Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaitan says these three will do anything to get their wives back.
Sattu shalu and sankalp look for clues. They can’t find anything. Shaitan comes out laughing and says go ahead you have 2 hours. Give me that mani and take your wive.
Sankalp says he is preparing for wedding. Sankalp says I am sure that maani is with simar. Sattu says I saw a knot in her sari. sankalp says that means she has hidden it there. Sankalp says what are we waiting for. We should go. Sankalp says I know its not possible. Sattu says we have to do this to save our wives.

Sattu comes to simar and says we are sorry. Simar says no don’t say tat I know how you feel. Sankalp tries to steal that maani from her knot. Sattu says I have lost all hope. simar says don’t you trust me? He says we

do but I cant live without uma. Simar says I will bring all three of them back. Just give me your support. Mata ji calls simar se goes in.

Simar gives food to anjali. Simar sees that her sari is cut and someone stole the manni. She tells mata ji. Karuna says who can do this? Rajhinder says who knew you had it there? Roli says the souls can’t steal it because that way its useless for them. simar looks at sankalp. She says some hours ago sattu and shalu were talking to me. Where were you at that hour. He says I was here. Simar says then why are you stuttering. Have you stolen that? He says why would I. Sankalp goes towards the house. Karuna says he has maani in his hand. Sid says we have to stop him. Sid and Prem run after him. He says please leave me I wont give it back. Karuna says please return is sankalp.
Sankalp sees shaitan about to fill khushi’s hairline. He says wait I am giving it. Prem says Sankalp give it to me. Sankalp passes it to sattu. Simar says please stop. Sattu is about to give it to shaitan. Simar says please stop. He gives it to shaitan. Everyone is shocked. Shalu says at least our wives will be safe now.

Shaitan says my wait is over. Now only I will rule this planet. This world will be of evil now. Shaitan will the only ruler. He joins them. sattu says we gave you what you asked not return us our wives. Shaitan says if i keep promises then what will be difference between me and God? this was my trick to get maani from you. Same kind to trick you played with me. There was a demon in you too. This is why you betrayed your family. sattu says you said you will give us if we return you our wives.

SAttu says how will we face out family now. Sankalp says we can’t even apologize. Simar says you dont need to. Shalu says forgive us. Simar says dont say that. We all one time other give up. The war is still not over. Like every time this time too truth will win. Mata ji says but that shaitan is super powerful now. We can’t fight him anymore. There is only one power that can save us, God.
Shaitan marries all three of them. Simar says you have to do some miracle God. Do something.

Precap- The fire of agni blows.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh no

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Kadavule intha seriale eppo pa stop pannuva?? Mudiyala entha seriala best akuratharkaga they are doing much but it is getting too bore now a days… Pls God save all of us pls

    1. neenga tamizha?

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Ghost track pathila konjam rosid scene kuda katalam becoz of avika exit athuvum illai. Pls bring black magic itself this ghost track is disgusting… How ghost can marry women.. Rashmi mam pls understand that viewers want rosid scenes

  4. news for rosid fans as mansi srivastava not playing roli but she entered in the show as dr.prerna soon she will enter bharadwaj house… may be roli character will end… as all fans are found of avika as roli and all cant accept some other as roli so she stepped into some other character and helps simar…

  5. Really its a better news…no one cnt replace avika in roli…any other girl could not fit to manish…except avika…

  6. Please update all the episodes reguularly ????

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