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Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
sarpan says if you come out until 3 we will leave your sister otherwise my men will kil her. He says you sister’s deadbody will be given to you by morning. You know I am a man of mu tongue. now ots upto you of you want roli or your phone. simar syas how can I risk roli’s life for myself. Prem calls on that number. Simar opens the door. She gives the phone to sarpan. phone falls off her hand. sarpan picks it. he turns on the speaker unintentionally. Prem says who is It? simar says prem its me simar. sarpan disconnects the call. simar says please let me talk to him I beg you.

Prem says I couldn’t hear who was it. Sid says was it roli? her phone is unreachable. call on it again. sid says why would she call me she will call you. First this number was on waiting

now no one is receiving this call, was it simar? Prem calls back on that number.

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Sarpan says nothing happens here without permission of vikrant. prem calls again. Sapran sys if you say anything roli wil have to pay for it. Sarpan picks the call. Prem says I got calls from your phone. sarpan says my kid was using it. sorry. Prem says where are you from ? sarpan says wrong number.

Roli is in the forest trying to hide from sarpan’s men. Roli says it’d be fangerous to stay here. She wonders where to go. Men are still after her. She trips and falls down. Roli sees a snake. She is scared. She screams and slips. The snakes leaves itself. Sarpan’s men find her.

Sarpan goes to chacha. sarpan says how did she survive? Only you know the treatment of that poison. You saved her? sarpan says you betrayed the God. you will have to die before he regains consciousness. Sarpan throttles him. He says listen to me leela asked m to do this.

The men bring roli to simar. Roli hugs her. simar says are you okay? Roli says yes. sarpan comes there with chacha. sarpan says for the first time someone has not kept their word and there is only one punishment for him/ He fires in air. Sarpan says someone else should be punished first. He points a gun at leela. Leela is scared. chacha says please pardon me this wont happen again. sarpan syas you cant be pardoned. sarpan shoots him and he dies. Everyone is in a shock. He comes to leela. Roli comes in front of her. roli says its not her mistake kil me if you want. simar syas yes kill us. sarpan says you are my God’s guests. he will decide punish for you. He grasps leela’s hand. sarpan says why you did this? You were 9 when I brought you here. Leela says please pardon me this wont happen again. roli says please I beg you don’t do this.s iamr says please leave her sarpan ji. sarpan shoots.

No precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s so interesting

  2. once again the writter and director proved that simar and rolli the leading charcters are so much selfish and heart less people rolli must know definietely if sarbanji cames to know that she is alive it is dangerous for leela and the old man (who gave treatment to her) but she never thought about she only thought about simar because of her selfishness only the old man died but you are people always supporting simar and rolli character as leading role they even wont think about others feeling

    1. totally agree with you T. Parvathi

  3. PlZ make simar n prem together as fast as poss or else we will stop watching this serial

  4. I agree with T.Parvathi

  5. Serial is getting out of track.I think writer is confused how to end vikrant character. To give importance to simar and rolli characters writer making injustice to other character like sunaina,surabi now vikrant.

  6. wow is it just me or is this serial getting more and more ridiculous by the day? O.o

  7. Very boring episodes now a days

  8. Bad episode

  9. very boring……..please end this tooooooooooooooo

  10. very lntresting

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