Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maani says you don’t have time simar. Hurry up and decide. Simar looks at sujata. Sujata says I don’t have courage to decide something like this.I will support you in whatever you decide. Simar says please mata rani. She says in heart anjali your mama will save you somehow. Simar saves prerna. Maani blows anajali’s candle. She says now see.
Prerna hits sid and he faints. Maani says you saved prerna but who will save your daughter now?
Now see her being sold out. They will take your daughter with them.

Simar says I beg you mata rani save my daughter. SImr gets a call. Its prerna. Simar is shocked. She says I am calling from sid’s phone. All that happened here was a drama. So I could be part of story. I couldn’t tell you. Simar says we

saw sid attacked you.
Sujata says maani couldn’t do magic on prerna. Simar says we all touched her but prerna didn’t.
Sujata says try to remember that address where sattu and shalu are.
Simar tells them what she recalls. She leaves and sujata leave to find anjali.

Prerna looks for a bill to find address of the house.Mataji and family come in. Prerna throws the phone. Prerna says i was cleaning the table.
Prerna takes out the phone, sid is coming so she hides. Sid says to I will get more chances like that. Mata ji says what are you saying sid? Sid says I can’t find my phone.K karuna says prerna come here. Maybe she stole it. We should check her stuff.

Simar sujata and jhanvi are looking. Simar says it was the same area. We have to find it. Sujata says we will call each other. They look in different directions. Prerna says I didn’t steal it. Karuna says bring it. Amar says let me dial his number. The phone rings from beneath the sofa.
Simar sees the watchman. She says I saw him. uma is showing anjali to some men.She says we have more customers.
Simar asks the watch about sattu and shalu. The woman with dealers nods. They give them money and say gives us the girl. SImar knocks on their door. Pari says who are you? Simar says listen to me once. Sujata’s granddad died and he gave all of his property to sujatta’s grand daughter. They are in a shock. Simar says where is that girl? You will have to come with me and that girl too. They ask the dealers to go.
Simar stops the woman with them and says tell your maani I will save my whole family like anjali. Sattu comes with anajali. Simar hugs him.

Precap-Prem is getting married. Simar says prem ji please stop. He fills chanda’s hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh god Simar can save all the family BT not Prem….y???

    1. It’s just 2 convert sasural Chandramani ka in sasural Simar ka again!!!
      Sooo Prem has been booked again….

  2. Hi Atipa,
    Sometimes you misuse pronoun
    which makes me confused.
    (I don’t know Hindi)

    please rectify this errors….

    Hope you would consider my request..

    thank you

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