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Sasural Simar Ka 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes home and sees everyone statued. Simar says to indra you did all this? And where is prem? Indra says he is fine don’t worry about him. You were playing games with me. So you have to pay for this. Who deceives me has to pay. simar says its not like that. Indra says why are you staying so much out of house these days. My eyes can see anything. Simar says you are doubting me? I can do anything to win your trust.
Simar takes a dagger and says I will cut my wrist and then my blood will prove my loyalty. She is about to cut it. Indra says wait, I give you one last warning, if anyone does anything i wont forgive anyone. Simar says nothing will happen. Indra releases them all. Indra says go to your rooms. I am going to market so I can prepare for dinner. Indra leaves.

Simar says let me go and check if prem is okay.

Indra is in market. Amar is following her. Simar comes in the room. Prem says thank God you are here. Indra was after you. I had to stop her so I cut it. SImar says it must be hurting. He says I am fine. Simar says and that thread? He says here is it. Simar tells him everything. He says we have found a clue. SImar says but she doesn’t even want to trust all this. Prem says lets bring her here, if indra is scared that means she can help us. Prem says we have to take this risk.
Simar calls amar and asks where is indra? He says I am following her. Simar leaves prem’s room. Prem stares like thakur after she leaves. Indra is standing next to him. He says Indra now I know that simar is just pretending. She is only pretending to unite us. He tells her everything. He says they want to part us. Indra says don’t worry. Last time i was fool enough to trust her but this time I knew it. I figured it.
Indra recalls when she touched prem she got to know that he is back to normal and she saw the thread. Prem tried to get it back but indra stopped him. She says simar deceived me again. I figured. You dont even know how hurt i am. Shet tried to cut down my power with this thread. She did blackmagic on him again and got him under her control. She said now keep this thread with you and will fool simar. This will now protect you from simar’s powers.

Prem sits down. He says Simar told me everything. she went to meet that woman. Its the same woman that scares you. Indra says the woman I am scared of. How did simar reach her. Prem says why are you so worried? Indra says you dont remember anything. I can’t go in front of that woman. Prem says why? What happened? Indra says I just can’t. Please be sure that simar doesn’t figure out that you are not under her control now. She was going to play a game with me. What if that woman reaches me. Indra says stay here i am coming in a while. She leaves.

Amar is on roads looking for indra. He says where did she go? He looks back indra is there buying vegetables. Amar hides. He says thank God. I was scared. He calls simar and tells her indra is here. I will tell you when she leaves for house. He turns back indra is standing there.

Precap-Indra laughs, everyone is scared. The other woman laughs with her as well. Indra says I am not scared of her, because of her I became a witch.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat is tis???wats happening????nw after tis tat dayaan will not bring roli back…..??

  2. Wen they will bring roli back????without roli i don’t like to watch ssk

  3. Boring………

  4. Bakwass hai serial kya yar itni achi chalri thi serial aur aba puri tha rase begada diya uase prem simar ko support kara tha tho kitani achi hai serial lekin aba muhje tho aba hey serial dekana bilakul pasada nayi stupid writters sasural simar ka ko sasural rone ka aur doka bana diya.

  5. Great stupidity Mohini died to Indra came and niw this new daayan ssk writers want to show that this world is full of daayans.THIS is not first time Ekta Kapoor shows r like rhese only viewers start watching it but leave watching without seeing the end dont u rememver kahaani ghar ghar ki whise end i.never saw. Same with saas b kabi bahu thi

  6. I think they are supporting superstitions how can anyone believe dayans exist tht to in 21st century hw stupid of this serial and hw can anyone 100 years past things and tht house is anyone believes is 100 years old house hw stupid they could be yar i think nw they will nt show simar roli action and premar and rosid romance and they noka joke they only show nw about dayans athamas and past life this show name it should nt be sasural simar ka it should be like sasural dayona ka hw many of them agree with me.

  7. Xactly I agree wid u Alisha.. Its boring …. Dragging… No patience to watch.watching such serials is waste of time.. Horrible nowadays

  8. Plz writer give us a good episode

  9. ya alisha i do agree with u stupid serial

  10. I wish tat the trp goes so low .then atleast they will change dis stupid track

  11. Roli will enter this week. But as dayan. Simar will get suport from roli. Then the will end indras chapter. But prem will forget simar as indra have not free him. Another twist. Roli will forget sid asshe is dayan now alot of dramer. Th Bw will enter another game. Roli negetiv prem negetive simar and sid will start look for how to bring rol and prem bak….. writer I hav help u. Guys keep watching ssk.

  12. No yaar i dnt want story to go like tis. i want roli to com out of pot without indravathis knowledge so tat she can stay out and help simar because nw simar cannot go out……

  13. what roli ll come as negative ah…no no it is not acceptable…pls show roli soon as positive…ABG how u got tis news its true ah?

  14. Arey wats gng on..already cid tharika came as daayan know? Then y roli vl b daayan..dnt want roli as daayan

  15. Ssk is the worst serial i evr had seen

  16. This is the worst serial i nvr evr had seen

  17. no roli not negative she only positive and prem and roli r simar and sid ki life.i think roli only known as indra ki death secret so indra ethu varakum roli ya vidala just my guss roli come back soon waiting for ur srrival.

  18. Chill guys was tryn to help the writer nothing like that. vaishnavi cool cool. Was bored the way this series is goin iam sorry. Writer Pls.. is high time our roli come back simar have suferd enough she need her roli to join force against indra. Plssssss give us some smiles.

  19. Guys here is a latest news of sasural simar ka whn rana thakur aka prem tries to kill simar again and throats her neck indravathi stands watching it thn mata ji and another family member try they best to save simar but they failed after tht mata ji runs towards temple and bring ganga jal pure water and sprinkle on prem and he back to normal and he realise wht he did to simar and apologise to her and again indravathi starts laughing and lights off and on and thn she again control prem whn mata ji tries to talk with prem pushes mata ji and sid will come and save mata ji this week mata ji and sid will be back this week.

  20. So chill guys sid will be back this week.

  21. Spoilers of the week. Simar is caught by indravati. Indravati has cast spell on prem. She wants to play hide and seek with simar. Prem and simar try to run away, but the doors get shut. Mata ji gets angry and says she will see the daayans. Prem and simar run to room , while indravathi calls out padmavathi to come out.

  22. plzzzzzz bring roli back

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