Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
While jhumki is talking to bantu, she is startled by the presence of sujata behind her, and is scared that she might be knowing about her secret now, and wonders what would she say then. Sujata comes to her, pats her lovingly, and says that this is her house and she can do whatever she wants. She gives her turmeric milk, and feeds it herself to her. Jhumki complies. Sujata says that all her weakness would go away now. Jhumki smiles back. Sujata asks what is she wondering. Jhumki says that she never got mother’s love, and hence she doesnt know what it is. Sujata is starled, and then she composes herself and says that she doesnt remember it. Sujata says that she has the hopes that she would remember everything soon. Sujata puts her to bed.

And leaves, after switching off the lights. Jhumki, in her bed, is happy at this recent turn her life has taken.

Karuna gives everyone halwa that uma has prepared. They all taste it, while sid keeps looking for roli. pari says that with roli, their happiness too has returned. Mataji says that she’s very happy that the whole family is happily sitting once again, due to roli, who saved them yet from another trouble. Sid remembers about roli’s memory loss. mataji, seeing him lost in thoughts, as what happened, and why is he so sad. He says that he is the happiest, but right now the daughter inm law has returned, but not his wife. when mataji asks him what he means, he tells them of her memory loss, that has stripped her of all their memories together. Sujata asks him not to be sad as everything would work out soon.

Mataji leaves, asking them all to sleep and rest after the tiring day. Mausiji advises sid to go and romance his wife once more, as not everyone gets this chance. Thery all ask him to start over, as not everyone is that lucky. Pari asks how would that happen. They all get along with telling sid, how should he romance roli afresh, with mausiji leading with her song and dramatics. Prem and simar see this and are disturbed. Mataji’s sudden appearance starles everyone into silence, but she joins them into teaching sid. They have a gala family time. Unable to se this any more, simar runs off to the roof, with prem in tow. Simar says that everyone is so happy, but she is pained everytime she see ssid, as they arenty doing right. Prem asks her not to blame herself, as she’s doing this for the benefit of the family, and when sid knows this, he would agree too. He says that everything would be alright soon. Simar says that they have to find out how would they prove that jhumki is roli legally. prem says that once they manage to do that, they would throw viru and khushi out of the house, and tell everyone the truth. Simar says that they have to act real fast, as they dont have much time.

Viru says to khushi, in their room, that they know this isnt roli, but dont knwo how to prove it. He says that they cant even say the truth, as he killed her, and she had buried her. Khushi asks her to be quiet as if anyone hears this, then they would be in jail forever. she asks him not to worry, as she wont let this house slip away so easily.

In her room, jhumki sees the dressing table, with the entire makeup kit nicely organised on the racks. she tries on the lipstick shades, as is very happy. she is shocked to disbelief when she sees so many sarees in roli’s wardrobe. As jhumki tries on roli’s wardrobe, discarding off one saree after the other on the floor, after having tried it, simar comes in with her child, and seeing sarees strewn on the floor, she remembers roli in the same saree, which was sid’s first gifted saree to her, and whenever she would wear it, she would look very beautiful. She places anjali on the bed, and confronts jhumki, angrily how dare she touch her sister’s clothes. she asks if she even knew what this saree meant to roli, and tells her the same. she tells her that this saree was very dear to roli. Jhumki is startled. simar says that she should never ever touch roli’s things again. The screen freezes on simar’s angry face.

Precap: Finding everyone asleep, khushi and viru, in the darkness of the night, snoop through simar’s room, and when khushi finds the purse that she was looking for, she is startled when she finds roli standing in front of her, with the lights on.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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