and throws that flower on that yellow milk, milk is gone, Khushi says now we can go out, yellow milk comes back in room again and is more in quantity, Devika says i dont think we can cut Patali’s trap and go out within time.

Scene 2
Gayetri is pouring milk on simar while other ladies are doing tandav. Prem is walking on road towards his car but some car comes from behind and is about to hit him but Prem moves away in time.
Gayetri is trying to wipe Simar’s sindoor with milk, Gayetri thinks that till Mata rani’s idol is infront of her, her sindoor will not wash away fully, she stops everyone and says we have to change place of Simar, she makes Simar sit opposite to Mata rani so she can do her work, she starts pooja again, milk is poured on Simar’s head.
Prem thinks that till simar has sindoor in her forehead of my name, nothing can happen to me.
Mata ji prays for Simar. otherside Khushi and Devika brings bucket in room, they start reciting holy verses.
Simar’s sindoor is washed off, Gayetri says we will continue Pooja after Prem returns, she ask simar to go and change clothes, she thinks that sindoor who used to protect Prem is removed and now Prem will be finished.
Prem returns to house, he comes out of car, a wire from electricity pole is over his head and is sparking. Simar gets ready in black saree, she is about to apply sindoor again, Gayetri thinks that if Siamr applies sindoor again then my plan will fail. Devika and khushi are praying, yellow milk is gone from there, she come out of house and sees live wire is about to fall on Prem, Khushi shouts Prem, Simar gets worried about Prem.

PRECAP- Devika says to Khushi that Sindoor was stopping simar to go towards bad things but now Simar is totally impure. Patali devi says that simar is totally in her control now, her mind, her body and even her soul is under her now, she laughs evilly.s

Update Credit to: Atiba

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