Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika says I would need a picture of roli. Simar says i forgot to bring my phone. Let me ask sid. Devika says just tell me how she looks like. I will make it. Simar explains her. DEvika says you got emotional. Everything will be okay. Devika is making the idol. A liquid is slipping in the room. Its 12, simar tells her everything.
The idol is alsmot done. Simar says i know you are tired devika. Let me bring you water.

Babaji asks sid to bring woods and Prem to bring some leaves. Simar gives devika water. Devika is feeling weak. Simar says please open your eyes. Devika tries to complete it. Mataji says to baba start the pooja. Simar must be coming. Baba says this is the only chance to bring roli back in four years. Devika falls asleep and the idol falls from her hands.

It breaks.

its morning. Babaji says where is idol? we dont have much time. Mataji says where is simar? Babaji says I cant wait anymore. Simar comes and says you dont have to wait anymore. She and devika bring in the idol. Sid says thank you so much Devika. Devika says lets start the pooja now. Baba says give it to me. Devika says don’t worry mataji everything will be okay.

Sujata says I hope they bring roli back today. Please complete our family God. Babaji starts the pooja. A fountain errupts itself. The fire blows. Babaji says how did this fire blow. Simar touches it. Simar says this shouldn’t have happened. How can it be incomplete. This was our last hope to bring roli back. What will be we do now. Mataji says you have done so much for her. She says babaji please do something. Babaji says forgive me I did all i could. sid says i beg you please bring her back.
Devika takes locket and read something. She makes idol wear it. Simar says please help us God.
The fire glows again. They all stand up. Suddenly roli comes in front of them. Simar hugs her. Mataji hugs her as well. Mataji says why are you so quite sid? Sid says I am mad at her. She leaves me every now and then. roli says okay don’t talk to me. I will go back. Sid holds her hand. Sid says tell her that if she leaves me now, he takes her. He says i will kill you. Roli hugs him.

Mataji says thank you babaji we will be grateful to your forever. Simar says devika you did so much for her. Babaji says yes you should thank devika because of her your got your roli back. Roli says thank you so much. I don’t know how to return your favor. Simar says i have two sisters from now. Roli says but i am the first one. Devika says you are so lucky to have this family roli. they really love you. Mataji says everyone awaits her. lets go home. Mataji says devika you should come with us as well. I want you to meet everyone. Devika says sure.

Precap-Devika stands up and says get ready simar. I will ruin your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am happy that roli is back but one more witch it is OK but my favorite roli is back

  2. Superrrrrr episode… rosid scene is super

  3. today,a gud episode in ssk,atlast roli returns.super,awesome episode.

  4. finally my roli is back..i think deevika will pair with amar..

  5. today Avika’s movie TANU NENU released in theaters and today she is back in ssk.double dhamaka… 🙂 ;-)..

  6. Finally …. Roli is back….!!! 🙂 🙂
    N is deblina(devika) a dhayan …?? If so how come she entered into temple…??n tht liquid shows another girl who would it be…???

  7. sasural simar ka; devika to be “possessed” by patali devi in colors ssk..
    drama simply does not cease in colors popular show ssk.
    well, we gave the happy news of roli’s return to the show yesterday. and now we are back at another important update.
    it seems as though viewers had taken it easy on seeing the entry of debilina chatterjee in the role of devika, a person who would help and support simar in her struggle.
    but now comes the rather sad news of devika getting trapped by the daayan , patali devi.
    yes, in the upcoming episodes, devika who has strong powers of matarani will remove her locket for a second, and that will be when patali devi enter into her.
    as per reliable sources, “devika will start behaving weird, and a person who would touch her will have her hand burnt too. all of this will be result of patali capturing devika’s soul into doll, thereby getting into devika.”
    now, the idea of patali devi will be to harm simar and her family. and she will make her first move when she will spoil a happy family moment when she will make chandelier fall on prem and simar . however, patali will be the one to save them, as she will want devika to win the trust of the family.
    what will patali in the form of devika do now? what problems await simar?
    we tried contacting dipika as well as deblina but could not get through to them.
    watch this intresting development in the show.

  8. guys.. who had doubt in yesterday episode how she stepped in temple you read above article you will get answer.. and yeah happy rosid reunion… after 3months….

  9. Rosid is back ..hahah …. I am so happy ..jolly jolly

  10. wow.. again rosim and rosid bonding back… sisterly bonding back… how simar described roli is super as her lovely sister and gudiya…. i just loved the way simar describing… good episode.. hope rosim bonding always like this only…

  11. Its nice episode welcome back roli

  12. nice 2 see u back roli .nice rosid scene .waiting for roli action

  13. avika new movie telugu thanu nenu released today 3 rating… and she signed another movie nikil siddharta hero.. tapsee 2nd heroine… but title not yet decided.. she signed for that movie…

  14. Welcome back roli mam

  15. Whatever happens here after no problem because nw roli is back am happy…….v will get cute rosid seen….

  16. Now serial name should be changed to “”sasural dayano ka””…its creap to see this episode

  17. wow so super our roli back…wat a cute scene rosid…i love rosid…pls give more importance 2 roli hereafter…

  18. Woww my roli s back…really so happy to c roli & rosid reunion

  19. oh god the day has came..which rosidians r waiting frm 3 mnths..roli is back yay yay yay

  20. finally after 3 months rosid is back

  21. YAY SO HAPPY NOW IM JUST WAITING FOR THE EPISODE TO COME ON CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Am out of dis world just feeling great.roli is back i want her to help simar in defeating the dayan .i hate dis track but anyways avika has returnd .i want roli to play a gud role beside simar too

  23. Yes Roli is back I’m happy but that patali devi I hate it please let Simar’s family with some happy movements

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