Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali has called women from women rights commission. She says I hired her as a caretaker but then she took over my husband’s mind. She is going to marry him and kick me out. Tanvi says she is lying. She doesn’t value her husband. She only cares for her life. Anjali says I only hired you for papa’s care. So you better be servant. Tanvi says at least I respect people. Anjali says how dare you. Vikram says only you are responsible anjali for our marriage. Anjali says he would say that because he has tanvi. Vikram says you need treatment. The woman says stop it and sit down you all.
The woman says Vikram please tell me your point. Vikram says I still remember when we got married. We were so happy. But then everything was ruined. He tells them what anjali had been

treating him like. Vikram says our relationship got weak. Anjali says he is lying. Vikram says ever since Tanvi came here she did so much for my family. She united my family again. Today my dad can speak only because of her.
The woman asks Saroj. Saroj says I was very happy when they got married but.. She tells them everything. Saroj says she has really hurt my Vikram. Anjali says this tai ji never liked me. She did everything to separate us. Vikram knows this very well. Tell them Vikram why are you silent now? The woman says you can’t shout like this Anjali. Stay in your limits and sit down.

The woman says we will need time to investigate this matter. Next hearing will be on 30th.

Scene 2
Pari has invited her friends over to meet Ananiya. Uma brings Ananiya. Uma says Ananiya they are all really excited to see you. KB says lets start munh dikhai. Ananiya says in heart they are about to start where is roshni.. Mataji says lets wait for Roshni we will start once she comes. Pari says okay if you say so.

Roshni, Aarav and Piyush are in an office. They check different files. Piyush says see this roshni. Roshni says all these files are right. We shouldn’t have any doubts before submitting them in court. Piyush says you should go home. Its munh dikhai. Another file comes. Roshni says let me check this one. Piyush says but you are getting late. She says no let me check this first. She checks that file.
Sankalp is calling Roshni but her phone is silent. KB serves everyone refreshments. Sankalp says no one is picking up. I think there is a lot of work in the office. Pari says Mataji we can’t wait anymore. Everyone is waiting. Mataji says you are right. Okay then lets start it. Pari says Mataji you start it. Mataji says okay. She takes off the ghughat from Ananiya’s face and says you look so pretty. She gives her gifts. Everyone gives Ananiya gifts and blessings.
Mataji says Pari why are you not doing it? Pari says my gift is in locker and Roshni has the keys. I have to wait for her to come back. Till then other people can do the ritual. All the women are done. Pari says what should I do now? Mataji says I told you lets wait for Roshni. Pari says for Roshni outside work is more important than home. Mataji says you can give her the gift later. Pari says then why did we arrange this ritual? it has an importance. I will have to wait for Roshni madam.
Roshni leaves the office. She sees her phone there are a lot of missed calls. Pari says now even her phone is off. She is so irresponsible. Are there only two women in this house? Simar and Roshni who are most responsible? Rest of everyone is fool right? Roshni comes in. Mataji says she is here. Pari says meet her. She is the most responsible daughter in law of this house. Everything has stopped because of her. You could have given the keys to me but no.

Mataji says Roshni Pari’s jewelry is in locker. Bring it. ROshni goes to bring them. Pari gives them to Ananiya.

Tanvi says to Vikram why are you apologizing? I did all this with my will. Vikram says but all this is not my mistake. Because of this game you have to bear so much. Anjali comes and overhears. Tanvi sees her. she says I can do anything for you.

Precap-Pari says whatever happened Roshni is responsible for you. The munh dikhai had to stop because of her. To make sure this doesn’t happen again. If she is going to be busy in office then we should give the keys to Ananiya. Roshni says you are right. She gives the keys to Ananiya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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