Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says before someone sees me i have to go from here. she goes out, pari sees her and says she is conscious now? roli goes in the room and says pari bhabhi is comign here. she will see me do something. She is about to jump from window, pari comes in and says roli stop.

Rajveer says have water maya you must be tired after rummaging. He says i am sad you couldn’t find it you know why because you deceived me, he throttles her and says how you feel in the air? you can win from me. he shoves her down. pari says simar you were talking to roli outside and mata ji you are involved in this game. i am going to tell prem all the truth. mata ji says please stop pari, pari says no i can’t stop today. she goes out. simar says what will we do now.

Rajveer says how could you forget that you can’t do anything to me till i have this maani, i gave you life when roli killed you. He says no one ca kill me. No snake, no venom. No animal no man. He laughs. Its somwhere you can never reach. He takes off his shirt the maani is in his chest. He says next time you do something like this i will kill sid. Nothing would bring him back. Maya sits there in tears.

sid gives sujata soup. mausi ji says i told you sid wont go anywhere. sujata says i am your mom i can always recognize you. rajhinder says even i couldn’t but sujata did. Pari comes in and says i saw roli, in that room. they all come downstairs, simar is busy with dining table, calendar and amar are talking and mata ji is in temple like everthing is okay. pari says amar where is roli? mata ji says you founf her? amar says you found her we will go and bring her here. pari says now you play this game with me? I saw roli myself. pari says they are playing a game, where have you concealed her? Simar syas how can we conceal her when we even have not found her and why would we conceal her. pari says they are all lying and you know mata ji. rajhinder says pari don’t say a word to mata ji.

Girjesh calls rajver and tells about roli thing. rajveer says if she is alive she can ruin my game, why would pari say that she saw roli.

Precap-sid takes out fainting medicine and his dagger. He comes to prem standing in balcony and shoves him,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today I’m first …..y no one comment today

  2. Hey, stupid pari. Couldn’t she keep quiet and let others do things smoothly? She never understands things. And when will it be revealed that rajveer is none other than mausiji’s son? When? I just hope prem is saved.

    1. Ya ur rite …they wnt hv guts to do anything …but tospoil simar they ll cm & confuse

    2. No.. No… Rajveer is not mausiji’s son… He might b d son of that old lady who was MP n wanted to buy bharadwaj house later roli n simar defeated her…… She might b that lady….!!!!!!

      1. bt it was in wilipidea sat rv.singh z mousi’s son ..nt JWALA DEVI’s….

  3. its waste 2 comment

  4. Yes. These days there are very few comments. No one can really think of something to comment on this stupid rajveer segment. Too much of supernatural stuff. This soap opera should have been natural.

  5. Well with dta much complaint wat do u accept thy r trying they best and they can’t jus Hav good storyline it mughaswell jus finished thn not my saying bit dat is how everyone is reacting is u dotn like it jus dotn watch it and no need to keep sayin I’m going by pathetic

  6. This serial becsme so boring that people stopped commenting also.
    Rajveer storyis really boring….

  7. How can the director make all the episode awsome.these episodes are curious.m just waiting for what will happen guys be patients and be thankful for what u get.even director is a human.he does his best to make series best.

  8. Hellow nivema

  9. how stupid pari she is thinking that she is intelligent but she is an idiot

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