Sasural Simar Ka 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says before saying something next time beware what you are saying. KB says what did he say wrong? He spoke ill of Anjali to saroj. You didn’t think about anjali. Simr says I thought about anjali and that is why I did this. I didn’t do what is bad for her. I told them how anjali is, so she doesn’t have any problem and neither do they. Prem says what was the need? I set up everything.. Simar says anjali is our daughter not your business that you set up. She is stubborn but ours, we can’t get rid of her. Marriage is a responsibility with trust love. Do you think she can fulfill those promises? Anjali says who are you to worry about that? I said yes then whats your problem? simr says see the girl who talks to her parents this way would respect her in laws?

Anjali says you respect those who have dignity. Simar still you think they shouldn’t know how she is. She would come back in two days from there. Prem says enough. If anjali’s wedding halts you will be responsible for it. Then you don’t know what will I do after that.

Piyush gives Roshni water. She says thank and sorry I called you. He says forget that kidnapping incident it had nothing to do with us. Roshni says I thought you wouldn’t come after what happened. but you did thank you. Piyush says promise me you won’t be derpressed. Rita comes in and says who is depressed. She has been behaving weird and crying all night. What did you do? Roshni says its not his mistake. I told you a girl got kidnapped I was scared. Rita says stop fooling your mom. Sumit says when she is saying nothing happened then why are you saying all this. Sumit says don’t say anything about Piyush. He is my man and I know he can never hurt Roshni. Sumit says Piyush I want to talk to you.

simar says to Mataji I am worried for anjali. KB has controlled her totally. I told saroj everything. Matjai says you did right. Simar says only your understand no one else is. Mataji says God is with you. Mataji says I wanted to say something. I prayed that if you come back I will take you temple of mountains for pooja. do you remember those mantras? Simar says I will. Mataji says after pooja everything will be okay.

Piyush says to sumit there is no such thing. Sumit says I understand you as much as I understand rohan and roshni. Her face shows she is upset. there is something wrong with her. You can share everything. Piyush tells him that she said I love you. He says I never thought because of me Roshni would have tears in her eyes. I am sorry. Sumit says its not your mistake. Don’t worry I will talk to Roshni. Sumit hugs him.

Scene 2
At night, Anjali sees Vikram’s photo. She says simar ruined everything. KB says I won’t leave her if she does anything this time and you know prem’s anger.

Simar and Jhanvi leave for the temple. That girl is kidnapped in a warehouse. She screams for help. Vikram and his friends come there. Vikram claps and says He says try till you succeed. The girl says i don’t even know you. Please leave me i won’t tell anyone. Vikram says why would we kidnap wrong girl. She says please let me go.
He says we have no interest in you. She says then why you brought me here? I wont tell anyone. Vikram says will you just shut up. You and that girl.. you talk so much. I hate qustions. They take her out of there.
Simar is on her way to the temple. Vikram is with his friends and the kidnapped girl in the car. They drive past simar’s car. Simar says he is driving so rash. The girl is crying. VIkram’s friend says she is annoying so much. Vikram says throw her out of the car. They throw the girl out of her car. She sits on the road.
Simar comes to temple and prays for Anjali. Simar says I have seen ups and downs I almost gave up but you always helped me. Your blessings are my everything. I know you will make everything all right. Please help me bring my daughter on right path. That bride comes there. She says why is this happening with me.. What have I done to anyone. The biggest day of my life became horror for me. She faints. Simar holds her.

Precap-The bride’s family says take you stuff and go from here. Simar says what did she do? It happened to her. Simar takes that girl with her.
Agarwal calls Prem and says yes. Prem tells everyone they have said yes for anjali. Simar comes in with that girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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